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21 Apr 2020 08:57:06
So, my fellow posters. I've seen on Twitter (I know I know, Twitter is full of absolute BS, but hear me out) that our one-time friend Alfredo Pedulla has reported some news related to Chelsea.

Apparently he's reported (going off of a translation here as I don't know Italian) that Sarri wants Jorginho and that Jorgi boy would like the move if possible. Sarri also wants Emerson apparently, which is something we already knew of course due to the information provided by Ed002.

While I laud Jorginho for his attitude and he does seem a great teammate, I just don't think he fits the PL game. It's not his fault, but his athleticism is lacking so much. And we do have a lot of midfielders already. I would sell him if possible to Juve, so I hope it's not just Sarri wanting him, but also the club there.

What do you guys think? Ed001, feel free to chime in as well :) always appreciate your views.

{Ed001's Note - as I have said many times here, I just don't think he suits the Prem. The pace is too much for him, especially in the role he is used in. He was the wrong player bought and should be sold. I just don't see what he offers that anyone else wouldn't in the same position. His passing is not incisive from that deep because he does not have the vision, so he ends up just keeping play ticking over.}

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21 Apr 2020 10:08:56
We're in full agreement, Ed. I'm thinking we'd be quite a bit more solid and better with someone else playing at the base of midfield. It was only 2 games, but Gilmour's passing sped up the play and took out defenders, finding his teammates in space. It's just something I see very rarely from Jorginho.

I hope Lampard shares the same opinion, and I hope Sarri manages to convince Juve to buy him (though I doubt Juve would be willing to deal) .
If I were to choose, and assuming Jorginho is sold, I'd either give Ampadu a chance, or get Ndidi/ Partey/ Soumaré (depending on what happens with Ampadu) .

{Ed001's Note - or Saul? Personally I would go with Ampadu myself and save the money. This is the time to be cautious with spending.}

21 Apr 2020 10:39:56
We're good in midfield.

If we can sell him and reinvest is potentially a good move.

Jorgi is decent though and does not deserve the treatment he gets on here.

21 Apr 2020 11:01:54
Earlier in the season we saw Jorginho, Kovacic and Kante playing together. The later two are our best two midfielders, but the trio just didn't work. We'd often win the midfield battle from a possession sense, but lack creativity and struggle to break teams down.

It might have been something that was enforced, due to injuries and suspension, but the penny did seem to drop with Lampard re. the midfield. Forced to play Mount deeper alongside Barkley gave us more creativity, something that Loftus-Cheek offers with a goal threat. Gilmour sitting deeper offered the same as Jorginho, with a little more, whilst he only has single digit starts he appears the future of that position. It's hard to imagine that Kovacic can't perform this role to at least the same standard as Jorginho.

As you say, in games where we need more defensive awareness Ampadu coming back makes sense. Kante playing over a more attack minded player makes sense in a lot of games too.

What I'm getting at is I don't see where Jorginho fits into this midfield moving forward.

{Ed001's Note - nor me mate. It was an odd signing in the first place, you never needed him and he was not the key to Sarri's system, as he seemed to believe. It was the ones in front of him that made it work.}

21 Apr 2020 12:00:23
Saul is pretty much the gold standard of midfielders, Ed001. But I think there's about as much chance of Chelsea signing Saul as there is Chelsea signing me! :-P.

{Ed001's Note - yeah maybe.}

21 Apr 2020 16:20:42
I think when we signed him we were all pretty excited, we were looking forward to "Sarri-ball" and he was seen as a key part of that. Also, Pep was very keen on him, son the conclusion was that he must have something about him. Fact is he's very good at what he does, but what he does doesn't work here - and neither did Sarri.

It seems to me we're pretty set in midfield, even if Jorginho leaves. As you say spending needs to be cautious, whenever clubs can spend again. A focused transfer plan is more important than ever.

Ed, do you think the big (£100m +) potential moves such as Mbappe, Neymar, Sancho etc. will be possible now or delayed by at least a year?

{Ed002's Note - Some transfers will wait and some won’t. Clubs with other expensive priorities will need to prioritise.}

21 Apr 2020 17:23:28
Thanks Ed, makes sense.

22 Apr 2020 12:05:06
Ed 001 do you think that Ampadu is good enough at this stage to replace Jorginho without any further replacements being brought in at that position?
I myself think Kovacic is a better option for the role that Jorginho is used it - which I actually find pretty hard to describe - so I would agree that Ampadu would be a nice alternative to Kovacic in that position. Gilmour too.
I'm just wondering if what you meant was using Ampadu as first choice for Jorginho's role, and if you think that he's good enough already. It's not exactly easy to judge his current level as he hasn't been playing much this season - which is a concern.
One more thing about Ampadu - I think he has a tendency to be a reckless quite often. He's made some nasty tackles in his short career, and I as a Dane especially remember a tackle that he made for Wales on Kasper Dolberg, where he might as well had broken Dolberg's leg!

{Ed001's Note - he just needs experience, like Gilmour, which they will get if they are the cover for Kovacic. Play them in the cups and the lesser games, play Kovacic in the bigger ones and they all get plenty of gametime.}

22 Apr 2020 14:12:22
In regards to that tackle Emil previously in the game dolberg had left a late one on Ampadu so I think he was just getting his own back 🤣.

22 Apr 2020 16:27:14
Yeah Ampadu takes no rubbish from anyone. Dolberg did him dirty earlier in that match, and Ampadu got him back. He shouldn't do it, but I don't mind him showing some fire either.

Every time I watch him he simply looks at ease. His maturity really is beyond almost anyone his age that I've seen. I'd bet quite a bit of money on him doing very well for us if used in a defensive midfield role.



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