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20 May 2018 14:26:28
I’m not sure about you guys but the more I think about what some players are saying about defensive football but also needing better players I can’t help but wonder if Conte has said to them, “we are playing the way we are because we don’t have the personnel to match top teams with attacking football” if that is the case, I think he has a point.

I’ve been seeing fans in a lot of places saying we play boring football and have done since the days of Carlo or whatever, but I genuinely thought we were a joy to watch last year.

This year our midfield’s deficiency has meant we have needed an extra body in there to prevent us from being overrun repeatedly, and has meant we have had to change the style of play to be a bit more conservative, but I would not be surprised personally if Conte did stay, we signed a few key players and the football becomes much more like last season to the one just gone again. Watch me proven wrong in 10 minutes when Conte is sacked now haha.

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20 May 2018 15:16:53
Rowey, if Conte did say anything like that to the players, he might of well have said 'We have to play this way cos you lot are crap'! So, no, I don't think he said that. Also, this is basically the same team minus 2 who romped away with the League last season.

Also, you say that our midfield is deficient but we have the best midfielder in the country in Kante.

Conte's whole history as player and manager is one of defensive football; he played and managed at Juve, with Italy, and now at Chels in exactly the same way. He doesn't know how to attack. And that's the reason that he must go.

20 May 2018 17:12:44
He said something along the lines of 'the only way CHelsea could have won the FA Cup was by playing defensive because he doesn't have the players otherwise'

20 May 2018 17:38:29
For me Conte must go, I tend to agree with most of your views on him Miss Darren Wood.

I Can't bare to watch the same defensive dross next year, it's hard to watch. Fair enough we won the FA Cup, but that sort of tactics in this day and age isn't ideal. We have the players to be more expressive regardless of what Conte says that he doesn't have the personnel.

It's clear he has lost the dressing room. Cahill, Fabregas and Hazard said nothing positive lamenting his defensive tactics at the end of the triumph. Willian crossed him out from a picture. Rudiger said the same a month or two ago after the West Ham draw and got dropped. David Luiz experienced the same and has never returned.

A manager is important but unless you buy a defensive players then under Conte they will be unhappy. For me you can replace a defensive coach, but it's harder to replace top players.

Lol who do you replace Conte or a gang of players like Hazard, Tibo, Fabregas, Willian, Luiz, Cahill, Rudiger etc. We let go of Costa because of his issues with Conte and we still ain't replaced him. I wonder what Drinkwater, Barkley, Batshuayi, Emerson etc think of Conte. Have they been given a fair chance? Baka was a different player at Monaco last year, how do we know That Conte's tactics are not suited to him. He was a beast last year in an attacking team. However Conte wants him to be more defence.

Conte out!

20 May 2018 20:30:45
Punting aside posters views on our so called present style of football, for me it’s about a manager being able to manage.
All players who aren’t picked should be angry. We have players like Willian, Cahil, Pedro and Cesc who have reached an age when they want/ demand to play.
If they want to leave then as far as I’m concerned, so be it. I will be happy to give Kennedy, Hudson Odoi, Mount, RLC and others being given a chance.

We have made some strange signings this season but Conte managed to win a Premiership after we finished mid table. This season we haven’t played well but still managed to win another pot under his management.
So, for me I would rake a period of manergerial stability rather than continued so called player power!

20 May 2018 21:01:23
We need stability a manager that gets told he’s got time to intergrate the youth loan players and build for the future we have quite a few 30+ players that need moving on for some younger players.

20 May 2018 21:15:59
Watching Chelsea player of the year awards my word we have some brilliant young players we have got to start using these lads the club really needs stability a manager that’s gunna utilise these boys because we could really have the class of the 90’s like United.

20 May 2018 21:36:07
I agree and have done for a long time I think I was the first to say it here well before Xmas and got dogs abuse for it
Conte has to go why
Substitutions weird
Not willing to adapt to lesser teams
Negativity to board
Negativity to transfers
Negativity to players falling out with loads of them
Way he treated Costa if true plus luiz
Enough said.

20 May 2018 22:20:55
I’ve said I believe Conte should stay and we should look to stability in our management and got slaughtered by some on this site.
I also said Conte would see out this season and got slaughtered.
I was convicted he would be our manager next season but a recent event has given me some doubts.
If Conte is to staying and I still hope he is, then he and the club have to sort out his contractual term asap.

20 May 2018 23:52:08
I completely forget, his substitutions alone are completely crazy. Amount of games we are trailing and he doesn't use a substitution until 75th minute or so. Even yesterday, we are winning 1-0, players like Fabregas and Giroud were shattered. He doesn't put on any fresh legs and when he does he takes off out best player Eden Hazard. If Man Utd had scored in stoppage time then we practically would have have lost in extra time based on that substitution alone. Yesterday's whole game plan was based on a long ball for a Giroud to flick and hazard to dribble as much as he can and wait for reinforcements.

Tom B, I appreciate your comments regarding stability, however Conte ain't the man for it mate. To much negativety around the man.

21 May 2018 06:29:17
I agree with some I think Cnte has to go. But I also feel he is working with what he’s got. If the likes of pedro, willian, Beyoncé, drinkwater and others were playing well then yes they should have being played. But pedro in particular is just running around like a headless chicken. Bartley and drinkwater are just a Yard too slow, no pace. We all know willian on his day is a world beater but he doesn’t have regular days like that.
I don’t think at the moment we have the players to go head to head with teams. As for the long ball to Gironde. He’s the first striker we have had in a long time who can challenge for a header.
All in all it’s not been a great season but there will be a lot of comings and goings in the summer let’s see what next season brings.

21 May 2018 12:29:30
Love the idea of Beyonce playing for us ;)

22 May 2018 11:41:11
We bemoan the make-up of our midfield, but to read between the lines and make a good guess, it would appear that Luiz has been ignored due to a spat with Conte. I agree that the manager is THE boss, but to ignore a player (who could have slotted in next to Kante, is better that Cesc for defensive duties and is just as capable of playing defence-splitting long balls) just because of personal differences, seems to be a total and childish waste of an available talent.



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