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15 Aug 2017 09:34:34
I wonder what encouragement the club is receiving in the chase for Alex Sandro. If he wasn't for sale and he didn't want the move this would have ended ages ago. This isn't necessarily a question to the eds, but do you think its a case of Sandro wants the move but doesn't want to forego any bonuses by handing in a transfer request?
Or is it Juventus giving us the encouragement but trying to drive the price through the roof?

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15 Aug 2017 10:16:33
I thought there might be something in this as well, thought maybe some encouragement from Sandro's agent or such to keep pursuing him. It wouldn't suprise me if he didn't want to hand in a transfer request and ruin his relationship with the club and fans like it has with other players. No doubt if he were it'd force Juves hand to negotiate. But Ed's said a while ago Juve were just messing Chelsea around upping the price as they don't want to sell. Can't see them selling unless Sandro does hand in a request or they get a good replacement in. But you never know 🤞.

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15 Aug 2017 12:34:02
Strangely I can no longer find odds for Sandro transfer. Is this because he is so definitely staying at Juventus that bookies no longer taking bets? If something else still possible here you would expect odd to be available, unless a transfer already nailed on that bookies know about (unlikley? ) .

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15 Aug 2017 12:34:49
Imagine it's from his agent, juve seem pretty hard to deal with.

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15 Aug 2017 13:20:49
Juve are always hard to deal with as they don't want to be a selling club. Looks like the only way Juve will sell is if they don't want the player anymore or if the player wants out. It's why it wouldn't suprise me if Sandro wants the move since we're still persuing him.

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15 Aug 2017 14:20:33
Juventus won't be wrong holding back the player (for their own good) . Coupled with the fact that they sold Bonucci, Roma put 3 goals over their defence (in their Supercoppa game) . I really don't see them selling, they would really need the player. Juventus usually replaces a player before selling, so far i haven't seen any replacement.

Pls Chelsea, move on from Sandro. He is a good player- YES, but. It's funny cos our pysch is completely messed up on this deal. I see Chelsea paying over the odds for this deal to happen.

Recent history shows most players that we have chased this long don't end up at Chelsea eg. Cavani, Falcao, Pogba etc
There are other good wingbacks in Europe. THE EARLIER WE MOVED ON OR OVER PAID, THE BETTER FOR US.

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14 Aug 2017 14:13:59
How much involvement in a transfer does a manager have? Do they choose the specific player (s) they want? When do they get involved in the negotiations? I'm assuming it will be different for each club so how does it work at Chelsea?

{Ed002's Note - They are part of the process in deciding on the player they are nothing to do with negotiations.}

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14 Aug 2017 14:23:10
Chelsea close in on £35m Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain transfer as Arsene Wenger considers sale according to reports.

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14 Aug 2017 14:31:47
How exciting 😞.

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14 Aug 2017 15:10:05
Would be a good signing in my eyes. Versatile, good engine when fit, pace. Something to prove?

But man I think I need a break from this site. Too much negative crap around because we're not signing Messi, Ronaldo etc. Get a grip lads.

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14 Aug 2017 15:56:36
You're the main one adam.

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14 Aug 2017 16:10:23
What being negative? Where exactly?

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14 Aug 2017 16:17:04
Prem champions signing player who arsenal have let go into last season isn't very exciting. Young English versitile so yeah happy enough for deal but not really exciting. or like a Sandro or van dijk,

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14 Aug 2017 16:22:26
Think you mean Matt Martin is the main one.

I'm not the person getting my knickers in twist because we aren't signing the biggest of names. Or because we lost our first game of the season.

But some people just get depressed over it. It's bloody football at the end of the day.

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14 Aug 2017 16:47:43
how is this rubbish still going round the mill, wenger started him on the weekend and they would rather let his contract run down than sell to us especially at 35 mill, which in this market for a homegrown player is peanuts. If the 'transfer committee' seriously think they have a chance of getting this done then they need to be replaced by someone with tiny bit of logic. Sick of Emmenalo the blokes is clueless.

