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23 Aug 2017 08:16:36
Good win over Spurs, but what is happening at Chelsea? The number (and quality of some) players you are being linked with is bizarre, and this morning one of the papers suggests the club are sounding out new Managers. It feels like there is going to be some panic buying in themlast week of the window (and I know how that feels) . From the outside, how can this happen 6 months after winning the League? I know you can't legislate for Costa's behaviour but do you see Conte still being here come Christmas?

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23 Aug 2017 09:04:56
Paper nonsense, I'd imagine Chelsea fans with some common sense aren't being drawn into it. We have signed 3 very good young players so far, wouldn't be surprised if Conte and the board bring in a few more before the window closes. I am excited for the season and seasons to come with Conte. He is the future of Chelsea, would be silly to get rid.

23 Aug 2017 09:20:08
To be honest we started badly last season, bought two of very good players at the end of last summer too, they were considered panic buys too ( Luiz, Alonso ), nine months later they have an épi medal around their necks. People fail to understand that football has and will always be a team game.

Quality were being linked to?! I don't see the problem, for the most it's been rumeurs then again we've tried to bring in the right players for a reasonable price not been easy and to be fair we've done okay. Rufiger just 23, German international, Bakayoko 22 one of the best young mids in Europe, Morata well what can I say it was either him or Rom and to be honest he isn't half bad . Add to that the quality in our side Hazard, Kanté, Aepilicueta, Courtois, Pedro, Luiz, Alonso plus Fabregas love him or hate you must admit he brings something to the party, Christensen could also be considered a new signing the boy looks pretty good on and off the bam too.
Unfortunately the press is always going to blow things out of proportion three more signings in terms of depth and we'd be fine, the names you think are so strange being linked to us are mostly starters for their club and are players with either Prem experience or experience in their various leagues something that would go a long way for us.

I can see why there's a cause for concern and why united and city are favorites but if the Chelsea of last season showed me one thing it's that the game is all about team work, hard work and a dash of Eden Hazard. So thanks for your concern but I can't wait to have The not so special one back at the bridge.

23 Aug 2017 09:38:05
Come back and talk to us in December AJH when you've actually played a few teams of note. Then we see who's manager is being talked about more by the media, iv got a funny feeling it won't be Conte.

23 Aug 2017 10:06:20
I don't think Conte is going anywhere. He has been making noises to get the best squad possible for this season but looking at the weekend and the spurs game, he showed his class. Spurs were caught cold and on reflection offered little.
We have a first 11 and we need squad players and I think all of the players we've been linked with, as underwhelming as they are, would be able to do a job for us. I'm not worried for the season ahead.

23 Aug 2017 10:07:56
I seen that aswell last night I wouldn't believe it. I think it was the 'talkChelsea' guys that started it. I won't get into them but they are full of bs. They also state then too we are bringing in Tuchel because of his enthusiasm for playing and working with youth. Made me laugh considering we've either sold/ loaned all of our valuable youth players.

23 Aug 2017 10:51:29
I have now been a season ticket holder for 56 years. I have enjoyed all the highs but suffered a lot more lows.
Without doubt the happiest times have been the Roman era. Continued success at home and abroad has given our club a global presence.
I'm not sure how accurate this statistic is but I think the average term of a Chelsea manager under Roman is about 14 months.
With one exception (Carlo) I've anticipated and in most cases expected our mangers to be shown the door but if our club gives Conte the tin tack then that will be it for me.
Conte is the best thing that's happened to our club for decades. I am no longer dreading a press conference and I enjoy the way we play but most of all I love having a manager who behaves like a very passionate fan.

23 Aug 2017 12:09:33
TomB: Superb comment from another long term supporter. Chelsea under Roman want a coach who does just that and offers an opinion about what is needed, nothing more. Like you say Conte has been a breath of fresh air because he almost appears to be one of us with that touchline enthusiasm but remember in a different way, Mourinho was that breath of fresh air but when he made demands his first tenure ended when it should not have and by the time he kicked off second time around he knew he was finished; mind you the Hector, Rahman and Djilobodji transfers would have inflamed anyone. We have to accept that in all out time supporting Chelsea was and is and will be a rollercoaster of emotions.

23 Aug 2017 12:05:28
i agree in many ways but when hazard and pedro are back fully fit we and cahil and fabregas we shpuld have a starting 11 like this. courtois moses alonso cahil luiz azpi. bakayoko kante hazard pedro/ willian morata. bench den will be . cabalero rudiger christianson willian/ pedro fabregas batshuayi maybe drinkwater all of a sudden we have a good line up and strong bench no panic here we all would love 1 more top class player im sure.

23 Aug 2017 14:07:13
Honestly, AJH, I think things just look worse right now than they really are. Once Hazard, Bakayoko and Pedro are all back and fully fit it'll already look better. Our CBs are pretty damn awesome. Rüdiger, Luiz, Azpi, Christensen and Cahill. Man, that's good. Hazard, Pedro, Willian and Musonda should have the inside forward positions covered between them. 4 for 2 positions is good depth in my opinion.

Only thing we need right now is another CM, and a wingback (or 2). They don't have to be world class (though Alex Sandro would make our team so damn good), but they have to be good. Take the Ox for example. Is he world class? Hell no. But he's good, and he's young enough to get to a higher level once he sticks to a single position. I could definitely see him being an improvement on Moses at RWB.
Drinkwater is bang average though, I'll give you that. I wish the club would pursue a guy like Goretzka or Rabiot.

23 Aug 2017 15:33:33
Squad needs more depht, CM is a must as well as Left midfielder. Moses is amazing.

23 Aug 2017 17:36:35
Jackson mate, it was Drinkwater I was thinking of. I agree the press are whipping it up but Conte seems to be letting his mouth run a bit loose, he may be frustrated but it doesn't seem wise to be so candid.

I know you thought I was disprespectful about Cont recently suggesting he was unhinged (can't remember the exact phrase) and his last conference was much calmer and in control so maybe he has chilled a little. He does seem high maintenance though and I can see him exploding at some point.

I agree that as Champions you will be right up there, I expect your u, City, and hopefully United to be slugging it out, possible too early to see if we have truly turned a corner.

23 Aug 2017 18:10:35
A United fan telling us our manager seems abit high maintenance!
Oh the irony!

23 Aug 2017 22:31:54
I think you used "monkey with a machine gun" or something, AJH :-P He did seem to strike a frustrated figure earlier this month, but he's been fine since a week or so ago. I don't think Conte will be the one to stay 5 years at the club, but I think he can do an excellent job in bringing our club back to the level it belongs before moving on. So I certainly hope we keep him for another season or 2.

The big difference with Mourinho's last season with us is that the players seem to fully buy into Conte's vision. The way they followed his lead against Spurs said it all. They're going to fight for him, and for each other. That said, United and City both have a stronger squad with more quality in my opinion. A Manchester club will win the title, and I'm guessing it'll be United. I just want us to get top 4 and do decently in CL for this season.



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