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04 Jul 2019 07:57:02
Respectful Liverpool fan seeking Chelsea fan views on the imminent return of a club icon, as Manager.

Am seeking views because my school of thought would be that it is "possibly" too soon for both club and player.

By comparison I, like many Liverpool fans, would love some day to see Stevie G become a hugely successful Manager for us but I'd not want him to be Jurgen's replacement if we were to lose him soon (which thankfully seems unlikely I know) .

Firstly from a club perspective I'd like to see a decent level of proof that he can cut it as a manager (e. g. 3+ seasons of taking hold and transforming, at some obvious level, a lesser concern) and secondly from a persons perspective I'd hate to see it all end badly for such a club icon before it really began.

That is just my thought on a potential comparative.

Like I say I am not looking to be controversial I am not looking to stir a hornets nest just get your views.

I know I might be in for comments like "well Steven would clearly slip up" or comparative of them as players airing on the side of Lamps or the likes so let's get that out there now, both were clearly immense for their respective clubs.

But I do respect your club as one of the continually best in the Prem and therefore a key challenger to the major trophies and so I am really NOT trying to be funny just inquisitive,

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04 Jul 2019 08:53:33
As I see it you may be right. It's really soon for him, no doubt about it.

However, the situation does set up pretty nicely for him. We just lost the best player in the PL and we have a transfer ban. Because of that it seems the club are willing to not set the goals for the season too high, but instead look to give him time (unless he gets us relegated of course) .
It also seems that there will be a larger focus on bridging the Gap between first team and youth/ loanees. With Lampard having done some work in the academy, Jody Morris knwoing the academy as well as anyone and Eddie Newton potentially joining Frank's staff (who's been in a role of loanee liaison before, so knows the guys out on loan well) .

It all leads to a lot of immensely good vibes around the team and club, which is something we need after the toxic behavior shown by match going fans towards Sarri last season.

I realize winning the PL will be far off for us anyway with the way City are spending. It's simply too difficult to compete with that. So I'd be very happy if we were to fight for top 4 in the future while finally using our academy (possibly tops in England) to the fullest.
Just look at Ruben. Finally he was given a chance, and when fit he looked flippin better than Superstar Pogba for United, scoring goals and destroying midfielders with his blend of power and skill. Callum as well seems to be a top top talent. Then you've got guys like Reece James, Abraham and Mount whom Frank and Jody will know all about, so it'd just be so satisfying, even if we do fail to challenge for the title.

So all in all, I expect a lot of growing pains for Frank next season, going up against top coaches in Pep, Klipperty and Poch. So I hope the club indeed will be rather patient. Because I can finally see us building something sustainable towards the future, even if we do sacrifice the coming season or 2 for it (sacrifice = fail to challenge for the title) . And I do believe Frank will make an excellent tactician as well, having worked with top coaches all his career and in general being pretty intelligent himself. Plus he's just a workhorse, and I don't expect that to have changed since he's gone into coaching.
Taking the transfer ban now was step 1. I fully agree with the club not appealing to get it frozen.

Hope this kinda answers your question as I'm typing this from my phone at work and it's always more chaotic then.

04 Jul 2019 09:13:00
Excellent reply thank you and all makes a lot of sense.

Here is my hope for your club - that the Board share those sentiments in advance of the appointment and they give him a decent chance no matter what (e. g. if you do slip to 5 or 6).

There is clearly no way you would slip too far but, in fairness, and in my view any of the top 6 "could" be in the 5 and 6 places - I wish it to be Man U and Spurs! :)

My views though were founded more on clubs not giving managers that extended chance in recent year and acting more on the non-immediacy of results.

If your club have similar views up front to yours then I agree - its all good!

Best of luck!

04 Jul 2019 09:17:30
Ps I'd not necessarily agree Eden the "best player in the PL" - a great, great player and clearly 'one of' but I think there are/ were a number of contenders.

As it is a team game I personally judge on the influence a player has on the overall team.

Let's see how you fair without him. I think you would do better without than we would without VVD that's for sure!

