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09 Dec 2017 15:03:03
Conte - he did amazingly well to win the league last year but I increasingly question his ability.

Pedro on for Alonso reducing width when WHU were packing the centre of their defence doesn't make any sense to me; to combat a packed defence you have to go wide not play through the middle as we constantly attempted to do. His 2nd substitution should have been his 1st - Moses should have come on for Zappa at half-time; and so a substitution was wasted. Against a team defending and sitting deep with 2 lines of 4, why not bring on Michy to play alongside Morata and give West Ham something to think about? Morata was up against 3 central defenders on his own. With 10 minutes to go, why not throw Cahill up front - we didn't need 3 defenders to cover the 1 West Ham (knackered) attacker?

Aside from today's game, I think it is ridiculous the way that Costa and Luiz have been treated - none of us know all the details but a good manager should be able to make his point and then move on, not throw the baby out with the bathwater - imagine how long Keane would have lasted at Man U if Ferguson had had the same attitude as Conte.

If Conte left tomorrow, it would not bother me one jot.

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09 Dec 2017 15:28:49
What a nonsense post, Conte is the best what could have happened to this club.

Complete nonsense. Pedro was brought on as he can offer witdh (he is a winger after all), though he could have let batsman play but players let him down today, they didn't turn up for the game.

Anyway your post is disgusting, you really need to think if you suporting the right team.

09 Dec 2017 15:29:20
Had no problem with the way the Coasta situation was dealt. As much as we're missing him, he wanted to leave on more than 1 occasion and disappeared the entire 2nd half of the season last year after the Januray window and then tried to play the victim once he realised he couldn't go back to Athleti in the sunmer. With Luiz we don't really know what's going on so can't say anything. With the team it's hard to play with width when there's no quality, Zappa has been awful, Alonso is doing his best but clearly lacks, only player who does anything is Moses who should've started. Morata had more than enough chances to bring us level but he's been terrible in front of goal for a while now. Batshuayi should've gone up with Morata I agree with but for me he isn't being ruthless enough. Continues to trust Morata and Bakayoko eventhough they keep letting him down. Start Bats, give anyone but Baka a chance. We had enough chances today, but it's clear to see our lack of quality with our system when Hazard and Fab don't play well.

09 Dec 2017 15:30:12
Miss Wood, in my opinion you are so wrong about Conte and I find it amazing that any fan would NOT be upset if he left the club.
It’s all about opinions but for me he is the best thing to have happened at our club for a long rime and I hope he stays for many years!

09 Dec 2017 16:54:57
TomB, it is about opinions - having lost to Burnley, Palace and now West Ham - fortunate against Swansea - how can you say that Conte is 'the best thing that has happened' in years? Also, he's not going to stay 'for many years' as was made obvious by his refusal to extend his contract. Costa is criticised in this post for wanting to leave - so why is it ok for Conte to do the same? It is my 'opinion' that he Conte cannot think outside of the box, and if his 3 at the back tactics are not working he seems to run out of ideas - just my opinion.
LRDit, I don't consider abuse as debate so won't be responding to your crass comments.

09 Dec 2017 17:19:39
Miss Wood, The reason I’m happy to say Antonio is the best thing to happen to my club for many years are as follows:-
(a) First year as manager wins the Premier league.
(b) This year SO FAR we are third in the league through to the knockout stages of the Champions League and still have both domestic cups to play for!
(c) I no longer dread our managers press conferences and comments.
(d) NO manager gets everything tactically right in every game but I’m happy that he gets the vast majority spot on.
On a general note I don’t blame any player (including Costa) if they want to move on. They have the right to play for any club that makes them happy. Players have a short carrier.
I’m only guessing but I think one of the the main reasons for Conte not signing an extension to his contract are his family and if they settle in the UK. If that’s the case it’s understandable.

09 Dec 2017 17:54:36
Miss Darren Wood, I have not abused you at all. Just saying that you are talking some sh*t it could have been any manager today, but if the players don't turn up everyone would struggle. Our squad is at most is 3rd best in the league and to win title last year is amazing achievement taking into account how much other clubs have spent.

If anyone could be criticised it should be people who are responsible for transfers this summer as we clearly should have done better at that department.

09 Dec 2017 19:47:47
Miss Darren Wood; I think it will get better besides Conte is doing a good job. TomB's last comment is good.



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