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17 Aug 2020 10:13:58
Looks like Leicester are looking to Jamal Lewis to potentially replace Chilwell.

I think Jamal Lewis is a cracking player who would be a good option for us, it'll be very good business by Leicester.

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17 Aug 2020 10:43:10
I only saw Lewis a couple of times last year and he did look ok and as you say it could turn out to be good business for Leicester.

17 Aug 2020 10:54:46
Lewis is a better deal, I’ve been singing this for the past two months before he got linked to Liverpool. Watch him become a star for them and selling him for 50 odd million.

17 Aug 2020 11:26:50
If he turns out to be first class and IMO he has a lot to prove, I’m sure the club will look at him in seasons to come.

I seem to remember us having two international left backs not that long ago!

17 Aug 2020 12:03:58
So Tom you are happy to buy players for inflated prices when we could have gotten them for cheaper two seasons prior?! And If I understand correctly it’s okay because “it is not our money”. So why are we still struggling to come to terms with signing Drinkwater, Bakayoko etc.

Look at it this way, Bayern got Kimmich, Pavard, Alphonso Davies for less than 30 million. Liverpool got Robertson TAA for less than 15 million, Leicester are about to make 130 odd million from two defenders. Hmmm Ben Arsenal signed Tierney who is a superior left back to Chilwell for half the price. We signed Azpi, Brana, Ashley and Alonso for less than what Chilwell is going to cost and still everyone that is on the banter site who supports this deal can’t come up with a reason why they do other than “it is not our money” and “ Chilwell might improve”. Right!

17 Aug 2020 12:34:06
ELI if I want to buy a special type of tomato
and the only place I can buy them is at Harrods for an inflated price then that is what I have to pay. I might think the price is to high but the seller has the product I want, so I buy the product at the price he demands.

I might consider a product I consider inferior or I might even consider something that’s even better but in the end that’s the price I have to pay.

I wish we could get Chilwell for a quid but the seller has put a value on him. So we ether sh@t or get of the pot.

I don’t care about the money for lots of reasons but the main one is he good enough. The rest is out of our control. It’s about us wanting a player and the selling club putting a value on the player.

17 Aug 2020 12:58:29
I hope that Chilwell turns out to be the greatest LB the World has ever seen if he comes. But I have grave, disturbing concerns about the defensive side of his game.

And with our talent going forward (Werner / Pusilic / Ziyech / CHO / Mount / Havertz / RLC / Tammy/ Giroud - soooo excited), I really think we should be concentrating on defenders who first and foremost can defend.

17 Aug 2020 13:07:29
I’m sorry Tom but your analogy is so off, I’d rather not get into it.

My point still stands, irrespective of the price and us as fans having no say in who the club signs, (in all honesty which isn’t the worst thing in the world) but no one here is convinced that he is genuinely an improvement on what we have nor do we see him genuinely making our defense any better, so most of the posts supporting his acquisition have resulted to the money side of things and are unable to say why they back the signing of Chilwell. I perhaps almost want fellow fans to tell me why, I want to be convinced by fellow fans.

That said Would I cry if we don’t sign him? -No definitely not. Lose any sleep?! Not a bit, make me stop supporting the club I’ve supported for two decades not a chance in the world all I’m saying is. “It is not our money” “We fans don’t make the call” is not good enough banter or reason for any fan to claim this is the signing we need or this guy brings us closer to pool or city as we continue or 3 year plan to close the gap.

Now we have Werner, Ziyech and soon Havertz. Those three signings for me is perhaps more than I could have imagined, I mean even on FIFA, I wouldn’t have tried to sign those three in one summer more so the value for money is 5 stars any team in Europe would quake in their boots looking at our flurry of attackers on paper. So perhaps one can argue I should trust the club have done their homework on Chilwell. To be clear, the problem is not the money it is just the fact that there are other players who could offer more, who are clear improvements on what we have. Like I tend to say, what do I know right? Time will tell mind you I hope Chilwell surprises me if we do get him, I’d gladly eat some humble pie.

17 Aug 2020 13:24:06
Exactly MDW, haven’t always agreed with you over the years but I can firmly say you and I are on the same page on this one.

17 Aug 2020 13:31:29
@Tom, your analogy doesn't make sense to Eli's post above. You sound like Chilwell is the only LB available to us. For goodness sake there other BETTER options out there but maybe, just like you, some of us are wearing 'English tinted glasses' and bent on paying more just to have your patriot.
Again, as for the question if he's good enough, imo he's not good enough for Chelsea especially now that our defense needs very good qualities we can get. If Alonso is deemed not good enough, then I struggle to see need for Chilwell. Would Chilwell been your choice had he not been English?
My point is quality over sentiment/ bias and nationality should not drive our transfers where stipulated.

17 Aug 2020 13:41:22
Toms analogy is always off ELI but people tolerate his poor views just because he’s been a long term poster. His love for Jorginho and Kepa was the worst. Two parts of the weakest spine I’ve ever seen in a team. We went from Courtois and Matic as two beasts to them two 😷 I’ve tried to tell him with Pau Torres but he never listens. I wouldn’t sign any of the young Spaniards coming through as they’re not all that apart from Ferran Torres (signed for City already) that’s it.

Everyone is entitled to opinions but his do make my eyes bleed unfortunately.

17 Aug 2020 15:22:11
I suggest you go to an optician then WC, Frank,
BLM or whatever name you choose to use this week.

I’m certainly not looking for my views to be “tolerated” or excepted. For right or wrong they are my opinions.

So you finally understand whatever your name is and for the last time. I will try not be critical of Chelsea players during a season but I will make my criticisms after a season. Calling an international footballer or anyone else for that matter names IMO isn’t constructive or necessary.

Torres would be my first choice but I think he will end up at City or PSG but I’m happy enough with Dunk. These are my choices and opinions. I hope you can respect my opinions WC, Frank or whoever, in the same way I will respect yours.

I also agree with MDW ELI and ilo. there are other options but the club looks like it has chosen Chilwell for reasons that are only known to them.

As I’ve said ilo, I don’t care what his nationality is.

My analogy is the buyer and the seller have to agree the price of a transfer not the fans.

17 Aug 2020 17:14:00
WC68, leave off with the personal, mate. We're all Chels supporters and we're allowed to have differences of opinion. I grew up in the era of Kerry Dixon - all my mates thought he was God but I thought he was a donkey - his goal tally for Chels would suggest that I was wrong! But that's why we love the game - the bants - hence the site name. As Chelsea supporters, we've always kept a sense of humour (for us long-standing fans we've needed to! ) . Love and Peace- out.



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