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19 Oct 2017 09:19:52
I've supported and been a season ticket holder for over fifty years.
Under Romans ownership us fans have enjoyed wonderful success. Success us older fans never dreamed or believed would happen.
So many fans continually ask for the club to "break the bank" to buy this player or that player but we now have to realise we are no longer the biggest buying fish in the pond. Add to that that clubs no longer financially have to sell their quality players.
We are now going through yet another power shift within the game and as fans we have to except this fact.
Also we are looking to build a new stadium soon so the situation is not likely to get better!

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19 Oct 2017 11:23:56
I understand your sentiment but you need to also know that in as much as outspending every other team doesn't guarantee success, spending hugely does in today's football. Remember we became the Chelsea u never saw was because we paid for the high end players which in turn brought us to this level. So penny-pinching will only make us an average club, ask Arsenal.
So we have a choice here, buy big and match the best or regress while buying average players.
If you check the trend recently, the biggest clubs have spent hugely even if not the most. Looking at our squad all of can identify who we need to hit the heights but we won't pay the price but we expect magic from the coach. My fear is that it could cost us Conte who is in a good position to build something on a long term for us, SAF.
True not just buying but worldies don't come on the cheap and we MUST spend on such players. Look at City, United, PSG, etc.

19 Oct 2017 12:09:25
Our business model has changed and probably changed for the foreseeable future.
Although I haven’t looked at the exact figures my guess is, Spurs Arsenal and Everton had larger NET spends than us in 2017. Add to that we are very likely going to a new stadium in the next few years and my guess is we will spend less rather than more!
Certain clubs will ccontinue to be in a position to spend large amounts of money and that will no doubt bring them success. Also those clubs will attract, with that success new fans in exactly the same way we did when Roman went on a spending spree!

19 Oct 2017 13:20:05
If I understand you, we are to buy average players and go back to the years u said u never knew Chelsea could surpass just to suit the new business model. It could work on the short term but I doubt if it is sustainable as both our brand and fan base could also nosedive with time.
What I notice other big clubs do is to try to improve their brand hence their revenue so as to be in a position to spend big on players which in turn also attract more revenues. Spending big on the right players is a win win situation because such bring success which advances the club brand and such means more revenue and vice versa. Chelsea brand and fan base increased just as our spending power, which is not a. coincidence. I'm sure many fans can no longer endure such stagnation after testing these success for some years now.
Bottom line being that we risk becoming another Arsenal, livpool, etc with all due respect with this our new found business model. Instead we should invest more on growing our brand so as to attract more investments to compete with the biggest teams. We look to take one step forward and one backwards which leaves us at the same place.

19 Oct 2017 13:39:25
We are and will continue to support our “brand” through the coming years! In fact a good example of this is the long term sponsorship deals we have negotiated with various companies.
Two of the three clubs you have sighted are owned by countries not individuals and it is very unlikely we will compete with there spending power.
As I believe our business model has changed, going forward, I will be all the more proud when we continue to be a successful club.

19 Oct 2017 16:16:27
Guys your conversation is nice but unproductive. Both of you are right at this same time. It's not only about buy&sell, it is much more who do you keep or who do you lose. When young players will be ready to play on level of players that club let go. Imagine that we let go Lampard when he was 30 or 31 just because we decided to bring promising kid who might be good enough one day. So got what we deserved. When Kante is out we don't have midfield (central midfield) .
What I'm afraid is that we might lose Conte due to wrongful board management. '

19 Oct 2017 22:56:02
If Conte leaves (please don’t Antonio) it will be for some of the following reasons. He is fed up answering the same stupid media questions, the team is performing badly, his family doesn’t settle in London, he gets offered a better job or he believes the board is failing to back him with suitable signings!
The majority of the above reasons are the main reason managers leave every club.



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