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02 Sep 2017 09:41:06
It's weird. The press are mostly hammering Chelsea for a so called "bad"/ "underwhelming"/ "disappointing" transfer window. Apparently Chelsea didn't do rubbish right while United had a ridiculously good transfer window, Pool had a wonderful summer and Spurs did really well too.

Why are the media so desperate to try and cause unrest and tension regarding Chelsea? Always with the "Conte will be furious/ disappointed" reports. Sure, we didn't get Alex Sandro. He's one of the best in the world and already playing at one of the biggest clubs in the world. Tough break that. Ox rejected us in favor of his boyhood club. Good on him that he can play for the club he supported as a kid. Probably his dream.
But Lukaku rejected us? Sure the press, and United fans, like to believe it. But multiple trustworthy sources have said we didn't even lodge a bid (including our own Ed002). I'd bet all my money on it that he'd have joined Chelsea if we came to an agreement with Everton. He didn't reject us at all.
Same with Llorente. Spurs had a deal with Swansea while we didn't. That's not him rejecting us, that's him joining the club he was allowed to join. Again I'd have bet good money on it that he'd have preferred to work with Conte again.
I don't know what to make of Barkley's situation though. Such a weird thing :-P He probably failed a medical or had 2nd thoughts about moving clubs while injured for such a long time. You don't do a medical unless you have a deal with the club. Jake Cohen has confirmed as much (very knowledgeable character regarding football business) . Apparently he's said he'd reassess in January, and it's very possible he'll move to Chelsea then. Again, didn't reject us.

Now on to what Chelsea did accomplish. Rüdiger, a German international CB that's still only 24 with plenty of room to improve. He's a massive upgrade on Terry. We brought back Andreas Christensen, one of the best young CBs in Europe for the past 2 seasons. If he wasn't ours already Barcelona or Bayern would've bought him for at least 35 million or something. Another excellent addition.
Zappacosta: I'll admit I haven't watched him play live, but Serie A watchers have stated he's one of the best fullbacks in Italy. Strong runner, good positionally in defense and with a terrific cross on him. There's a reason Belotti scored so many headers last season ;-) I'm very excited to watch him play. Conte apparently knows him well, which is a very good thing.
Drinkwater I'm not as excited about, but he's not bad. Pretty good defensively, strong, can put in a tackle, has some dribbling and a pretty good pass. He's a good all-rounder to have in midfield and will make up the numbers in midfield. A good squad player who will do what Conte tells him to do.
Bakayoko: well we all know him, don't we? A beast in the making in midfield. He's incredibly strong, harries opponents on the ball and has the ability to go on bursting runs forward. He only turned 23 last month, so he's still got plenty of learning and improving to do. But I sense he'll be a huge player for us after a couple of weeks/ months. Opponents won't look forward to going up against Kante-Bakayoko in midfield.
Morata is a fantastic young striker, and he's already shown he's got the quality to be one of the best in the Europe. He hasn't had to carry a team as the leading striker though. So we'll have to wait and see how he copes with 90 minutes week in week out. So far, so good.

All in all I'm happy with our summer. We brought in some real quality and got younger in the process. Good business that. The media don't really know what they're talking about.
Our squad isn't at the level of United and City, but that's not because of this window. It's because of their huge spending in recent years. We should definitely be in the mix for top 4 this season.

PS: Caballero is a very good back up GK for us. Again a good move by the club.

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02 Sep 2017 10:07:02
We shouldn't be in the mix for top 4, after winning the league we should be title contenders.

02 Sep 2017 10:26:03
Fantastic post Jackson but we will be Premier League Champions again!

02 Sep 2017 10:56:52
Good post Jackson😁.

02 Sep 2017 11:14:44
Jackson, that is probably the best post I've ever read on this site and there have been some good'uns over the years. Completely sums Our situation up perfectly in terms of the Clubs transfer window.

I've looked at Our teansfer dealings in comparison with the other top 6 sides and I actually think We have done aswell if not better than any of them in terms of what the Club actually needed. Ofcourse We could have added a few more but Our squad is very adaptable with players more than capable of playing a number of different roles to a good standard.

My only gripe would be not signing another option up top, I am concerned that Batshuayi is not the Man to hang Our hat on should Morata suffer an injury or serious loss of form but We spent good money on Him so have to put Our faith in Him regardless. Still another body as an option would have made this a very good transfer window for Me.


