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22 Jan 2018 03:40:25
Oh dear CFCShak and you as well gola! Why do you support Chelsea? You both seem so sad and unhappy. Spend all your time slagging the club off. I have been on this site for a number of years as G8 and Jose knows best before that and can remember some great banter with people like Melbourne, Kiwi Pete, Eli and more recently Jackson and others. People who had opinions but didn't just come on here posting one negative post after another. If you feel that bitter about the club go and support someone else and do the rest of us a favour .

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22 Jan 2018 08:15:05
I can see both sides really. I agree with you G8 I try not to be negative, although get a bit carried away whilst the game is on. I do think the club are in a good position at the min of course I would like us to be closer to city. Some of the names we have been linked with are silly so can see some peoples frustration but I do believe most if these rumors are false. let's try to all get on lads we all love the same club and no matter who we sign we will still be supporting Chelsea.

22 Jan 2018 11:25:43
i support my club to the hilt not a manager who doesn't even want to be here that's the difference. hes been sulking like a spoilt child since the summer and doesn't even deny he's going in the summer.

why do you think the club didn't give him a bigger contract just upped his wages.
i don't see pep sulking because there is players he can't get, sanchez is he now wallowing in a cloud of self pity no.
jose always sulks,nklopp has just lost his best player is he sulking no, he's even more positive.

pocchetino has the tightest budget and board in top six is he walking around sulking , no. even grandad wenger look at the situation he's in is he moaning about it no
if this was a player getting on like this he would be hounded out of the club basically saying im off after this year because i can't get my own way.

i don't like the way we play its so negative and before you say it won us the league last year why with basically the same players is it so crap this year
palace burnley Leicester man city liverpool, brighton, bournemouth, southhampton, everton, roma, west ham have all made us look ordinary this year.

city and liverpool granted but the rest come on we are chelsea, now face Barcelona in the champs league when we should of won the group and be facing shakter
all this talk he's the best thing that's ever happened to chelsea why because he jumps up and down on the touchline.

hoddle, gullit and gianfranco carlo jose roberto have been the best thing that happened to our club in recent years as has tony to some extent to he should be added to that list to but not the best far from it.

i love chelsea but i hate the way we play, at the minute, tactically he's been found out, doesn't want to be here fallen out with board, doesn't care if a only world class player isn't happy or not i rest my case.

in summary i love cfc and the future is very bright i agree and my cuppeth overfloweth at the prospect of what could happen.
my point is i don't like conte anymore and i don't think he is the right manager to take us forward i find it disrespectful to publicly blame the board in when you have known the setup before you enter the job.

i don't want over 30s like bonnucci vidal and sanchez taking mega money at the end of there careers and i agree with the clubs stance on that look what happened to cole lamps terry ivan cech so why go backwards.
my cuppeth overfloweth and cfc adam and G8 love you really its all about individual perspective and cfcshak keep up the good work mate.

22 Jan 2018 12:18:36
Everybody has different opinions. Not all of us agree with one another but everyone has the right to their opinion about OUR club and nobody should be justyfing why they support Chelsea just because there opinion is different.

I respect your opinion Gola even though I actually do take a liking in Conte. I think his a great manager. I never liked the Jose setup and never will. His tactics won us titles but i would rather watch paint dry than watch Man Utd these days.

22 Jan 2018 12:18:41
We play negative football? Huh.!?! What the f**k you watching?
Klopp - doesn’t moan? He’s spent the transfer on players HE wants - Big difference to Contes situation.
Wenger - doesn’t moan? Hmm again not sure what you’re on about, he’s always moaning about this and that. And the fact that Sanchez went to United for the money! Oh and guess what. he buys the players he wants too! There’s a pattern emerging here.
Pep - same as above. He said last year that city needs to spend money on players. And guess what. they signed players HE wanted.
Jose - always moan no matter what’s. But is getting the players he wants at United.
Tactically found out? Yet we’re unbeaten in 14/ 15 games. Yes we’ve dropped points to mediocre teams but aren’t all clubs doing that? Didn’t City draw with Palace, didn’t United draw with Southampton? Burnley? Leicester? But nope it’s just Chelsea dropping points apparently. 🙄. I’ll say this again and again and again until it clicks with some of you. if we had a striker yes Morata with full confidence, I am 1000% sure we would be a lot closer to City then united are. But because the team are low on confidence we are not! THAT IS ALL! We’ve kept clean sheet, after clean sheet. We’ve made chance after chance. (Look at he 2-2 draw with Arsenal for the best example! ) but haven’t had the player to put the ball in!

We are playing more games this year, last season. We had nearly a weeks rest between games. That makes a HUGE difference.

