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10 May 2018 20:53:19
Four trophies to win in a season, 6 teams in premiership can possibly win it, Maybe 8 fa cup. Cl maybe 8 teams realistically. League cup maybe 12 teams because of squad rotation.

We can't win every match every year so we can't win every trophy every year
There isn't a team in world football that gets all the players it wants every season
So football does swing in roundabouts and we have been very successful over the Roman years and long may it continue.

Last night was very hard to take, but that is what makes football great the ups and downs the great times are always sweeter because of the rubbish times. If we won every match and every trophy that would be boring. We will bounce back stronger than ever. I believe the club will take a new direction with all the good youth we have next year.

We can still win a trophy this year there is a lot of clubs all over Europe that will win nothing so not all bad. I'd be happy winning a major trophy every year even if it was the league cup.

Look at Tottenham, yes champions league next year will they win it no chance make a few quid but their cabinet is empty. So cheer up lads new manager coming in that can't play any more negative than Conte. So that's positive.

Youth looking good, some great players, Yes some crap to that will be sold. Every team in top flight football has crap players in there squad that aren't good enough not just us.

Enjoy fighting for the last trophy of season, enjoy watching world cup, then we will start the merry-go-round round all over again.
Chins up boys ktbffh.

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10 May 2018 21:20:22
So refreshing to have a bit of positivity on here mate. Well said going loko down in bakayoko. I was thinking of leaving this site due to the toxic posts but you bring hope to all who wake up in the morning thinking the glass is always half full.

11 May 2018 03:03:02
A manager has two seasons at a club. He has taken over his role after the team finishes 10th in league.
He then wins the league and takes the team to two FA cup finals.
The manager gets slaughtered for selling a centre forward and midfielder who both wanted to leave.
The manager makes it clear he is not happy the squad and in particular the squad size and gets called a moaner.
Maybe some supporters need a dose of reality!

11 May 2018 08:10:13
The problem was we should not have finished 10th, that being highlighted with us bouncing back the following season and the underlying issue from both Mourinho and Conte is the transfer policy.

I am sure few had an issue with the sale of the two players, the issue was the lack of suitable replacements, that is when fans refer to what we had; again is that the transfer policy?

The enthusiasm that Conte brought last year was catching and him and the crowd had a rapport we haven’t had for years if at all but this season almost from the start he has been a shadow of last year in more ways than one; I think it all emanates from the transfer support he received. Drinkwater and Barkley and to a lesser extent Palmieri are strange ones, we pay decent money and one way or another he doesn’t play them which makes me wonder if that was his way of protesting that they were not who he wanted.

“The manager makes it clear he is not happy with the squad and in particular the squad size and gets called a moaner” you say but the fans are not happy with the squad and squad size and the dismal performances have emphasised this, hence they moan as well, that’s the reality.

Like you, I would like Conte to stay. Tactically caught out but when he has what he wants his system worked very well. You don't become a bad manager over night.

11 May 2018 10:51:13
TomB, the writing was on the wall last summer - why didn't Conte sign an extension to his contract rather than just upping the money on his existing contract - it hardly demonstrates a willingness to stay long-term!

11 May 2018 10:36:24
Pretty sure neither Costa or Matic wanted to leave, they were forced out.

11 May 2018 13:05:50
Conte is a bully. He didn't want Costa to stay and the way he texted him was wrong. His treatment of Luiz and others who question him is wrong as well. Tactically he is inept and he just wants a pay off. You can get away with passion alone and regimental tactics and training for one season but then you are found out and that is exactly what has happened. The players themselves were perplexed when they saw the teamsheet on Wednesday and I won't even mention the Man City away game and his game plan! The guy has been found out and I don't see him working at an elite club again.

11 May 2018 14:13:06
Your name is dangerously close to ‘going loco down ON Bakayoko’ I can’t stop laughing.

11 May 2018 16:19:35
G8, Chelsea fans are winners and no true winner smiles whenever he/ she fails or isn't reaching targets so don't complain to no one about the toxicity on this site. Chelsea fans are like Mancity, ManUnited, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus etc. We love winning and when we don't win- it hurts.

11 May 2018 16:21:25
Thumbs up Miss Darren Wood.

11 May 2018 16:59:34
Trublue, as I understand it, both Matic and Costa wanted to go. So goodbye and good luck as far as I’m concerned.
G8, I do not believe Conte is a bully but I do believe he has an over whelming desire to win.
The important thing for me is how does the club move forward. We still haven’t replaced ME:

11 May 2018 17:09:01
You must be a southern Liverpool fan as a local one would clearly not Cesar any sort of salahd.
But I'm glad I amused you.

11 May 2018 21:16:42
Obinna why attack G8 it's his opinion and we can still win a trophy so smile about that
And you compare us to winners like man city and man utd we have won more than them in last ten years
What is it you want exactly
To win every match every trophy that doesn't happen
Would you prefer to be trophy less like spurs or arsenal every year but make top four I don't
Modern football fans are blinded by this top four rubbish every year for what end
Up until a few years ago only 1 team qualified the actual champions
Liverpool have the chance to be champions of Europe without winning there league in nearly thirty years that to me is stupid and they were seeded in there group stage why
Don't be blinded by the if your not in champions league your nothing that's media driven rubbish

I have always looked at Europe as a sideline treat not a necessity
The league is most important
We can still win four trophies next year maybe five so cheer up it's not as if the club is skint.

11 May 2018 21:21:06
I shall complain about the toxic bull on here as much as I like Obinna. Constructive comments are most welcome as are balanced views but some just post rubbish.

12 May 2018 12:32:21
No Liverpool born and bred mate haha love some of the witty names people come up with haha. Don’t really know what the issue has been with your lot this season, just look a bit bereft of ideas. Reckon you’ll spend big this summer? Or do you think it’s a case of having to?

12 May 2018 16:19:55
We are fans, we react most times to how well or badly our team is doing. I guess some tend to hold-in their feelings very well while some can't.
We aren't doing well and our closest competitors are getting stronger by the day (we aren't even sure that the board will fortify the team for next) . It's very difficult not to criticize the team as it is which could most times be destructive rather than constructive.
I bet you that if we start showing promising signs- our fans will speak well of the team. It doesn't mean that we shouldn't be loyal to the team when its not doing well.



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