02 Sep 2017 13:00:46
Agree, Blue_Nose, Llorente going to Spurs bummed me out a bit. He would've been a good striker to have as he can score goals. However, I'm a fan of Batshuayi and I know he has the quality. Decision making is his issue though, as he seems too eager to impress Conte and all too often he favors a shot over a pass to an open teammate.

I think we had a better summer than City for example. They added some good players, but all of them are really attacking. Now I know that's Pep's game, but how much does Bernardo Silva improve a team that already has David Silva, KDB, Sane, Sterling, Jesus and Aguero? Walker and Mendy are good buys though, I've give them that. But they still don't have another real CM and will have to hope that Gundogan can get and stay fit.

United's window wasn't that impressive, but they didn't need much anyway. They just needed a couple of pieces, which they added, and more importantly they needed some acquisitions of previous seasons to start firing. Clear title favorites in my eyes.

02 Sep 2017 14:50:44
I think You and Me are singing straight from the same hymn sheet Jackson.

I think Batshuayi has His weaknesses but He has the attributes to make a very good striker and at the end of the day when You shell out £30+ Million on a player, You have to trust Your investment.

City have clearly improved in the fullback positions which they needed, so fair play to them for that but their best defender is a walking injury waiting to happen and there is little protection in front of an already questionable back line.

I agree UTD are favourites as they have the strongest squad througout overall, they have players that can both play and dig in when required, they have a very good Manager that will have properly evaluated the squad and in Lukaku I think they have a flat track bully to help turn those frustrating draws into more wins.

I know lots of people are frustrated at players allegedly rejecting Us but I feel that word is misleading and thrown out there to cause controversy.

I think the only player You could argue rejected Chelsea if reports are to be believed is Oxlaide-Chamberlain because We submitted an offer but He prefered another option and let's be honest if He did join whilst He gives good versatility, where does He play?

Everyone will have their own views on the state of the squad, who should start and who should make the bench but let's say for arguments sake We go into the Arsenal Match with:

GK: Courtois
CB: Rüdiger
CB: Luiz
CB: Azpilicueta
LWB: Alonso
CM: Bakayoko
CM: Kante
RWB: Moses
AM/ WF: Hazard
AM/ WF: Pedro
CF: Morata



Can anyone say that's a poor matchday squad, really?

I for one am very excited for the Season ahead.


02 Sep 2017 18:31:03
Don't be surprised if Drinkwater becomes starter over Bakayoko.

02 Sep 2017 20:01:43
Jesus Christ Jackson! Upgrade on Terry? Find dictionary FGS!

02 Sep 2017 21:48:14
Drinkwater start over bakayoko? I swear to god everything you post on here you're just 🎣
The only times that may happen is if we've got a massive champs league game mid week and we're playing a bottom half team in the league on the weekend.
All players fit and if we stick to the 343 then bakayoko starts every time over Danny drinkwater.

I wouldn't be surprised to see more of a 352
Looking summit like this.
Dave, luiz, plus 1
Moses, bakayoko, drinkwater, kantè, Alonso
In the tough away games.

02 Sep 2017 22:45:19
What was wrong with what I said, antibot? I don't understand your point regarding a dictionary.

02 sep 2017 23:28:01
jackson calling rüdiger an upgrade to john terry is silly. terry is chelsea legend and rüdiger is just talented central back who cannot be an upgrade to jt in any circumstances.
everything else that you have wrote- well done jackson fully agree with you!

03 Sep 2017 08:26:59
Jackson is right. Rüdiger is an upgrade. Regardless, Luiz watch JT's replacement.

03 Sep 2017 08:28:30
Well, we'll just have to agree to disagree on Terry then. Massive presence in the locker room and one of the very best (if not the absolute best) CB in the PL era. But he hasn't been mobile enough for a few seasons now, and in order to play him under Jose we had to sacrifice a lot (sitting way too deep in defense, having our midfield cover way too much space etc) .
In the locker room he can't be replaced. But on the pitch? Without a doubt Rüdiger is already a much better player right now. Also, there's no shame in that for Terry as age has just caught up with him.

03 Sep 2017 08:29:14
So have you changed your mimd Antibot?

I thought you'd said nothing but negative about this window?

03 Sep 2017 14:31:48
I'd be an upgrade on JT as he is now! So Rudiger is definitely an upgrade on the JT of 2016/ 17. As for Drinkwater - I think you'll all be surprised at just how good he is - a definite starter over Baka this season as Baka gets used to the demands of the Prem.



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