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15 Apr 2020 07:54:18
What are people's thoughts on Kante?

I think he is one of the few / the last world class talents left in our squad, and would totally understand people's desire to keep him. But, I can see him moving on this summer and I think it would be best for both the club and him.

For one he's had a few injury problems this season, and never seemed to get a decent period in the team. At age 29 this might just be a blip, but it could also be the impact of playing near 200 games, for club and country, since moving to Leicester. If he stays then the days of him being the machine playing 90mins every week are over.

The other reason I see him leaving is due to the lack of world class talent around him. I know transition and rebuilds are terms that send shudders down the spines of many a fan, but the unfortunate fact is that we are in a transitional period of rebuilding. We are certainly not in a win now mentality as far as the league goes, and Bayern showed us how far off in Europe we are. I think we are three years of smart rebuilding before we are challenging in both competitions. I don't think Kante particularly suits the direction the coaching team is trying to push the squad, previously describing him as a world class square peg in a round hole. If we we're looking to win the league and challenge Europe's big boys now then you'd hammer that world class square peg into the round hole as best as possible, but we're not. For us, Kante is a player for whom we could get a decent fee, and put that money back into our rebuild. For him, he could have the opportunity to sign for a club like Real Madrid or Juventus and have a shot at winning the Champions League.

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15 Apr 2020 11:55:33
J, sorry, but can't believe we are having this debate. Kante is a world class player.
You do not sell world class players unless you are forced.
RE: the system. I don't see how he doesn't fit into the system. If anything, it's Jorginho that doesn't fit: his limits were woefully exposed last season and Gilmour so far has offered exactly the same, if not more.
People have short memories- remember how good Kante was in August in the Supercup final? He ran the show. We'll look like idiots if he leaves for say £70m, gets to play a more defensive midfield role somewhere else and reminds everyone that he is world class. Let's focus on getting him fit again and blooding young stars around him as there is no better role-model.
I also detest the term 'rebuilding'. It's parroted out as an excuse for poor seasons far too often. I suppose we were rebuilding when we won the League in 2017, after our poor finish the year before? Three years makes us sound like Utd fans who've used rebuilding as the excuse since Ferguson left 7 years ago.
As for selling to swell the coffers- as Ed002 has stated multiple times, we are cash-rich and as long as we don't agree to stupid fees like the Sancho deal is threatening to become, we'll be fine. If we did need to raise funds, there are at least 6 current squad members I'd move on before even contemplating selling Kante: Jorginho, Barkley, Alonso, Emerson, Batshuayi and Rüdiger.
Nothing against you on a personal note J, but selling Kante for me would mark us taking a step closer to being Arsenal, as in no longer able to retain world class talent.

15 Apr 2020 13:39:19
Needs someone beside him in matic form, big strong covers ground can defend but not a DM, can contribute with the odd goal, . milokovic savic from lazio! A left footer would of been ideal but savic is the one I’d be in for, could play in a 2 and 3 and his agent is Kezman which wouldn’t hurt I would hope, and his at the age where his played at a top level and competing but is still young.

15 Apr 2020 15:33:14
I do have one issue with the midfield (or rather squad in general) and that is that there is not enough height (for defending set pieces. )

The midlfield is an example of this, and whilst this could be recified elseware, traditionaly Chelsea have had a taller midfielder or two (Lampard, Essien, Matic, Obi etc. )

I know that this is not 'sexy football' but over the course of a season height (or at least being good at set pieces) does score points.

Maybe this height could come frome elseware (the Chech / Drogba) but I do struggle with Kova / Kante / Jorginho in the same team.

15 Apr 2020 16:03:27
The midfield height issue is rectified once RLC comes back in.

15 Apr 2020 16:06:37
I agree with you RJ28P on Kante. I can't still understand how Jorginho is preferred to Kante in any formation. What exactly does Jorginho bring that we can't get elsewhere especially being our weaklink in the midfield. Opposition players bypass him like he's not there, can't defend, run or even push the attack.
I'm hoping Lampard succeed with us BC I love the legend but any manager that doesn't value Kante should be questioned. I still feel Kante should remain at least next season so we can have a better idea of what Lampard can do before letting such a class player leave.

15 Apr 2020 20:40:32
I agree about RLC but firstly his fitness is obviously not guaranteed and secondly that leaves Jorgihno (or Kante) on the bench (probably)

15 Apr 2020 21:11:56
If RLC can stay fit for long enough he will be big boost.

15 Apr 2020 12:55:39
Nothing personal taken RJ28P, wouldn't be much of a debate / discussion if everyone had the same opinion.

Kante has been great, and his previous / recent performances certainly haven't been forgotten. But players do move on, and he may see more opportunities to add to his medal haul, and win the Champions League, elsewhere. It might be his choice more than the clubs.

Like I said in my post transition / rebuilding is disliked by a lot of fans. It's been misused about Chelsea a lot of times before, but when the amount of youth team players come int a team as have this season then it is clearly a transition for both them and the squad. Selling isn't about swelling the coffers, its about smart reinvestment for the next few years. that's been the problem with Arsenal, they've sold / lost what talent they had with poor, or no, reinvestment in the squad. All those first team players you mention should, and likely will, in my opinion be moved on over the next year - how they're replaced will be what separates us from Arsenal etc.

Three years is unfortunately realistic now days - Klopp has been at Liverpool since 2015.

Just to be clear, it's not like I'll be throwing the teddy out the pram if Kante doesn't move on - I just think the time is coming where he will move on.

16 Apr 2020 10:35:09
our midfield also offered zero flair and attacking threat until the last 2 games where barkley and billy g starred.



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