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06 May 2018 22:15:51
Truth be told, Chelsea has to start playing attacking football. We did so much defending against Liverpool. Our philosophy of football needs to change.

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06 May 2018 22:31:01
we won? they did all that and lost!

06 May 2018 22:42:58
Well said wheely. Getting pissed off with negs on here.

06 May 2018 23:13:22
The last 10-15 years we've been successful with our defensive counter attacking style.

Of course I'd like us to be more attacking and easy on the eye sometimes. But we need to be careful with what we wish for. Because fancy football doesn't guarantee success or trophies.

What have Liverpool or Tottenham won recently? Man City are the exception, but we all know how Guardiola teams play.

No matter if Conte stays or goes, I don't see our style drastically changing. Because at the end of the day it's been successful for us more often than not.

06 May 2018 23:25:58
I can strongly say that Chelsea have better players compared to Liverpool but since Klopp took over- whenever we square up against them, we tend to defend a lot despite having better players. Imagine we play attacking football, I can guarantee that we will always beat them comfortably.
I am just concerned cos I am tired of this defensive football that puts a lot of tension on me when I see these games.

I wanna say I respect their effort today though.

{Ed0333's Note - how can you ‘guarantee’ that you’ll always beat us? Will you be bribing the Liverpool players to throw the game? I wanna get in on that action because I need to pay bills, my wife has a penchant for the finer things in life and could do with some of that match fixing income mate.

07 May 2018 01:14:51
Obinna i can guarantee you that if we had played this beautiful "attacking football" that you desire we would've lost this game. Look what Liverpool have done against City. And City have much better attacking players than us. We beat them because we didn't allow much space for their attacking trio to run into. We played deep and got in the way, that's the best way to play them. I wanted us to counter attack a little more however to kill the game off but the game plan was excellent and was executed perfectly. Maybe next season we can try and play a more attacking style under the new manager but today wasn't a time to try it.

07 May 2018 08:58:02
I know nothing is certain in life and football, and I am not psychic to say that 'we wil definitely beat Liverpool anytime we square up against them'- so to that extent I am wrong BUT we can achieve more playing a balanced attacking football like Bayern Munich (under Jupp Henckes) and AC Milan (under Ancelotti) .

The benefits of playing a balanced attacking football over this our defend-exhaust the opponent-and play on the counter is so much. We need to evolve our philosophy of football to be more attacking. JUST MAYBE THE STABILITY AND PATTERN OF FOOTBALL THAT WE SEEK MIGHT JUST BE TIED TO IT.

We have better players compared to Liverpool and you can argue Mancity but when we play against them- we look ordinary always defending and waiting to counter attack. I get so tensed watching Chelsea against these teams. Imagine our game against Mancity (both legs) .

I don't wanna go into the benefits of playing attacking.

07 May 2018 09:05:34
I respect our players' effort in this game against Liverpool and I really appreciate them but this draggy defensive football has to leave our system. Truth is that we are still living in Jose Mourinho's shadows.

07 May 2018 09:35:02
Better players? Compared how? Player by player? Or as a squad? You have players that are better than ours and we have players better than yours. I’m not denying you have a better squad but who do you have that’s been better than any of our front three this season? The likelihood is we finish above you this season Too? you played we yesterday and deserved the win but barring giroud your transfer dealings have been abysmal of late. While us, United and city improved on last season yous didn’t really. Think that’s been your biggest issue. A good summer this summer and you’ll be challenging again if you can keep hazard and get him some more support.

07 May 2018 10:23:53
Cesar, Liverpool's front three is unarguably up there with the best front threes this season in the EPL and maybe UCL this season (based on the number of goals, combinations and assists that Salah, Firmino and Mane have within them) ; BUT My question is what have made Liverpool's front three so good and efficient? MY ANSWER IS SIMPLY THEIR BRAND OF FOOTBALL (WHICH IS MOBILE AND ATTACKING) .

Though one cannot over-emphasize the importance of a good defense, attacking football brings the best out of players while defensive football improves the defenders more.

You are right Cesar, Hazard needs more attacking support- ATTACKING MIDFIELDERS/ WINGERS and an attack-football philosophy.

07 May 2018 12:10:38
With regards to yesterday's match and some of the comments, I have no faith at all in statistics for possession - it's what you do when you have the ball that matters. A different sport, I know, but it highlights my point - I was watching a Northampton Saints (Rugby Union) match in which the Saints had something like 22% of possession - they were winning 24-0 at the time!

08 May 2018 12:23:51
What's more negative and hypocritical than wanting good attacking and skillful players- only to play them into a defensive pattern.

08 May 2018 19:07:04
obinna 123, who would our front 3 be that would come anywhere close to matching Liverpool's front 3? Hazard and? and? .

08 May 2018 22:54:07
MDW, even if we have Ronaldo, Messi and Hazard; they might not be as good as Liverpools' front three if they play in this our defensive brand of football.

Miss Darren Wood, I am just saying what I have noticed. I feel if we will loose our best attacking footballers OR miss out on quality attacking players in subsequent transfer windows, it probably will be cos of their dislike for the defensive football that we play; which doesn't improve attacking players a lot.
For instance, Nabil Fekir being a good attacking player might have second thoughts coming to Chelsea cos of the defensive type of football we play and rather opt for Liverpool who plays a more mobile creative attacking football.


08 May 2018 23:08:21
Miss Darren Wood, I don't wanna put down our squad, I just don't like the 'too much' tension I feel watching Chelsea against these teams when we have a relatively equal or better squad of players. The defending is so much.
I feel it's mediocre to think that cos we have been playing this way and winning trophies; we should continue playing this brand of football- when we have the potential to be a lot better.



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