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29 Aug 2019 12:41:33
Frank Lampard in Jorginho;

"I love his spirit, how he trains and how he plays. I keep going on about that but it's infectious and it's important. "From the first day he showed me instantly his quality and his attitude. I am actually fortunate to have Jorginho. "

A few of us here have been avid fans of Jorginho. In my opinion, he has been a very good signing. Unfortunately, others haven't been fans for their own reasons. Being a Sarri signing came with a silly stigma which hasn't helped.

The booing last year was disgraceful and sometimes it is enough to knock a players confidence heavily. However, this is a testament to the man's character and personality for brushing that aside and giving the fans very good performances to date. His creativity in the middle is a vital component in the way we play. Defensively he isn't a mug either.

I'm pleased to see that Lampard recognises his attributes and is constantly praising him. Very pleasing to see fans singing his name vs Norwich.

Keep it up Jorg.

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29 Aug 2019 13:42:22
I’m a massive Jorginho fan Shak and I’m pleased to say the fans at our matches are beginning to appreciate him as well.

29 Aug 2019 16:36:17
What else is Lampard going to say!? Is Frank going to say that Jorginho is as slow as a carthouse who can't tackle, can't head, can't score, can't create?

So Jorginho's enthusiastic in training but does that make up for his complete lack of footballing talent!?

29 Aug 2019 17:28:24
Complete lack of footballing talent? What utter nonsense honestly everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but that doesn’t mean that their opinion is not flat out wrong.

29 Aug 2019 18:11:29
Thumbs up Jorginho, I have been one of your biggest fan and will always be.

29 Aug 2019 18:39:25
Drogba your comments have no backbone mate. If he was as bad as you say then surely lampard drops him because let's be honest he has many options. If you got nothing constructive to say then don't kill a player for the sake of it.

29 Aug 2019 20:04:37
Roweycfc, so can he tackle? Does he score? Head? Is he slow? So, once again I have to ask: what does Jorginho bloody well contribute?!

29 Aug 2019 20:55:40
Mrs Drogba, at least your consistent in your criticism of Jorginho but you are so wrong. Can’t wait for your complete apology at the end of the season!

29 Aug 2019 21:09:34
The best passer on the team? The most press resistant midfielder we have outside of maybe Kovacic? The intelligence to usually be available to his team and dictate tempo? Not to mention the cojones to take penalties in one of the most unique fashions I have ever seen a player regularly do! I guess you were one of those people who used to boo Mikel too?

30 Aug 2019 13:23:22
Rowey, 'best passer'? Best passer over 3m maybe! And don't give me all that 'sets the tempo' hogwash - getting the ball and passing it 3m does not set any tempo - in fact, it slows the tempo.

Mikel? Perfect example - gave away dangerous free-kicks around our box; couldn't head; couldn't tackle; didn't create; didn't score; 3m passes - spot-on: Jorginho is the new Mikel!

Takes a 'unique' penalty? Oh! well, put him in the team then!

2nd to Kovacic - ok, then Kovacic and Kante should start as the 2 in front of the defence - I agree.

30 Aug 2019 14:33:01
Can’t wait until the end of the season and Mrs Drogba apologises! I won’t hold my breath.

Hope he wins player of the season from the fans!

31 Aug 2019 07:56:48
Jorginho made 76 tackles in the Premier League last season. That makes him the midfielder with the 12th most tackles, for a possesion based team. Not a single top 6 midfielder made more tackles than him, and the one with the second most tackles of the top 6 midfielders were Kante. Just to point out how wrong you are, saying he tackles so little.
Furthermore he was the midfielder with the 7th most interceptions, again with no top 6-midfielders ahead of him. Once again, the next top 6 midfielder on the list is Kante, who made 19 interceptions less.
All of these are stats from the Premier League's own webiste, so cannot be argued with. Given the way you write to otherpeopl, I will not bother explaining to you why Jorginho is such a good player, but at least I have proven that what you're saying is based upon anything but facts, and that you're in fact just wrong.
Nevertheless, let's hope we get 3 points today.



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