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03 Feb 2019 13:41:32
Not saying anything bad about the team or criticising anyone in particular on this site but when we lose or play badly all the comments are about how Kante shouldn’t play in that role and how Alonso is useless and Jorginho can’t make good forward passes. But when we win all the comments suggest Kante doesn’t need to be in his proper role cos he’s just as good in his new position etc. I’m not disagreeing but I’m confused as to how you can criticise everything and then completely change your ideas next game. Farunteed if we lose next game some posters on here will be saying Kante can’t play in that specific position.

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03 Feb 2019 15:48:23
I think when we lose and the mentions go to kante playing where Jorginho isn’t about kante performances or his preferred role it’s thst he could do jorginho role plus add a lot more defensively,

03 Feb 2019 16:26:42
Matt I'm not so sure he could do the regista role. There is no doubt he is better defensively BUT he isn't as good as Jorginho or Kovacic in distributing the ball out very quickly or being able to do it under press or pressure. Yes he can run with the ball and drive but that will leave the space behing exposed. If Kante plays in that role then it won't be called the regista role, it will be the Makelele role. Sarri doesn't want the Makelele role as it goes against his footballing philosophy. He won't change his style of football for Kante or anyone to that effect. We hired Sarri for his style of football so he can implement it at our club, we didn't hire him so he can change his own philosophy. Kantebin the regista role goes against Sarri's whole philosophy because he expects that regista role whether its Jorginho or Kova to be the engine, the person who touches the ball the most in every game and is able to make numerous types of passes without making mistakes. Kante is brilliant at what he does but passing is his weakness, i'm not saying his a bad passer but he will misplace 1 or 2 in every other game. A misplaced pass from the regista role where he will touch the ball everytime could be costly. You do realise the player playing the regista role is the most active member of the team who touches the ball the most.

The closest to playing the regista role is Kovacic who is equally good in possession and a brilliant passer.

03 Feb 2019 17:02:56
His assists the other day and the fact we keep possession shows kante is good enough if the ball, he can drive with it forward and would add defensively aspect plus the LCM and RCM could be more creative and attacking: but kante is found brilliant in his role and 9/ 10 I like jorginho in thst role, just hunk Jorginho could be rested for kova for teams in bottom half who will be happy to sit.

03 Feb 2019 17:33:23
Kante is really good in almost all aspects. His a true example of a humble footballer who works his socks off wherever he plays and is always striving to improve. But is he able to touch the ball or want the ball like the amounts jorginho does? I don't this his ready for that kind of football.

But Matt if he ends up in the Jorginho role then its because Sarri has tweaked his style and is playing him in the Makalele role which is equally effective.

03 Feb 2019 17:43:55
Effective in defending leads.

03 Feb 2019 18:12:14
What I mean is it wouldn’t be tweaking his style, I’m saying kante is good enough at passing to play there, like Sarri said it’s not about assist as 45 yards from goal. It’s breaking play pass and move. Kante is sort of lsbbked as a DM who has great engine and tackles, his a very good passer, especially simple passing to move up pitch, But I see what your saying Sarri has his man did that role and don’t change him,

03 Feb 2019 18:50:37
No doubt Kante could do that role mate, his done it twice and won 2 leagues doing it back to back. His better than Makelele at the role.

But Sarri expects different things from that role. He wants a Pirlo rather than a Makelele. But I must say Kante is superb in the advanced position. The man is a machine.

03 Feb 2019 19:34:06
Jorghino is a player who offers little creatively or defensively has limited passing ability but has been given a title a bit like Sarris football which people seem to have fallen for.
On top of everything else he's slow and rarely tackles.
If we had a footballer like Fernandinho it would make a huge difference to our side but then he isn't labelled as a Regista.
Sarri Out!

03 Feb 2019 20:50:22
I’ve never defended Jorginho. I think he’s average at best, the tactics that Sarri uses aren’t built for the prem, he over complicates things. If we had Kante in CDM and Kov + RPC in the CM roles, I believe we would be better off this season.

03 Feb 2019 20:53:04
CFCShak I don’t know how you're still defending Jorginho? A blind man could be playing his role and have more assists.

03 Feb 2019 20:49:52
Thats why Pep wanted Jorginho to replace Fernandinho. He must be that bad eh?

Easy saying Sarri out. Just like all the 7 others that went before him in the last 7 years. Embarrassing.

Sarri out and then what?

03 Feb 2019 21:09:01
Ok TruBlu. Good on you.

03 Feb 2019 21:35:54
Tactics not built for the premier league. is that why he has the best start of any manager that we've ever had. First 12 games he showed he is more than capable. Anyway i won't bother debating with fans who want a new manager every season.

03 Feb 2019 21:42:41
TruBlue your comment about Huddersfield beating us 3-0 was that a comment or a prediction?

Also your description about players of Chelsea being deadwood is wrong but sadly you are not alone it making that sort of comment.

Just try and be constructive, you might find it opens up a whole new world.

Turkey, Jorginho had an excellent game yesterday. Yes he is generally struggling to come to terms, in his first season, with the Premiership but like other players befor him I’m sure he will.

Your SARRI OUT comment doesn’t deserve my time, so I won’t make any argument to change your mind.

03 Feb 2019 21:56:50
Mores the pity Pep didn't buy him it would have weakened them significantly.
As far as manager turnover is concerned it wasnt me who wanted Conte sacked .
The club have seen fit to sign an old man who has won nothing in his career who won't get near a top job after Chelsea.
This has happened because the owner had the hots for Pep andxsettked fir a D grade version.
If you watch Serie A and note how comfortable Bakayoko is looking you might understand why Sarrirollocks won't work in the PL.
The start was good until the rest of the managers figured out just how predictable the tactics are even down to the subs.
Hes a chancer who the club would do well to move on from asap.

03 Feb 2019 22:07:23
As I said, your opinions don’t deserve my comment.

03 Feb 2019 22:39:35
Your such a miserable poster. Win or lose. nobody should be as miserble as you. You must have hated the fact that we won over the weekend. Shame on you. Can't believe we have fans like you on board.

Your knowledge of football is basic, your anlaysis of Italian football says a lot about you. Sarri is in his first final already at Chelsea so surely he isn't as bad you make him look.

Support your club!

04 Feb 2019 08:02:58
Is was a joke TomB, which obviously went over your head.

Willian being deadwood is just my opinion, I’m entitled to have my own opinion. This would be a very boring place if everyone agreed with each other.

04 Feb 2019 10:06:26
The player you are referring to as “deadwood” is a Chelsea player who has multiple medals at our wonderful club.

You are, of course, entitled to an opinion. No matter how boorish it is.



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