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26 Jan 2018 21:08:27
The ambition of Manchester City to us is so frightening. Done everything the right way and got such a bright future and plan, trophies failure sacked manager repeat, met with release clause of Laporte while we are struggling for 30 + back up players.

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26 Jan 2018 21:53:12
We simply cannot afford the sort of players you want Matt. that's the simple fact of the matter. Don't know if you've seen a recent report but one high class agent has said that they doubt Chelsea will ever spend big again or only in exceptional circumstances. Without fresh investment, we won't compete with PSG, United or City in the transfer market.

27 Jan 2018 00:10:15
I don't really buy into that idea Adam. We can afford the players but we choose not to which is the difference. Roman is multi billionaire and he probably has made the decision where he no longer wants to invest his personal fortune. Our model is different, unlike other clubs Chelsea now spend within their remits which massively depends on sales.

We cannot match Man City's ambition and Matt your right their future is very bright along with Man Utd. Its a shame that it takes Chelsea so long to negotiate transfers and it is evident we are are faffing around with a couple of million here and there. I mean we can't even get Dzeko over the line despite knowing how badly we need a striker. Whereas City and Utd get the job done quick which obviously benefits them.

Its really concerning and a real possibility that we actually will lose both Eden Hazard and Courtois at the end of the season. Heavyweights like Madrid will be after them. Our ambition isn't there and we don't know who are manager is going to be? Once these two go then we are a bang on average team.

27 Jan 2018 00:44:15
Of course you have to consider that Roman has to consider the cost if the redevelopment of the stadium. That will have to be taken into account when transfers are considered.

27 Jan 2018 07:19:19
Chelsea is run like a business now.

27 Jan 2018 07:32:26
After reading that Shak, I actually think you don’t get how transfers work at all. Faffing over a couple of million quid? To whom? Roma - what when we’ve agreed a figure to sign both players already? Or a couple of million to a over 31 year old who wants a 2/ 3 year deal but Chelsea only offering him 18months. Doesn’t come down to money all the time Shak, depends on contract length, wages, bonuses, extensions etc.

And to say that it takes us ages to get a deal over the line, that’s rubbish also. Liverpool spent MONTHS getting VVD signed. You don’t think that Man Utd just sent Arsenal an email one day saying we want Sánchez, you can have 1 of our players and then it was agreed do you? I can say that it doesn’t happen like that - at all! Some transfers can be done quickly, but they don’t happen just over night.

You don’t buy into it? That’s a shame as I wasn’t selling it. We’ve a huge new stadium to build (IF and it’s a massive IF it gets built at all) . Where do you think the money will come from? The club and investors - the club - which will mean less spending money for sure, right? We won’t be able to splash out on big players and build a futuristic stadium costing £1BILLION. We can’t and won’t do both. That’s why we can’t afford the best of players anymore, that’s why we have to make sure every incoming transfer works as well as it should, that’s why we have so many young players on our books, train them up, send them out on loan, they impress and usually get sold on for decent money. That’s the model Chelsea now works under.

Some fans still think we can go and spend £70-£80m on 2/ 3 each new players each summer. Those days are over

You’re just frustrated with the transfers this month, I get that. But not being funny, it’s football at the end of the day! So much more to life.

Have a good weekend. And up the CHELS.

{Ed001's Note - just to point out money is not relevant in the Dzeko transfer. The sole issue is Dzeko does not want to move and had just been promised he was there for the long term, so went and bought a house and got his family settled. Sometimes money is irrelevant when you are already a multi-millionaire like Dzeko is, for instance, having a happy home life is more important.}

27 Jan 2018 07:53:48
Agreed Adam we can’t spend like we used too look at Spurs for instance they haven’t spent fortunes good young footballing team what we need is a manager that is going to be told he’s there for the long term and to develop our youth with the right coaching there’s no reason why some of them can’t be brilliant players.

27 Jan 2018 08:00:03
Maybe we cannot afford to compete with Manchester City and to a lesser extent United BUT you have to look at the money we have absolutely 'wasted' in the last ten years and just imagine what that money might have bought us. At the level we currently play anything between £50m to £75m is no longer special and if we cannot compete in that sphere then we are going to be in trouble, likewise our managerial list reads like a who's who of managers ALL in a relatively short space of time and that impacts the buying of players. Looking through the transfer system at Chelsea, we have too many people involved. Sitting within we have Buck, Tenenbaum and at least one of the others to give final clearance before the deal is sealed and this is after Abramovich has signed of the spend. The way we are going we will start next year with a new manager, his new ideas, possibly not in the Champions league and he will want a few players and so the cycle begins all over again.

