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26 Sep 2016 07:50:57
We can all moan 24/ 7 but untill ivanovic and Cahill are dropped its not going to get better. Is ivanovic going to be dropped that's the question? He been a total car crash for 18 months now but yet gets rewarded with a start week in week out and what does that say! To me it says people from above are picking the team. Conte wouldn't have him in or Cahill he a Italian who prides himself on a strong defensive unit.

And what does the luiz deal say as well that people from above are buying players not the manager. Until this stops and Roman and co keep their bloody noses out of team affairs we won't move on. The whole team looks shot that because of the lack of confidence the back 4 have and it's spreading through the team.

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26 Sep 2016 21:30:50
Sure they can be replaced with Costa and Batshuayi.
Get real, we are stuck with Cahill,Terry,Ivanovic and Luiz. Zouma is a way back from recovery.
Conte is trying to improve his team.It takes time to get things in place. We had a great start and Conte started experimenting,so there we are.Kante and Hazard were absolutely our worst players against Arsenal together with Azpilicueta. And many of you talk about Ivanovic who was actually our best defender this season.So,don't let negative antiChelsea press make your opinion. Those 4 CBs won CL and EL for Chelsea, don't you ever forget that.

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27 Sep 2016 13:01:53
antibot what are you smoking mate, great start
ivanovic our best defender this season, i dare anyone to agree with that he's finished and has been for 2 years
lucky against west ham and look at them worst team in league,
swansea you can say ref but they made our defence look like schoolboys second half
watford got lucky again
leicester if that guy hadnt got sent off who knows defence was very shaky
liverpool we were rubbish other than the goal, we wouldn't of scored again if that match was still playing.
arsenal lol rubbish no fight, heart or desire as a collective
and i won't forget the cl and el they won for us
peter osgood won us a f a cup doesn't mean we shoukld still play him
you half full guys are doing my head in now, heads are buried in your half full glasses
we are at best a top 10 team at minute and have been for 18 months
defence is rubbish regardless of what they have won in past
midfield no creativity in middle matic kante are playing in wrong positions
oscar not even going to bother
attack costa our only decent player at the moment and he's bound to give himself a yellow card holiday soon then what
hazard been average for 18 months
willian personal life might be affecting him which 100% understandable
moses its saying something when he comes on and makes a difference
he isn't good enough by miles
pedro i don't think he's a sub player i think he needs a run of games to get going
batman he's a good prospect against leicester on his own he was out of his depth against 2 big defenders
i don't know what games your watching but we are a ordinary team at minute and the media aren't making my mind up i can see it and results don't lie
look were we finished last year and our results this year that tells me all i need to know
i don't think as ateam they want to fight for each other at all
yes i'm being REALLY negative why look at our last 18 months and that might give you an indication
i wouldn't put a fiver on us beating anyone at the minute
but you keep believing its all ok regardless of facts and santa claus might bring chelsea a defender for christmas or the tooth fairy might put a striker under contes pillow.

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27 Sep 2016 21:56:00
Leicester won the league with an average defence, so we can do it.

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20 Sep 2016 12:15:23
So Courtois intends to leave Chelsea according to Sky sports I never was convinced he was going to stay at Chelsea for the long run and to think we sold a legend to give him his chance.

To be honest he's been very poor for at least 18 months now and not good enough for Chelsea. There's still a lot quality goalkeepers out there who could replace him. I personally see Handanovic or Leno as the main two. I'd be quite happy with Fraser Forster though. I can see Courtois ending up at Real Madrid.

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20 Sep 2016 13:00:26
Butland for me.

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20 Sep 2016 14:45:54
Oblak for me.

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20 Sep 2016 16:36:54
Depending on the timeline (assuming he does leave) I think Donarumma will be incredible.

