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18 Oct 2017 21:30:39
Love seeing willian shake his head and shrug his shoulders after passing the ball off the pitch.

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18 Oct 2017 21:37:41
he seems to be getting worse by the week.

18 Oct 2017 22:21:44
Conte has said he may not have 11 to call upon on Saturday, not being dramatic but a loss to a good Watford team could see conte heading toward exit.

{Ed002's Note - Why bother spewing your ignorance over and over?}

18 Oct 2017 22:44:27
So you think a loss to Watford wouldn’t bring any pressure to conte, and it’s an opinion page. hence the opinion.

{Ed002's Note - No, the pressure on players and managers comes from ill informed fans typically. The clubs don't put pressure on as it is an unreasonable distraction that does more harm than good. Chelsea has already got one seriously pissed off player because the fans want him gone. This is something Chelsea has not suffered before and is a symptom of a younger less informed and largely ignorant fan base.}

18 Oct 2017 23:21:14
Matt are you bonkers?

19 Oct 2017 00:01:04
That's the problem, younger generation who only know success. There will be bad times, and having supported the team for 50 years, I can say there have been more bad times than good. Part of life I m afraid, a true supporter will support the team through thick and thin.

19 Oct 2017 01:21:44
If you pay good hard earned money to buy something or go see something and it’s rubbish or no good in my eyes you have an opinion to say something if they don’t like it So be it, deal with it.

19 Oct 2017 00:46:49
Hey Ed002,

Not being funny but that seems a gross generalisation that "there is a player that is unhappy because the (Fans) want Him out". Who are these Fans that You talk of and who is this overly precious Player?

I don't think it's likely that Conte goes after a potential defeat to Watford but it's an opinion and I highly doubt Conte is going to be under any more pressure because of an opinion on this site.

If I have offended You in some way, that wasn't My intention and You can see from My comment there is nothing offensive about it.

Anyway keep up the good work and KTBFFH!

{Ed002's Note - There is a new breed of what are clearly rubbish fans. The return of the knuckle draggers. This site has become unuseable because of people like them. No one is interested in what the club are doing about transfers.}

19 Oct 2017 05:54:32
Let’s get it right I wouldn’t put him under pressure or call for him to go. what I’m saying is the media would jump on another loss, the players start to feel it and before you know it we’re going into games with pressure which usually falls onto the manager, a manager who hasn’t really ever looked settled, it’s how the media work, start having odds on next manager gone or to replace conte, . And like u said players unhappy with criticism, deserved or not, let’s not pretend I’m a spoiltnchelsea fan who only knows winning. It’s how football unfortunately is nowadays, so let’s keave out the ignorant and bonkers and this is the problem with the younger generation crap because it’s the truth.

{Ed002's Note - I am very much hoping the Conte and the players go. You can get your way and then you can stoip moaning.}

19 Oct 2017 09:00:36
Nibby, I assume you will defend the right of fans to voice there opinion when they remember the years when we won nothing?
I also assume your happy for fans to rejoice in our success through this wonderful Roman era?
All fans have different views and opinions. Long may it continue!

19 Oct 2017 09:48:15
Ed, I understand your obvious anger at some so called fans on this site but be patient.

{Ed002's Note - There is clearly a new breed amongst us. The shaven-headed, lager-swilling, pot-bellied, tattooed knuckledragging oafs.}

19 Oct 2017 11:59:54
Ed002, I like you :)

19 Oct 2017 12:38:13
Ed, you’re describing me of 40 years ago! Oh, and I’ve still got the pot belly!

{Ed002's Note - they are not easy to lose Tom.}

19 Oct 2017 13:01:14
Jeez pretty scathing attack on someone who has different opinion or bent frustration at a poor performance, my comments where not to add pressure and call for contes head. we all want him to stay, we have small squad injuries and minus 1 or 2 players we don’t look at competing, and let’s be honest even as a knuckle dragging fan I’m not sure how you can say pressure comes from I’ll inforned fans when expectations then pressure comes from the board and owners, and if there’s not pressure there’s not ambition, i don’t want the board to get in debt signing players like a game or the manager going, and I also don’t want media start stating before every game the importance and how conte wants out and so and so lined up. But thanks for having an opinion page where you get heavily critised for having something to say.

{Ed002's Note - What pressure from the board are you referring to? And who on the boad is applying this pressure, and to whom? Just reeks of pig ignorance as usual.}

19 Oct 2017 17:32:01
As original post I said if we lose to Watford the pressure may start building. Media gets on it as click bait and easy headlines etc etc, not once have I referred to gossip just observation on what could start to happen with bad result or few more in coming weeks.



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