We’ve a striker who is slowly getting used to the prem, last year we had Diego - again another massive change! Name me the last striker who hit the ground running and continued it throughout the first season? Wasn’t Diego, Didier, but they came good in the end!

So yes In my eyes we are not having a bad season at all. Still think we can get second place, we can certainly win the Carabao Cup, have a good chance in the FA Cup (you got to be in it, to win it! ) and Champs League - I’m quietly confident we can beat Barcelona. With the way Conte sets us up, we can cope.

Things aren’t as bad as they seem. Think some people just pi**ed because we’re not being linked with the TOP names. But with Antonio off in the summer, it doesn't help shelling out millions for players that the new manager might not want!

22 Jan 2018 13:13:57
Correction. Diego hit the ground running straight away mate. Don't disrespect the guvnor lol.

22 Jan 2018 13:29:42
So did Alvaro but has he kept it up? Did Diego keep it up? Nope, that’s what I’m saying!

22 Jan 2018 14:48:41
since we won at toon in december we have only played arsenal leicester and everton in the top half of the table lost to west ham who were bottom,1 we didn't score against leicester even though they had a man sent off for 30 mins
didn't score against Everton who have been woeful this year and arsenal we drew and there the worst team in top six arguably.

bournemouth had more possession at the bridge in the Caraboa cup than us yes BOURNEMOUTH. we scraped a win against Swansea who were 19th at home and Southhampton two shocking teams. we drew at home to the worst team in our group champs league no other team conceded to them at home in group stage.
we were shocking away at Roma and got lucky at home.

then the two absolute classics against norwich first game we were shocking
second game yes Norwich got lucky but they played every bit as good as us in that game and deserved a draw and we had our best team out for arguably 40 mins in that match and couldn't score.

we played city at home and we got played off the park he didn't even play a striker
Liverpool played off the park got a fluky goal.

if Leicester had a decent finisher they would of been 4 0 up at half time. if Norwich had a decent finisher they would of scored more than 1. if Brighton had a bit of luck they would of had 2 pens a wonder save against them and they hit the post and bossed us for 40 mins.

The striker isn't the issue your basis is on 1 guy missing sitters against arsenal they missed sitters to, and bats confidence is totally shot why because the manager has shown absolutely no faith in him whatsoever.

as you said strikers play on confidence and by not playing him when morata was injured at the beginining of season shows him exactly what conte thought of him
im not saying bats is the answer but the guy scored the goal to win the league then he gets treated like a dog the following season bad man management. we are playing rubbish end of and a chance against Barcelona lol.

our tactics invite teams on to us and Barcelona are arguably the best in world at that when teams press us high up field we get found out i. e Roma city Liverpool we were bang average. everything goes wide to Alonso or Moses our midfield has no influence on the game going forward its left to Moses and Alonso to somehow get it down the wing to hazard to get up the pitch and Kante and Bakayoko to sit tight in front of back 3.

i cannot wait to see barkley i think he's a fine talent but were will he play
i have no doubt chelsea will turn it around adam but i in my humble opinion i believe conte who is leaving isn't the man especially if the players think the same
this isn't personal just my opinion.

we aren't playing well and haven't for some time i don't want to be negative TROLL just airing my views and facts don't lie. we have been bang average for the quality of our players all season and the buck for that sits with the manager.

hazard is amazing. i think Rudiger Christensen have been fantastic and next year after a full season will be formidable. Morata jury is out he falls over to much and yes i read your previous post on that. Alonso, i think is a good squad player along with Moses but they wouldn't be my first choice.

Fabregas Cahill need to move on.
Kante is brilliant and breaking up play.
Bakayoko will in my opinion prove everyone wrong and be a Yaya for us first half against united he was immense.
Willian and Pedro good seasoned pros.
Azpi the most reliable player in the league bar none.

cfc adam and G8 it would be boring if we all agreed wouldn't it?

22 Jan 2018 15:08:10
Maybe the players conte wants are Carroll crouch Barnes type and the board are not having it? lol.

22 Jan 2018 17:21:56
Hi guys. I rarely post but this is a great banter you just having. I am on here everyday and I think this is the first time since the last horrible transfer window that I have seen an actual disscussion between yous. I absolutely love it. By the way does anyone still use live page when the game is on? It seems dead. Anyways keep up the good work readers and Ed's.

22 Jan 2018 18:55:24
Thanks Maat, I go on live chat.

22 Jan 2018 21:45:50
Its how it should be. No need to get personal. We all Love our Chelsea and want the best for the club. If only Ed002 would come back.

22 Jan 2018 23:02:30
Agreed Adam that's a first lol

23 Jan 2018 06:01:26
Agreed gola KTBFFH 😁.



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