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14 Aug 2017 18:03:48
CFCAdam. No one on here expects us to be signing Ronaldo or Messi. What we're frustrated about is not signing players (even just squad players) where we clearly need them, especially in midfield. And letting Matic go before we have a replacement (with Bakayoko not yet fit) was just a dumb decision by the club overall. We could have held onto one of our youngsters (loftus cheek, baker) to cover that position until we signed someone at least. That's how I see things anyway.

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14 Aug 2017 18:37:45
35m is far too much for a player in the last year of his contract who will never be anything more than a decent utility player capable of filling in when required.

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14 Aug 2017 18:48:39
Yet we let Petr Cech go to them?

Let's see where AOC is playing football in September.

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14 Aug 2017 19:47:54
The likes of Chamberlain, Drinkwater and Barkley will not make us progress. We'll get torn apart in the champions league with our current wing backs. Desperately need amy two of Cancelo, Aurier, Alex Sandro or Rose. Then maybe we could sign Van Dijk and put Luiz CM.

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14 Aug 2017 20:54:47
Who sells a first team player to a direct rival. That's just pure common sense.

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14 Aug 2017 21:00:36
Didn't Leicester do quite well in the Champs League too and wasn't a certain Danny Drinkwater involved in that run too? Or am i missing the point here?

Barkley - I very much doubt will happen. Ed002 seemed to confirm the same thing.

Chamberlain - Good player in my eyes. Not had a proper run in the Arsenal team with injuries, but when he has played i thought he did ok. Covers a lot of positions too, which is good for us.

Do people expect us to actually challenge for the Champions League? Id be happy to get to the quarters to be honest. Then progress the year after.

Ed002 has already said that we are in talks over Cancelo and Sandro. And club are still confident that something can be agreed with them both.

Why would you put Luiz in the midfield?

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14 Aug 2017 21:22:02
I'm in agreement with bits of all the above posts.
I do think our club could have managed the timing of buying and selling players in a more cohesive way.
Selling players before you have replacements seems niaev but I guess this things don't always happen in a perfect order!
I think Conte can make the Ox a quality wing back in the same way he has with Moses!
I'm not totally convinced we need another CB but if we do go in for one I do like the look of VVD
We do need cover at LWB I would love the lad from Juve but that seems a remote possibility.
Centre Mid is a must have and while I'm not a massive fan of Drinkwater I can see the logic in signing him but I would test PSG and put in a massive bid for Varrati.

{Ed002's Note - Who is this you are talking about? Costa, Matip, Terry, Begovic, Ake?}

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14 Aug 2017 23:04:01
In a perfect transfer world we wouldn't have let Ake go before signing another LWB. We wouldn't have sold Chalaboa and Matic without getting players in the door first albeit Bakayoko was in before Matic left.
The transfer world doesn't work in a perfect for Chelsea way, so we have to work with what we've got in to date!

{Ed002's Note - Ake was not a LWB. Kenedy was and sorted his own exit out. Chalobah insisted he should leave - he was a bit part player who the club wanted to keep but would not give guarantees to.}

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14 Aug 2017 23:14:44
As I say it's not perfect.

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15 Aug 2017 09:37:20
TomB, I agree to your post; From the Community Shield game to the end of the transfer window is atleast 3 EPL fixtures and 1 community shield fixture, 4 games- that's alot.

I know Man-United will wait till the end of the transfer window knowing they will get Matic (just like we might wait to get Ox Chamberlain) cos they don't have much of a choice ( limited good available options in the market) Chelsea could have used Matic (for Arsenal, Burnley, Tottenham and Leceister games) till another midfielder joins before letting him go; OR done it with Chalobah if the coach has certain concerns about Matic not being in his future plans.

I guess we put ourself in a difficult situation and quickly gave ManU the early advantage.


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15 Aug 2017 11:19:54
Fingers crossed obinna!
I find the hyper ventilating of some media sources and in particular the scouser pundits the thing that makes me so angry!
All this Conte sacked, Conte to blame for the Costa situation, Conte has fallen out with the board really dibillatating. I know these guys have a job to do but it is very lazy journalism.

