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07 Oct 2019 12:35:57
Hi guys.

Been a good few years since I posted anything on this site but I've been an everyday visitor since as I like reading and hearing everyone's thoughts and opinions.

I have to say before this season started I was slightly worried as I had no idea what to expect with the transfer ban and losing Eden to Madrid (still breaks my heart) . I spoke to family/ friends/ colleagues a lot more negatively than positively about Chelsea's expectations this season and the future of the club I have to admit.

One thing I did say though is that the transfer ban while a massive inconvenience would be a blessing in disguise. It takes a bit of pressure off Frank in his first year as expectations were set pretty low. It let's him build a foundation and style of football so the club knows where it stands in regards to sales and signing players in the future. Sign players to fit a system, don't fit a system around a player. And last but not least it let's us bring through the academy players we've heard so much about over these past few years which if the transfer ban never happened I don't think we would have.

I'm not trying to get ahead of myself as we're only 8 games into the season but boy have I been impressed. The first game against United (still don't know how that was a 4-0) and the defeat to Liverpool although disappointing felt like valuable lessons for Frank and these kids. I can't stress enough how impressed I've been with every single one of them. Mount, Timori, Abraham have been different class. Callum had a great game yesterday looking forward to seeing more of him in the first team, same with Pulisic (The assist for Michy yesterday was filthy) . James and Gilmour were fantastic as well against Grimsby and hopefully we see more of them both soon as well.

The football as well has been extremely entertaining. Sometimes my hearts in my mouth watching them defend but going forward they've been brilliant. Some people mention the mistakes from the youngsters but I would rather they did it now and fix that part of their game than never learn at all. Getting this much game time at such a young age is incredible for the development of players and you can see them coming on every single game.

My expectations for this season are still relatively small but if we keep doing what we have been the future is looking great for us in a period where I thought we would start going backwards. I hate being proved wrong but in this case I love it. A hopeful top 4 finish for me and a decent run in both cups. Main thing is though these kids get game time and Frank builds the foundations for a successful future.

On another note two players I have been massively critical of in the past in Willian and Alonso haven't put a foot wrong for me so far. Willian had a few crap games at the start coming off the bench but he's massively turned it around. Still don't think he offers enough in terms of goals and assists but I think this is the best I've seen him in years. I still wouldn't bother my arse if either was sold in January or next summer and they probably both feel they will be but it's a testament to the job Franks doing that everyone is giving their absolute all for him.

Exciting time to be a Chelsea fan guys the future is looking bright and I can't wait to watch it all unfold.

Hope I don't jinx anything lol.

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07 Oct 2019 14:22:49
BigDrew, nice post and summary of the season so far.

07 Oct 2019 14:35:06
Cheers Tom appreciate it mate.

07 Oct 2019 17:09:20
Cheers bigdrew. Like you coming into the season I kinda figured we would take some lumps and while there’s been some immature performances such as how we opened up against United and letting the lead slip against Sheffield, I agree that the players will learn. I think the best part is when you hear the players (especially the young guys) talk about the atmosphere at the club. In the past these results would’ve lead to a miserable feeling throughout the club but the boys seem to be in a good place mentally. Hopefully things continue progressing and the club backs frank accordingly.

08 Oct 2019 09:23:40
100%. You can feel the buzz and togetherness througout the club at the moment.

I genuinely can't imagine anything better than coming through the ranks of a football club with all your friends and evenutually competing at the top level.

Top that off with the fact it's the club you support and your playing under a legend these boys probably all looked up to and watched for years as kids.
You can see the willingness to impress, it radiates off every single one of them.

I've seen multiple people on the site mention about getting that buzz on match day again and I'm the exact same, I can't wait to watch us every week. Shame its international break which for you lot in England is proabably exciting unfortunately I'm from Scotland so I would rather watch paint dry than watch our crap.

08 Oct 2019 22:09:55
Great article, Big Drew - but I have one negative. Everything you say is spot on, excepting with regards to Alonso. IMO, he has hardly put a foot right. He has caught the 'Dave' bug and will pass backwards to defense too many times, has lost the ball on many, many occasions and despite the fact that he has been a good servant in the past, I wouldn't shed any tears if we were to say goodbye to both full backs, Alonso and Dave. Other than that, the team have been marvellous so far - great to watch. (Made even sweeter by the performances of Man U and The Spuds! )

09 Oct 2019 06:32:59
I think Alonso has been doing much better than last season. Surely, he's still not perfect, but he's got some sweet assists as far as I recall?



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