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20 Sep 2016 20:44:32
I always felt Courtois was over hyped and that is not because he keeps threatening to leave. He is good coming for the ball where Cech would punch but as a shot stopper Cech was and probably still is, vastly superior. I like Butland but I think Chelsea have been watching Handanovic for some time. If it is the case WHY say so now when we are just into the season; if Conte knows that is the case he would do well to leave him out.

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21 Sep 2016 11:14:30
Real Madrid as well as Atletico are banned to sign new players.

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21 Sep 2016 11:28:16
Alphonse Areola.

{Ed001's Note - I don't know about him, always seems a bit of a tit to me......}

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22 Sep 2016 16:12:33
Oblak is a quality keeper. I'd take him all day long.

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22 Sep 2016 16:13:15
Lol Ed :-)

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22 Sep 2016 22:15:39
mignolet. you can have him for another £50 million.

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27 Sep 2016 14:14:51
nice 1 edvaldo.

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18 Sep 2016 21:57:59
Love to know what the Chelsea hierarchy said to Conte when they hired him. Wonder what they promised him in the transfer market if anything. Was it a case of " we will try our best to get the players you want ". Was it "do your best to work with the players we have ". I am 100% certain that Luiz and probably Alonso were not in his thinking.

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06 Sep 2016 08:18:57
That is a damn shame, Ed. You are without the doubt the most knowledgeable person I have encountered (though only over the Internet) . Time and time again I'm amazed by how much you know.
I understand your stance, and know that most of us really appreciate you.
Take care then, Ed :-) it's too bad that the Internet is filled with blithering idiots.

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06 Sep 2016 11:11:32
............abuse removed............

{Ed002's Note - I am absoltely sick of you and all the other vile trash on this page who do nothing but give abuse to me. Feel free to take you sad trolling elsewhere.}

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06 Sep 2016 13:24:15
So Darren H has come on this site, posted abuse, (looks like his only contribution), and spoilt the site for the rest of us. Can I just ask you Darren H, why? . Why would someone get a kick out of posting abuse to someone, knowing full well that no one would know who u are. Apart from being a complete coward, I just cannot understand the mentality of people like u.

{Ed002's Note - It is someone else renamed.}

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19 Sep 2016 13:15:22
Silly silly boys posting abuse, ruining this great site for everyone else and obviously upsetting the editors who do a marvellous job and don't deserve any stick whatsoever. Hopefully in the editors absence all of these idiots will move on and we can get back to using this site in the same way as before. Even without the eds I still enjoy this site though, always interesting seeing people's views.

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20 Sep 2016 09:00:44
People have been abusing ed for as long back as I can remember and it ruins this site. Ed002 was the one who told us mata would be joining, at least 3 weeks before he did.

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22 Sep 2016 16:15:44
You'll will alway encounter idiots in all walks of life. Shame really because this site is by far the best place for transfer news. Majority of posters on here are decent. As always a select few ruin it.

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04 Sep 2016 20:54:55
Chelsea are closing in on ex-Juventus defender Martin Caceres, according to Calciomercato.

The free-agent was let go by Juve following a string of off-field incidents and a torn Achilles’ tendon.

Antonio Conte is reportedly looking to bring in another central defender to Blues' ranks and believes the 29-year-old Uruguayan could be the right man to welcome to Stamford Bridge.

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07 Sep 2016 18:31:55
Apparently he's best as a RB although not a very attacking option. Can play all across the back line though. Would only make sense if we're switching to a back 3 though imo.

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08 Sep 2016 15:59:34
latest is that he will turn down the deal to stay in italy.

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08 Sep 2016 18:06:50
Stay in italy for what? He is out of contract.

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13 Sep 2016 15:03:48
might not want to relocate?

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31 Aug 2016 18:33:47
CFL website
David Luiz signs subject to medical and agreeing personal terms.

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31 Aug 2016 18:54:18
And nowhere near the £34m quoted in media - brilliant signing.

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31 Aug 2016 18:58:27
Hahaha Sideshow Bob coming back that's a good one. oh, wait. Its not a joke? Looking forwards to Ibra, Martial and Rashford having some of that :D.