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15 Aug 2017 12:36:08
Haha don't start on me I'm not negative I'm a realist, were in a disaster and conte will be gone soon and transfer window has been embassassing. we are still going to win the champions league 😉.

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15 Aug 2017 14:23:19
No disaster Matt just a slightly muddled transition.
Keep your chins up!

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15 Aug 2017 14:47:27
tomB it's been a disaster, not just with players in or out but also these players are yet to be bought in and work and get used to conte and his style . that's a huge problem, despite Adam ( 🤡) thinking I'm negative and want messi ronaldo blah blah blah it's down to organisation and preparation,

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15 Aug 2017 19:53:07
Who cares if you or anyone else is negative!
Football draws on all the emotions, that's why it's such a fantastic game!
The transfer window isn't perfect and I'm sure the club, if it could, might well have wanted things to work out differently but such is life!
Let's hope for a good result at the weekend.

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14 Aug 2017 09:16:36
Ed sorry for bothering you but last 2 or 3 days they've been some rumours about Chelsea interest in Ivan Perisic. Have you heard anything about it?

{Ed002's Note - Summer enquiries about the availability of Inter's winger Ivan Perisic were made of, but not by, Chelsea, Manchester United and Napoli by his agent who asked for clarity over the arrival of another winger at Inter. Spurs put an offer on the table for the player as a means of opening discussions with Inter - but they were not interested in selling. The player wants to stay and the club want him to stay but they had a major financial issue to resolve by June 30 and were offering him to English clubs at €10M off the high asking price in order to get a commitment for a sale in June. That never happened and the price went up and to date Manchester United has failed to match it.}

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14 Aug 2017 12:39:28
Thanks a lot ed!

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13 Aug 2017 17:44:59
Ed seeing as we've been interestened in davinson sanchez before
Reports in holland yesterday he's close to tottenham move
Now today reports that were interested in bidding and could go to 55 mill
Any truth in any of this
Thanks alot.

{Ed002's Note - Have you been playing on Twitter again?}

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13 Aug 2017 20:39:59
I sure as hell hope we don't buy another CB for big money. Unless Luiz gets moved to midfield, but that isn't happening.

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13 Aug 2017 21:05:28
agreed jackson.

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13 Aug 2017 21:12:44
I've now read that reporter's (Driessen) quotes. He just said Chelsea are interested and that Ajax want over 40 million. I doubt we'll get involved at those prices.

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14 Aug 2017 02:45:02
This isn't an overreaction to the Burnley game but thinking of that game and even the second half of last season Im starting to wonder if another CB wouldn't come in handy. Our defending has been shocking for some time now (thinking of Stoke and Southampton games we won 4-2 I think, Away match v Spuds, FA Cup Semi v Spuds and even our match against Watford we won 4-3). Obviously it depends on finances but options and increased pressure for spots will never hurt.

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14 Aug 2017 18:40:31
We have at least 6 CB's already. (I'm including Azpi as he's pretty much a solid 8/ 10 every match) .

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13 Aug 2017 17:37:41
Apparently we are close to Davinson Sanchez. That would be an excellent signing.

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13 Aug 2017 17:49:04
Where did you get that from?

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13 Aug 2017 17:53:23
Haven't seen anything saying we have interest let alone being close to signing him. Cb's shouldn't even be a priority for us right now but he is a great player no doubt.

{Ed002's Note - He has certainly been of interest to both Chelsea and Barcelona.}

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13 Aug 2017 18:29:03
Ahh fair enough, thought we had interest a while ago but didn't think it was serious, just the typical twitter talk. As soon as a player is mentioned on FT it apparently means were in talks.

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13 Aug 2017 20:24:43
An Ajax media man apparently said it to Dutch television.

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12 Aug 2017 23:27:55
Hi Ed. with today's poor defence showing. Do you think we may go now for Van Dijk.

{Ed002's Note - Today makes no difference. There is interest if available.}

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13 Aug 2017 07:14:50
we went down a player and then circumstances changed. it doesn't mean we need to go out and spend 60 mil on a cb we don't need.

