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20 Mar 2019 21:34:04
Ed002, were Chelsea looking to sign a right-back in the summer before the transfer ban?

{Ed002's Note - No, not since Florenzi. The plan was to replace Zappacosta with Ola Aina but I expect both to leave, so Reece James may provide cover.}

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20 Mar 2019 23:10:24
Thanks again for your continued replies ed, really excited by the possible prospect of Reece James getting some game time.

{Ed002's Note - He would be cover - to replace Zappacosta.)

21 Mar 2019 05:08:07
So, going by what Ed002 and the media have said, I think we were/ are looking to sign 1 CF, 1 winger to replace Hazard, 2 midfielders and 1 CB.

Ed002, amongst our older players (Higuain, Giroud, Willian, Pedro, Luiz, Cahill, Caballero, Green), do you think any of them are going to be receiving contract extensions?

{Ed002's Note - Higuain is on a loan and it depends on other matters; There is interest in Giroud and he may well opt to leave; Caballero and Green will be offered new contracts; Willian and Luiz will stay; Cahill will leave and Pedro is expected to leave.}

21 Mar 2019 09:30:22
Well hopefully he could force his way in. I love him to bits but Dave has definitely had his worst season with us this year to my mind.

21 Mar 2019 09:46:56
Thanks a ton, Ed002.

It feels truly great to have you back!
Have a great day ahead!

21 Mar 2019 10:22:28
Ahh it’s so refreshing to have Ed002 back. Some great info there are. Thanks.

21 Mar 2019 12:09:17
Thanks a lot dor info ed, what about odoi? If he doesn't sign contract in the summer, will chelsea look to sell or keep him and try to convince him again in january?

Also what is his issue for not signing?

{Ed002's Note - His issue is he wants to be a first pick for every game whereas he is just a child and is still learning the game. If he keeps whining like a little bitch and refuses to sign a contract Chelsea will sell him, but they would rather not.}

21 Mar 2019 13:15:16
Surprised to see Pedro likely to leave and Willian likely to stay. Honestly think that the way Pedro's been playing compared to Willian the last three seasons would suggest that Pedro is the better option. At least that's my opinion. It's got to be recognised however, that so many managers seem to rate Willian very highly!

Sorry if you'd consider this an unrelated question, but if Hazard were to leave, would that change the fact that Pedro is considered likely to leave? :)

{Ed002's Note - I cannot comment on your view but Hazard leaving has no impact on Pedro staying or going. The club has a replacement and that is where they are.}

21 Mar 2019 15:14:57
Thanks Ed002; your info does make a lot of sense although, I am guessing that your info could change if eventually the club gets the permission to register new players in the summer?

{Ed002's Note - This is based on the assumption the summer will be as normal.}

21 Mar 2019 21:27:54
Thumbs up Ed.

22 Mar 2019 00:19:30
Keen for Hudson-Odoi to prove you wrong Ed002 mate. Hudson-Odoi is a quality player and although he shouldn’t strt every game that isn’t what he’s looking for. If he continues getting the game time he’s been getting recently he’ll stay. He just doesn’t want to be shelved for more experienced players who can do nothing for two months yet still get picked.

He’s a quality player ed.

{Ed002's Note - You have no idea what I think of him.}

22 Mar 2019 06:48:30
Of course I don’t. I was referring to our previous comments on Him being a child and not ready. I hope he proves you wrong in that regard.

What is your opinion on him?

{Ed002's Note - He is a child and has school exams to do. He is learning the game which sadly none of you can see. Hopefully he will be sold and you can all get your wish for someone else to come in.}

22 Mar 2019 09:44:48
Callum Hudson-Odoi will tonight become one of the youngest England players ever. He has taken some part in 19 first team competitive matches this season. He was only 18 in November, 4 months ago. He will start a lot more games next season. He is still only 'potential' (Walcott played for England at 17 and everyone was raving about him being the next superstar! ) . Whoever is advising him needs a kick upside their head.

22 Mar 2019 11:07:40
Like I said ed I think you misunderstand us regarding Hudson-Odoi.

{Ed002's Note - No I don't.}

22 Mar 2019 11:21:01
Hey Ed, the player to replace Pedro you mentioned is that Pulisic?

{Ed002's Note - Yes.}

22 Mar 2019 11:53:04
Hll I thought Pulisic was a replacement for Willian. Didn't expect Pedro to leave this summer to be honest.

Can't wait for Pulisic though! Seems like a guy with a great attitude.

22 Mar 2019 15:06:01
If Hudson Odoi signs a new deal ( guessing- with some level of guarantee), I see no reason why Chelsea will want to sell him; I don't think any wise club would want to sell a player with immense potential at that age (esp when he's already beginning to live up to expectation) . Besides there are not many young players (at his age) that's better than him out there. If he gets the game time that some of his mates out there gets, I think he could be one of the best. For instance, Sancho isn't miles ahead of him.
Let's pray Hudson continues learning 'and playing' and sign an extension cos I don't want him to go.

22 Mar 2019 13:15:42
I'm guessing that if Hazard stays, Willian might go (if a good offer comes in) . Although, I have to confess Ed002, I wouldn't be surprised if I learnt that you actively work at Chelsea football club (cos your responses are so much like you've really got something vested at the club or you are actively part of the club) . Please, I mean no offence.

{Ed002's Note - I don’t work for the club but their intention is to keep Willian and it is unrelated to Hazard.}

22 Mar 2019 13:27:46
Excellent, thanks Ed!

If Hazard does leave would the club look to sign a replacement player in the same position? Or would they they look to Willian, Pulisic and Hudson-Odoi?

{Ed002's Note - The club would like to use Hudson-Odoi but with a bit of luck he will be sold to shut everyone up here.}

22 Mar 2019 18:10:50
Thankyou Ed; a lot is clearer now. Please we want Hudson Odoi to stay.

22 Mar 2019 18:26:07
Ed002; my emphasis is on your phrase- 'with a bit of luck'. What would that mean? Could it mean that Chelsea is looking to sell Hudson Odoi to a club that isn't Bayern Munich (with a buyback clause)? I am just trying to analyse your statement.

{Ed002's Note - You need to get rid of these odd diorama running around in your head.}

22 Mar 2019 18:44:27

22 Mar 2019 18:44:41
Good night.

22 Mar 2019 19:34:16
Would the club look to invest the Hazard money in a player in a different position (not asking for names or even position)? I feel like in most of our advertisements he is one of the main players involved in that. Is marketability something the club consider? Sorry if this is not something you want to answer, just curious what sort of thought go into signings. For instance, would the club look to replace Hazard’s marketability (If that’s the right term), if he were to leave with a similar profile player?

Apologies for the boring questions!



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