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13 Jan 2018 06:51:17
A time for reflection I think. Current premier league Champions and Champions in 2 of the last 3 Seasons. Currently sitting 3rd in one of Europes top leagues, through to the semi-final of the league cup, still in the FA Cup, awaiting a mouth watering Champions League tie with Barcelona. erm, not bad so far. Starting to bring some young players through, Christensen signing a new long term contract dispite reported interest from some of europes biggest clubs was work well done by the board who clearly have a very good idea of where they are taking the club. Musunda also recently signed a long term contract as did Tammy etc before going on loan. All very sound football and commercial management. I expect Tibo and Hazard to sign as well or if not to be sold for record fees. All very positive. The club have a very definitive strategy and business/ football model when recruiting players and building success and we are also at the forefront of player spending. Only the manchester clubs spent more over the past 3 or 4 seasons and how many titles have they recently won? Zero, yes zero and Manchester Utd, despite the 100's of millions they keep spending are showing no signs of being able to win the league. Conte is a very focused individual and fantastic manager who we all hope stays and builds an empire BUT if he does go at some point in the future the building bricks are still nicely in place for the club to continue to be succesfull and challange at Europes top table. We are probably only 2 or 3 plaýers away from being right at the top of that european table and the club will know that as clearly as we do. Granted, City are having a great season and have raised the bar, as ourselves and others have done in the past and will continue to do in the future. We need to respond to that challenge, as do Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool etc. I have the upmost confidence in Roman and his team to do just that, his track record since buying the club suggests he likes a challenge and responds well to them. He is a winner, the club are winners and that will continue I'm sure. Cheers, and half full.

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13 Jan 2018 08:28:43
Yes all good with what you said. But what frustrates the rest of us is that if the club knows we need 2 or 3 players to become great (We all know what positions) why don't they go for it? They have the money. It is almost a self-inflicting harm. Just cross the line and enjoy the finish!

13 Jan 2018 12:07:37
We must surely compete with Manchester clubs for Sanchez by putting in v competitive bid. He may be 29, but wonderful player and work rate, free to play in ECL, and to have him and Hazard in same team would really bolster our attacking threat. Had wanted him before he went to AFC.

13 Jan 2018 12:38:29
Agree Sanchez is a fantastic player and is a bargain due to his contract situation. These are the types of players that will get Hazard etc to sign the new contract sooner rather than later. But for our board he doesn't carry a resale value so it won't happen.

Yes we maybe at the forefront of player spending but the difference between them an us is massive. I don't see them selling their best players to fund new additions. Instead they add to the quality to make it better. We sell Diego Costa, Nemanja Matic and many others to fund Morata, Bakayoko etc. That is not adding to the quality we already have. Look no further than Antonio Conte to get your answer, it is clear he isn't happy with the board over transfers.

13 Jan 2018 17:30:19
Sorry G8 what you wrote is absolutely as off as I have ever seen unless you are watching different football then me! Every single major team is selling and buying players and making the moves necessary to make their teams work! Hazard has not had any help in almost two years! Last year we got lucky because William and Pedro scored goals and eveyone was on point and don’t forget we had Diego Costa a beast in the middle of the park! We will be lucky to be top 4 by years end if we don’t bring a creative player in and Sanchez is sitting there waiting for us Lucas Moura, Thomás Lemar yes he is expensive but we are going the wrong way. I can’t begin to stress how crazy fans must be right now watching a team who looks to have no heart or drive at all! The last three games all the players look disinterested and it’s Contes fault and now we must suffer till years end! No top 4 no Hazard no Courtois! We play like this against Barcelona we will lose 8/ 9/ 10 to 0 seriously over two games will be a massacre! To be honest I’d love to see Barcelona’s old coach come in and coach us or Allegri! Conte is not the same man and the players have no more trust in the man at all and it showed the last three games! We are in big big trouble if something isn’t done soon! Our team will be bottoms out! We are older, slower and unorganized! You can’t play Kante Bak and Fabregas together doesn’t work! Moses has been awful since his injury and Hazard is tired of trying to play by himself!

Worst of all is Morata falls down one more time like a crying baby he should be benched! When he drove to the Goal today he has hazard wide open for a pass in the middle and instead he hit it in the side netting off goalie hand! He is so frustrated he needs a break! We need creators and Abromovich needs to wake up before he see our team out and playing Europa league again next year.

13 Jan 2018 23:19:40
I could not agree more Jets. Well said mate. So miffed, can't score a goal for crap anymore. Im glad im not the one that sees the childish side of morata, for a lad like him he falls like his been hit by a truck. Refs know him all too well. It didn't come across me, but with no chamapions league football next year we can say good night to hazard and courtois. Good luck to chelsea in trying to buy playera of same ilk again. More like we will end up with more baka's and zapa's etc.

14 Jan 2018 19:11:08
Been saying this for weeks
We won't be in top 4
We are predictable
We don't look interested
Tactics are boring and I think the players think it as well
I couldn't even bring myself to watch highlights yesterday why because I bet we had 3 at the back when they were down to ten
I probably would need to buy a new TV today.



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