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08 Jan 2018 17:18:31
Chelsea have stalled over a move for Juventus left-back Alex Sandro because of the Italian club's inflated asking price.

Sandro is high on the list of players head coach Antonio Conte has recommended Chelsea sign this month as he tries to juggle four competitions.

Chelsea were encouraged by the fact Sandro wants to leave Juventus and Conte's former club have made it clear they will not stand in the Brazilian's way if the right offer comes in.

But Juventus are still demanding around £60m for Sandro, which is more than Chelsea are prepared to spend on the 26-year-old.

Chelsea backed away from a deal for Sandro in the summer after Juventus demanded almost £80m and a similar scenario is unfolding this month.

The article is from Matt Law - Telegraph.

I wonder what Chelsea deem reasonanble for Alex Sandro. Maybe something between 30-40 million? Tbh I can see why Conte is frustrated. If he feels this player is important for his tactics then the board should back him. This day and age every transfer is inflated. You either accept it or get left behind. I have feeling Sandro will end up at a rival team and Conte will be fuming.

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08 Jan 2018 20:01:55
If it's true and they're only asking for £60m then i really can't understand why we are reluctant to pay this. Look at the amount of money involved in football now. Sponsorships, TV deals, league winnings. Not to mention our NET spend in recent years compared to teams around us. We just seem to be always looking for a good deal and are always reluctant to pay the initial asking price. Also look at what players are going for now, Van Dijk for £70m+ Coutinho for £140m+. Now in todays market i understand not wanting to pay ridiculous fees, but in todays market sometimes you just need to get what you need no matter what. And £60m for Sandro in todays market is respectable and will definitely pay off. But now we aren't the only team in for him and there's teams who will be willing to pay more, i can't see this move happening anymore imo, i think we missed the boat in the summer.

08 Jan 2018 22:47:05
Couldn't agree more mate. It seems as if we are no longer a club that is willing to pay big fees for big players.

Worst yet, big players are targeted by other big clubs and rivals and Unfortunately we will see less world class players being bought, if any, given that we cannot compete with PSG's, Man City's or Man Utd's unless there is a reasonable release clause for a player that is being targeted. Do we rely on turning good players into great or world class and then sell them onto the bigger teams in spain. If that starts happening we are in trouble.

Something has deffinetly changed at Chelsea. You can tell Conte is not happy given his recent interviews saying he rarely ever gets his targets and he doesn't even ask for much. But for Conte's brilliance last year we succeeded otherwise it would have been a tough year.

09 Jan 2018 01:23:16
What i don't understand is that we clearly have the money to do so, we won the league last year, have sold players to buy others and we even recently bought Morata for around £60m so we can clearly compete and spend big but a lot of the time decide not to. I look at the fee for Morata and the asking prices for Sandro and also the likes of Sanchez and Mahrez and I'm genuinely confused as to why we're soo reluctant to go for them. Sanchez is understandable because of his age and the fact it seems he wants City anyway but it's clear Sandro and Mahrez would like a move to Chelsea if it was available. I read on here a while ago that Marina who's in charge of negotiations for players doesn't like to over spend on players and won't if she feels it's too much. For me at a club like Chelsea i understand not wanting to overpay, but if you want to continue to be successful you need to swallow your pride and just pay up at times, especially for players like Sandro and Mahrez who in todays market, are very reasonably priced and can help bring this team to another level.

09 Jan 2018 08:06:24
I guess one thing that might have helped this decision (of Chelsea pulling out on Alex Sandro) is M. Alonso's rise in form and Alex Sandro dip in form (considering the amount being mentioned- £60m for a left wing back) Sorry guys I would have loved A Sandro but the writing was on the wall- that competition to get him will only increase after we missed out on him in the summer.

The guy being mentioned as his alternative (Alex Telles) isn't going to be bad for us- moving forward and he's cheaper, younger and not too far behind Alex Sandro in ability (has a cross better than M. Alonso) . I think Alex Tellea won't be a bad investment for his prize, willingness to play for Chelsea and he can still improve playing under Conte (coupled with the fact that Emenalo has scouted him before Conte came to Chelsea)



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