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26 May 2018 06:25:13
I don't want to be negative, but if we do appoint Sarri it's a huge mistake in my opinion.

This is a guy who has had a few good seasons with Napoli, and not won any major trophies. Plus all of the baggage and unwanted press he carries with him. And let's be fair we all know how the media sound us out, Conte was presumably being sacked in September in his first season in charge.

I can only see this turning ugly, especially when the press etc turn on him. If it all got to Conte, Sarri will implode.

Conte is a winner, Sarri is a good coach and plays decent football. But I'm not happy to have him as our new manager at all.

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26 May 2018 08:30:09
FFS The guy is not appointed yet and you already give him a stick. and then you say press is negative, just look at our own fans.

26 May 2018 09:14:54
What’s the point of saying you don’t want him at the club after he is appointed?
Expressing the reasons why you don’t want a player or manager are justifiable in my book!

26 May 2018 10:17:17
This whole site is people’s opinions on who we want why we want them and who we wouldn’t want etc so opinions etc are not than welcome, The media will love Sarri because he will play good football and is over optiniated and has views that should of been left in the 50’s, he will need Chelsea media team to keep a close eye on him in that sense, but from a football point of view talking about him not winning anything, he is in a league we’re Juve run away with it last seven years and has pushed them playing great football, and same people who judge his trophy cabinet are same ones who wanted poc from spurs who every semi final or bit of pressure has folded, as a club Chelsea have a winning mentality, that will help Sarri, BUT what I will say also is he doesn’t rotate a lot which I think he will need to do, but the youth team plays good football and would already be more suited than first team to play his way, albeit at different level entirely, Jardim would of been the safer option but he was never going to leave Monaco,

26 May 2018 10:27:24
LRDit it's a joke mate. pretty much a toxic bunch here. Never happy!

26 May 2018 11:26:23
I’m happy with Conte but it would appear other posters and maybe the club or not.
I’m entitled to my opinion and fully respect other people’s opinions.

26 May 2018 11:28:58
As soon as a player or manager signs on the dotted line for chelsea, he then should have our full support, we should cheer for him, will him, give him the benefit of the doubt, and welcome them to the blue family, its like we can't choose our family, as fans we have zero input, to who chelsea sign, if you support chelsea, the you should support the players and manager, if not are we really supporters? Or just people who watch.

26 May 2018 13:05:43
Shak, to accuse others of toxicity is absolutely laughable. You were calling for conte’s head only a week ago!

26 May 2018 14:28:37
JD I was calling for conte's head since January mate, I have no respect for someone's who Is not willing to work passionately just because things haven't gone his way. His constant abuse And behaviour towards the board has been shocking. The fact of the matter Is that he had the players to be in top 3 mate had he not threw his toys out the pram.

26 May 2018 14:33:22
But to not get behind a manager from the start is a joke. As a die hard Chelsea fan, the club always comes first for me. If Sarri is appointed and he says bad stuff then of course I would be unhappy and if he does what Conte did. But a lot of people here are not giving him a snif and This is before he is appointed. That's toxic to me. Let's all get behind the club whatever decision it makes!

26 May 2018 15:04:00
Shak, getting behind the club is NOT the issue!
The potential appointment of the man is the debate. That debate is NOT Toxic.

26 May 2018 17:29:39
I don’t want a man with outdated views at our club. I don’t want to be fearful of him alienating players due to his views and being down the reputation of the club. We also don’t have a great history in regards to political correctness! We’re under investigation of racial abuse within the club. I want the club to represent the Chelsea name with pride and respect. But we’re all entitled to our opinions, ours just seem to differ here.



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