04 Jul 2019 09:41:21
Thanks, man :)

04 Jul 2019 11:13:42
Eden's carried our attack for years. He's been damn near the sole point of focus for opposition teams. The way Jose used Herrera to just follow Eden around showed that. You almost never see that approach towards an attacking player, but you did see it happen with Eden sometimes.

Defenses set out to stop him, as it was clear to see that Willian doesn't carry a credible goal threat, and Pedro's been past his peak since before he got here (though a good player no doubt) . Our strikers also haven't been good enough to take the focus off of Eden.

In spite of all that he's been one of the best performers in PL for years. While guys like Mane, Sterling and Salah score more perhaps, it's simply easier to play in a team that is clicking and firing on all cylinders like Pool or City.

You have a right to your opinion of course, but to me Eden was the best in the PL. Followed closely probably by Kante, Mane, Van Dijk, Laporte, Aguero, Kane etc.

04 Jul 2019 12:48:25
I have no appetite for an extended argument on this one simply because:

1) I could never argue that Eden is one of the best players in the Prem (and has been over an extended period where others either haven't or have not had the chance yet)

2) Positions are different

3) At the end of the day it is a team game and so whoever is percived best makes very little difference if the team is not set for success

However I certainly would not put Kane, Laporte, Mane, or Kante in the relative class of the other 3 mentioned!

04 Jul 2019 17:54:34
Let me say I don't wish him to fail before i start and I too am not looking to offer incitement only an outside opinion.

Looking at his record, he went to Derby a team that finished 6th previously and spent some money brought in his own players of choice on loan etc and adapted the style of football. Where did they finish.6th.

If there wasnt a ban in place for your clubs off field behaviour would Lampard be appointed? No chance.

Roman would seek another A list manager.

Will all the youths players people talk about really get that much of chance? After a few tough games will Frank revert to the older players, caution would suggest so. The shear volume of players stockpiled by chelsea over the years restricts the chances for these younger players hence why CHO has looked to leave, Solanke, Ake, Abraham, Chalobah, Brewster to name a few all jumped ship or have seriously considered it.

Lets not forget he has the to deal with the ego's can lampard handle it? He will be given respect to beging with but not to the same level he was afforded at Derby. We have seen up and down the country how much players can turn on a manager suddenly as things get tough. Look at Utd there was whispers of Ole getting sacked by the end of the season!

My closing opinion looking in from the outside is this a safe low risk option for Chelsea born of a lack of choice due to the aformentioned ban imposed. I would predict a strong start maybe 5-10 games and then a tale off with an sacking purely based on your boards trigger happy approach.

I would hope to be wrong as this could have a big impact on a good young up coming english manager who has potential but has been thrown into the furness here and I hope it doesn't ruin his career.

Again not looking to cause issue just offering an opinion from the outside on this appointment.

04 Jul 2019 20:29:27
Yes like I said I think it maybe too early but I did like Jackson's reply it had some careful thought in it - despite being from his phone at work! LOL

I do wish him the best - not at the expense of Liverpool's fortunes of course but definitely hope he ca pit his whit's against some of those accomplished to continue to make it a continued race with a few decent horses. The premiership is the best league in the world now and we'd like to keep it that way.

My main concern for Lamp's as I said is that the board offer him the right support and appropriate patience!

As a final point - and I am not going to be popular here - I think he will have the ability to deal with the ego's. After all he dealt in a playing capacity with JT over all the years - a person all us non Chelsea fans love to hate and I am absolutely no exception in that group!

05 Jul 2019 10:48:12
That's also an important thing, but one I'm confident in. The club has a structure that will support him. He's surrounded by thorough professionals and people he already knows.

We may not be the biggest buyers or anything anymore, but I do hold our club in high esteem with regards to the manner in which they conduct business. It's been suggested that Chelsea are seen as a very well run club in footballing circles, and I think that existing structure along with Cech returning will help him.

JKH, I think you're very doom and gloom regarding his appointment. The club didn't sack Sarri, not even after 4-0 and 6-0 drubbings lol :p Sarri chose to leave. It suggests the club is willing to be more patient than perhaps 8 years ago.



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