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03 Feb 2020 10:44:55
Ed001, with 25 matches gone, we know where we stand and what our aspirations are this season. To improve next season, what do you think we should do tactically and in the transfer market?

{Ed001's Note - tactically the defence needs a lot of work on set pieces. The players need to be given more freedom to identify the main threats and to man mark just those, while the rest organise the zonal. That is the main requirement of the transfer window as well, leaders at the back. A top class keeper, Kepa is not there (and I really do not see any signs of him ever being there either) and Caballero is a back up. So a top class keeper is needed. Also an experienced leader of a centre back. Rudiger is ok, but he is not a good defensive organiser, he is not really much of a leader at all imo. Fine if he has one alongside but not as the main man.

Midfield just needs a bit more freedom and flexibility in their play. Push Jorginho further forward when he plays, with the freedom to drop off to find space on the ball if needed, but free him up from trying to protect the defence as he is hopeless at it. Let Kante play across the midfield as he did at Leicester, instead of locking him to the right where you lose his mobility, which is one of his key strengths. Just let him loose to play where he thinks he is needed, he has an excellent reading of the game and knows just where to be most of the time. So give him the chance to use his own brain.

Other than that, mostly it is about gaining experience for the young lads in the team. Though I personally think a big mistake has been made by not giving Giroud more time on the pitch. There have been so many times the team has been crying out for him up top and he has been nowhere to be seen. He is a very clever player, that is more important than being able to run around a lot. Next season having an experienced forward to call on at times will be vital and that would be the other target I would look to sign.

I know there are worries like a left back, but you have players who can perform there and signing too many players just upsets the balance of a squad. Teams should be looking to put themselves in a position where they only sign 3 players a window maximum. Any more and it can cause problems gelling and there is no longer a bedding in period in the Prem. These days you have to be at it from day one or you get left behind.}

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03 Feb 2020 15:12:20
Very interesting observations Ed001
With regard to our midfield set up I would play Kovacic and Kante who both have the pace to attack and defend which Jorghino clearly hasn't.
That's the closest set up to his time at Liecs and doesn't leave him doing all the fire fighting.
If we don't attend to the defensive side of our game we can forget 4th spot as we are rarely going to outscore teams.
If you are suggesting replacing Mount with Jorghino what it might give you in guile you lose in work rate and goal potential.
We lack leaders all over the pitch and no longer have a strong spine which was a fixture 5 years ago.
Finding leaders won't be easy but Goalkeeper, CB and Striker should most definitely be the priority.
Problem is I have no idea who might be available in the summer and fits that bill.

{Ed001's Note - I would also go with Kovacic, I was just saying that if Jorginho was chosen (as Frank seems to love him) he needs to be further forward. I certainly wouldn't pick Jorginho to replace Mount! Sorry I probably should have made it clearer.}

03 Feb 2020 15:51:29
Couldn't agree with you more on all of this Ed. Regarding Kepa, do you think having the leader/ organiser at the back would help him?

I think it probably would, but maybe not to the degree that's required - certainly wouldn't make him a better shot stopper. Either way once a keeper is dropped it's difficult for a coach to put them back in.

If only there was another pair like Allison and VVD out there for us.

{Ed001's Note - it always helps having better players around you, but I am with you, I don't think it is enough.}

03 Feb 2020 15:53:27
In what formation would they all fit into Ed001 if we are playing two wide players?
The other thing about the squad is that it lends itself to 352/ 343 certainly in terms of Alonso and Reece playing WB and we also have a couple of pacey CB.
I think we are good enough to get Top4 squad wise but I am less sure the manager is prepared to adapt his ideas to get the best out of them.

{Ed001's Note - you adjust the formation to suit the players you have. With Kante in the team, you can play two in the centre of midfield at times. You do seem better suited to a back 3 with what you have, but a back 3 tends to lead defenders into taking less responsibility. As that is a big problem with your defence already, I would go with a back four. Personally Alonso would not be in my thinking at all.

I actually think you could play a variation of 4-4-1-1, with Mount or Pedro dropping off the striker into midfield when needed, but pushing up to help press higher at times.}

03 Feb 2020 18:32:19
On the topic of Mount, what's your take on him Ed? He has received quite a lot of criticism the past few months, but it seems to me like most fans are forgetting he's only 21 and playing his first season at the top level, inconsistency is to be expected as he is simply inexperienced.

{Ed001's Note - I like him, I think he is better (at the moment) playing further forward and cutting in off the wing. It gives him more time and space to operate. When he is more up to speed and his thinking quickens, then he will be better central, I believe.}

03 Feb 2020 19:57:49
Just on your point Ed001, I agree with you in regard to Kepa.

who do you think is out there that could potentially replace him in the summer. realistic targets I mean?

{Ed001's Note - Oblak maybe, as he might need a move. Onana of Ajax would be possible to buy, but the young keeper I would look at would be Henderson of Man Utd, currently on loan at Sheff Utd.}

03 Feb 2020 20:48:56
Oblak would be the dream, I would imagine he would be extremely expensive.

Can't see us getting a buyer for Kepa if we do decide to move him on, not for the money we would want. A loan would be possible maybe?

I always felt Kepa was not the keeper we wanted.



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