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16 Aug 2020 21:52:03
I've said it twice previously and I'll say it again. Reguilon over Chilwell for me.

I know we shouldn't worry about money but if paying an extra £30-50m gets us Chilwell instead of a world class centre back then whoever is doing these deals needs to wake up.

Chilwell is a good LB but I feel a lot of people have their "England tinted glasses" on and hype him up to be more than he is.

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16 Aug 2020 22:10:16
Football speaks for itself; the game is played with the foot first then the brain before any other part of the body. Reguilon is a confirmed baller. I don’t want do this comparison anymore but I prefer Reguilon to all the other left backs that we have been linked to in this transfer window. I believe Lampard and Chelsea knows what they want for the club going forward.
Theo Hernandez is my brown sugar although we aren’t linked to him.

16 Aug 2020 22:15:51
Agreed, while we are at it might as well snap up Khounde too. He looks a Brilliant centre back, the French national team are set for another decade it seems. He and Upamecano are good on the ball, quick, good in the air physically strong and strong on the tackle, still very young so could be coached to read the game a bit better, but what do I know, after all it’s not my money. Guess I’d just have to enjoy watching them from the French National team hopefully we bag the euros next year.

16 Aug 2020 22:18:45
Will be interesting to see how we all feel about Chilwell at the end of next season.

Doubtful but you never know we might sign two left backs!

16 Aug 2020 22:25:35
Interesting point Obinna.

Many years ago I was at a function and Wenger did a Q&A

He said something along those lines but he said “brain before play”. I took that as meaning, all great players have a picture before they ever received the ball.

I hope that makes sense.

16 Aug 2020 22:26:00
I guess we have lost our chance of getting Upamecano- now that he has signed an improved deal with RB Leipzig.

16 Aug 2020 22:45:06
If we believe other sites Obinna, Upamecano signed a contract extension but there is a so called buy out clause next season.

I think he could well end up at City this season but that’s just me guessing.

16 Aug 2020 22:49:19
TomB; Wenger’s point is legit and I agree with him; there’s no doubt that the ‘greatest’ football coaches like intelligent footballers and intelligent footballers are the greatest footballers: I mean the players that play 60% with their brain and 40% with their foot as against the players that play 60% with their foot and 40% with their head blah blah blah; but for a footballer, you are as great as what your foot can do first before what your brain can do.

17 Aug 2020 06:23:45
Well what I saw last night was that he is just another Alonso type of player, a lot smaller and very quicker. His physicality won't be good for EPL.
I guess Taglliafico is a good replacement for Emerson as we have Maatsen. Would love to have Lewis instead of Alonso as well.
But if we get Chilwell for a price around 50M£, I would be very happy.

17 Aug 2020 06:51:37
Chilwell's unreasonable high price is one of the main sticking point that is making him unattractive though.

17 Aug 2020 08:08:00
In the games I’ve watched of him (primarily games against higher level competition of the league and Europe), Reguilon has considerably more technical quality than chilwell. They both are very modern in that they are aggressive in getting forward which can lead to them being upfield with their opponents countering into the space they’re vacating. My biggest complaint with Reguilon is his aggressiveness in pressing opponents regardless of circumstances. A lot of times it comes off well; however when it doesn’t he really puts his team in a difficult position.

17 Aug 2020 10:05:36
If we sign Chilwell, I won’t be worried about the price.

I will be worried about some his performances in the second half of the season.

Anyway, if the club fancy him, that’s good enough for me!

17 Aug 2020 10:09:35
From watching these Europa matches of Sevilla, I think the club are right in being a bit worried about Reguilon's extreme one footedness. He hasn't used his right foot for anything, not even a touch to maybe keep it away from defenders.

He's really attacking, fine. But in defense he looks iffy at best and gambles way too much for my liking. He left a lot of space behind him for Greenwood to run into. Don't think he's the best option.

I'd prefer Chilwell, who's overpriced seemingly and not a world beater, but at least he's shown he can handle himself in the PL. Gosens is another one I like, but I doubt the club are even looking at him.

22 Aug 2020 11:00:09
If the preference for a LB is because he is the best player for the job then that’s perfect but the price shouldn’t be that important



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