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31 Aug 2016 19:21:46
Martial isn't much of a goal threat this year. Plus Ibra won't get many shots in with mourinho tactics.

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31 Aug 2016 19:23:52
Ibra will be in Luiz's pocket. Fancy a bet on Zlatan getting sent off in both matches after Luiz winds him up.

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31 Aug 2016 20:02:12
MulamNo lol having ago at Luiz with defenders like Jones smalling darmain blind and rolo lol don't make me laugh and strikers martial looks about as happy as mourinho does being there he hasn't smiled yet as he and your OAP up front started well he haslegs will have gone before you've played 15 games.

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31 Aug 2016 23:40:45
Mulamno how can you talk about poor defenders when you have Phil Jones and co agree with nibby77 your oap upfront will be alright at first wait till fatigue creeps in and he can only play a game a week also you are welcome to gobby mourinho much prefer conte at the bridge.

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31 Aug 2016 17:59:45
Moussa Sissoko is in London according to Deschamps.
Another Willian case😋?

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31 Aug 2016 18:42:19
Yeah seen that . Ed018 anything to add?

{Ed018's Note - not at the moment}

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31 Aug 2016 19:37:02
Or he could be on his way to Spurs.

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31 Aug 2016 17:00:19
Alonso has signed all done and dusted now. I still think we should snap up Bendtner! (Joke)

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31 Aug 2016 16:12:59
Zouma has denied all the rumours about him leaving.

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31 Aug 2016 14:42:49
Ed, why aren't my posts showing.


Alonso - signed. Medical actually done today.

Luiz - agreement getting closer. Player and club wants it done. 95% sure it will be completed today.

Abdennour - This is the 2nd CB that Chelsea want. Either loan with an agreement to sign or straight forward deal.

Zouma - not in Contes plans. Plans afoot to loan him out.

Fabregas - Milan have asked whether he's interested in leaving before talking figures. Said he doesn't want to leave.

Brozovic - all gone quiet but deal is expected to be completed before 11pm tonight.

James - I do not expect this to go any further. Yes the manager wants him, but CFC are not willing to go anywhere near what Madrid want, no matter how hard Mendes tries.

Sissoko - there is NO interest from Chelsea. Agent is leaking wrong info trying to drum up interest in his client, after Spurs declined paying nearly £30m for him.

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31 Aug 2016 15:52:29
such a shame with James, its like the club need a big calculator to work out all the small stupid fees we play for players with no clear future at the club, add those fees together and they might be amazed how close to these fees we seem to see as too high are. frustrating.

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31 Aug 2016 16:09:59
It looks like Brozovic decided to stay at Inter Milan.

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31 Aug 2016 16:46:44
How do you know this.

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31 Aug 2016 17:47:06
His agent has spoken about it today.

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31 Aug 2016 18:51:30
No antibot mate I was refering to cfc adam and his font of knowledge.

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31 Aug 2016 23:42:17
Different media reports, Twitter, Internet etc. No sources. So people need to calm down and stop thinking I'm in the know. No where have I said about sources!

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31 Aug 2016 14:32:55
Also it seems that Zouma is going out on loan after not figuring in Contes plans. Make of that what you will.

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31 Aug 2016 14:53:49
Who is your source? the man is injured.

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31 Aug 2016 16:18:08
Zouma is hurt going no where Brozovic is staying at inter and James was never on the cards! Sissoko was a vo because of Tottenham and we love to outdo them but not sure where you get your sources and seems it's ED002 that always gets his sources right so please stop writing things you don't know and are not ED02.

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31 Aug 2016 17:04:35
Coming back from a serious injury mate. Will need game time to prove his fitness.

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31 Aug 2016 23:44:51
No where have I said I have sources. Jesus. Transfer deadline really brings out the worst in people. Just relaying what's been said on Twitter, different media outlets.

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