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02 Jun 2018 08:23:27
Liverpool fan looking at the chelsea situation from the outside.

If you are chasing Sarri, if being the important word there. Then why is Conte still in charge? It seems clear that you want a replacement so not sacking him just looks like your not sure if you can get one you want. So we will keep Conte just in case.

But that’s a shocking way to look at it IMO for three reasons. First being it is a blatant lack of respect to Conte, he has won you trophies (and yes I agree it’s not been the best by your standards this year) but he has still brought success and should be treated as such.
Second is why would a manager want to join Chelsea with the way you treat the current one? I know if I saw a company with a bad history with employees I wouldn’t join when there are plenty of other options.
And lastly it just makes Chelsea look like they are unsure of what they are doing. Now most of it is probably the media brewing it up but the club could come out and sort it by saying it one way or the other. Least they would be clarity rather than appearing to chase a replacement whilst you still have a manager.
This isn’t a dig at you fans btw as you are caught in the middle but it just seems something isn't right at the top of Chelsea and needs sorting quickly or could ruin your plans for the summer and In to the new season.

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02 Jun 2018 09:07:30
Whilst I do agree with a lot of what you're saying mate about it potentially damaging our upcoming season, I don't agree that we've showed Conte a lack of respect, if anything he's showed our club a lack of respect and the reason the board want him out is because he doesn't want to be here himself. I appreciate what he's won for the club but managers come and go and I'd much rather have one who actually wants to manage Chelsea.

02 Jun 2018 09:07:50
The situation is far from ideal, but the club are not just keeping Conte hanging on with no idea what's happening.

Both parties are currently involved in a stand off, Conte wants out but won't walk because he wants his £9m handshake, Chelsea want Conte out but don't want to give him £9m.

We won't have a problem attracting a manager, they'll be paid well, get to live in London, work with good players and probably have every chance of adding some silverware to their CV.

The club have been very quiet since the end of the season, but I see it as no news being good news. They're not going to publicly talk about their standoff with Conte, until that comes to a head then we probably won't hear much from the club at all.

02 Jun 2018 09:27:47
But if your looking to replace him, which I think is clear surely you should agree a deal with Conte to let him walk is the best way forward? Even if you don’t get Sarri you will want someone else so the issue with Conte needs dealing with sooner or later.

02 Jun 2018 09:50:08
Guys, IF Chelsea want shot of Conte they don’t have to pay him ONE single penny up friont.
They can legally pay him his monthly wages for the full term of his contract.
Also, under U. K. law Conte has a duty to mitigate his contract but he may well choose to take a year out of management on full pay.
If Conte takes a job for less money we pay the difference. If Conte gets a job for the same or more money than we currently pay, then we no longer have a duty to pay his current contract.

02 Jun 2018 11:23:57
This seems to have become a matter of pricible for the club. They, quite rightly in my opinion, don't want to pay someone, who desperately wants to leave the club anyway, a penny. That's wether it's month to month or as a lump sum, or even to bump up smaller wages.

02 Jun 2018 13:37:39
I agree with the Liverpool fan, our board has become a joke of management. In the first place Conte deserve more respect for what he has achieved with us. No good manager with other options would take us serious, remember Pep turned us down for the same reason.
Again the major reason we are unable to bring through Academy players is instability of coaching. Every coach appointed looking for players that suit his style for instant success.

As for Conte, the bad season we had was as a result of Chelsea reneging on their promise to the manager, at least he forewarned the board. He's made a scapegoat. I think its in our best interest to resolve the situation with Conte and save us from further embarrassment. None of these managers fills me with any confidence than Conte. Playing good football and not winning trophies will be worst for us and IMO Conte is not so ugly as many of us make it out especially when his team is in his own image and on song too. I can't remember any of us complaining the previous season when Conte was breaking and setting some premiership records. He can't turn a bad coach overnight.

Some of us feel that Harzard and others would go with Conte in charge. Listen to Harrzard warning to the board when he made it clear that he needs QUALITY players to remain with us and Conte out. As for any other player except Kante, we can do without as no player should be allowed hold us to ransom. Even SAF didn't agree with all his players.
In all, Conte should not be sacked rather be supported especially in transfers build a winning team and take us forward.
Note: All is not well with RA and I'm surprised if the worst happened, selling the club. In any case we shall always be grateful to him for all that he had done.



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