27 Jan 2018 08:29:27
Yes Danny. Exactly what is needed. STABILITY starting with the manager. I stupidly thought it would Conte that would bring that and integrate the youth players coming through. But that doesn’t look the case anymore!

27 Jan 2018 08:33:43
C1955 we’ve wasted loads mate, but also gained millions. The majority of players we bought have been sold for a profit. So not all doom and gloom.

I think we will finish in top 3 so cannot see us missing out on CL next season.

At some stage the cycle has to stop, but with Chelsea winning the league twice in last few seasons, the club could easily come out and say that the model they use works and to be honest it does! Just us fans start to love the manager/ coach and then he’s gone!

27 Jan 2018 09:30:04
Adam if your happy with our transfers and our direction since wiining the title then good on you mate. Very happy.

However, I for one don't like the fact that everytime we win something we sit back and rest on what we have. Our transfers the following year after winning are questionable. It happened with Jose in charge, it has happened with Conte. At this rate we will run out of quality managers. Nevermind keeping our top players. there's should always be a plan to build on a title. Anyway im glad your happy mate.

27 Jan 2018 10:03:09
We went out and spent £200m mate. After winning the league!

27 Jan 2018 11:42:40
I’ve read most of above, I agree that Chelsea are not shopping in the same shops as city and Utd, I also think there’s a chance that we will lose Hazard in the summer. To be fare to him he’s given 5 years but I always felt he was Madrid bound.
I think that Chelsea will still challenge for the league every year but think instead of buying the finished article that we are going to have do what teams like Dortmund and others do bring in players and then bring them up to that top level.
Not sure some of our purchases have been great. I mean Zappa was clearly an Antonio player but is bang average. There are others
Let’s be patient I think we will finish top 4 but I also think Antonio is gone in the summer.
Lastly nice to read back ground from Ed’s about Dzeko, about buying house etc. And much as it means we won’t get him I have got the utmost respect for him not selling his soul for money, unlike Sanchez I think we dodged a bullet there.

27 Jan 2018 13:36:07

Diego Costa - didn’t want to be here. Replaced with Morata.
Matic / didn’t want to be here. Replaced with Bakayoko
Ake - wanted 1st team games.
Begovic - wanted 1 st team games. Replaced with Willy
Cuadrardo - was never here.
Atsu - not good enough to be here.
Traore - wanted 1st team games. Should have been loaned rather then sold.
Oscar - couldn’t turn down silly money.
Bamford - never going to make it here.
Mikel - wanted out.

Morata has the best minute to goal ratio in the top divisions last season. Because he’s going through a lean spell doesn’t mean he can’t replace Costa.

Bakayoko - once he’s properly settled to pace of prem, he’ll easily pass Matic. So he will replace Matic.

Drinkwater was a HOME grown squad filler. We lack CM he was one of the better ones out there.

Rudiger has replaced Cahill, Luiz and Ake in the 1st team what more do you want?

Zappacosta was to me a panic buy. Not good enough but certainly a Conte purchase.

27 Jan 2018 14:24:21
I don’t expect and most of time don’t want chelsea to make world record transfers but we Are not even close to the top players, and there will be problems in the summer when we might need to replace hazard willian and Pedro, . I’d suggest replacing 1/ 2 now. like one of the eds has said you should buy squad players you should buy a player you believe should be starting games as it creates competition and a stronger squad, u think morata is bothered he has michy behind him knowing that even when his injured michy doesn’t start. Out aubameyang ( for example ) in that squad and levels can’t drop because when the next man gets his chance u may be out for 4,5,6 games until your next chance, mane salah we approx 35m each, that out of our price range is it? Same? Was he too expensive for us or Gabriel Jesus? I’m not asking why we ain’t bidding 140 for coutinho or dembele and mbappes but there’s a problem and a plan missing by our board we’re we’re spending money without strengthening and conte will pay the price which means the fans will.

27 Jan 2018 15:13:19
Well said Matt.

27 Jan 2018 16:47:31
Also we moan no he hwre and sone are more negative and others more positive but wanna add just because some blame board, come conte others blames players we all want the best for the chels, there’s opinions not facts we split on here after all!

27 Jan 2018 23:57:06
Matt, how do you know we didn’t go after those players but the players didn’t want to come? Because the media/ tweets you read didn’t mention it? I’m sure there are lots of players we were in for but never materialised. Ever thought of that?

Why should we be spending millions and millions in January anyway? Our main business should be done in the summer. January should only be there if you REALLY need to improve the squad, but you have to understand that it’s hard now to bring in the players we’d love. 2. It’s a World Cup year so many players need minutes rather then be Bench warmers.



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