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13 Aug 2017 10:39:00
I don't think the weak bench helped, people on here saying conte made mistakes with substitutions, like he had many options,

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13 Aug 2017 12:57:27
Listen to the sharkapod.

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11 Aug 2017 19:55:50
Ed002 - just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to do the podcast. Really appreciated.

{Ed002's Note - You are welcome Dave.}

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11 Aug 2017 20:56:47
Yes, exactly. I know you've made a LOT of football fans happy and excited across the different pages :-)

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11 Aug 2017 22:52:16
Thanks again Ed, much appreciated as always.
If we end up with Cancelo, Ox, Drinkwater and Sandro/ Bertrand that would be a fantastic window in my opinion.

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12 Aug 2017 08:15:22
thank you kind sir!

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12 Aug 2017 23:54:19
Drinkwater, Ox and Bertrand are average LOL they won't turn us into title contenders never mind champions league contenders.

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11 Aug 2017 18:04:20
Summary of the Sharkopod for Chelsea.
Joao Cancelo: Club are in negotiations, encouraging signs, something could be done.
Alex Sandro: Chelsea still very keen and pushing. Juventus in negotiations to sign Ricardo Perreira of Nice, he can play LB- might be a replacement?
Candreva: Appears off the table.
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is the replacement target.
Drinkwater: Interest is there, primary CM target.
Danny Rose: Very unlikely, if he moves then he goes to Manchester.
Ryan Bertrand: Could turn to him again.
Djibril Sidibe: Might be an option but very unlikely.
Serge Aurier: Off to Manchester United.
Virgil Van Dijk: Damaged goods. He wants a Liverpool move, but they'd need to patch things up. He is officially not for sale but interest from Arsenal and City and long term interest from us. A deal might come at the right price.
Club wanted to sell Kenedy but only had offers of loan deals.
Tomori: Might go on loan- Brighton was mentioned but they already have one Premier League loan (Izzy Brown) .
Hope this helps for people who didn't get a chance to listen.

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11 Aug 2017 19:03:50

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11 Aug 2017 19:07:02
Somewhat interesting that he didn't mention Costa, when he talked about outgoings.

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11 Aug 2017 19:20:21
God bless our club.

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11 Aug 2017 19:55:31
Back from my mini-break from posting. you missed off Sergi Roberto from the list. one person at the club maintains an interest (overall interest of the club has been long-term) .

Thanks for the sharkopod Ed002 - the music was keeping me entertained while on a less than interesting conference call!

{Ed002's Note - Great.}

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11 Aug 2017 20:07:21
The music is something to be desired lol. the intro was like I was going into another universe! Cheers tho Ed👍🏼👍🏼.

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11 Aug 2017 20:34:40
The Cancelo deal excites me. He's got pace, skill and and definitely not afraid to put a tackle in. The lads got a decent cross on him aswell and at the age of 23 and the price being touted around for him I think we could be getting ourselves a real bargain!

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11 Aug 2017 22:50:46
Ed002, I didn't hear you mention Ross Barkley, is that because we are not interested in him? Thought he was a midfielder that A Conte liked? Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - I wouldn't hold your breath.}

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11 Aug 2017 16:08:24
Latest multiple club transfer rumours podcast from Ed002.

Sharkopod 15

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11 Aug 2017 17:46:03
Haven't had chance to listen but very much appreciated guys, have a nice weekend, come on Chels.

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11 Aug 2017 17:51:57
Cancelo, Chamberlain and Drinkwater sound promising. Interesting to hear Perreira talking to Juventus, that might free up Sandro.

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11 Aug 2017 19:58:34
Yes Perreira is a left full back. This means things may happen.
Very happy with Cancelo and Sandro links.

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11 Aug 2017 22:51:21
Stop getting my hopes up re Sandro! Would love the bloke in our team.

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12 Aug 2017 00:19:53
Best outcome would be sandro cancelo sergi roberto ( can : wants to play CM ) and drinkwater, for me this still leaves out attack short, hopping boga can make impact like pre season.

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