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06 Sep 2020 16:11:46
What do you guys think about selling Kova?
I know he has been really good last season but let's be honest, we signed him just because we couldn't get anyone because of the ban. Also the midfield is very crowded right now, and honestly, I really prefer if we get those minutes to Mason and Ruben. We all know Ed002 said we would only go for a DM if we managed to sell Jorgi and Kante, so perhaps it is a better option if we sold Kova.
There is a lack of defensive minded mids, so I think selling a utility mid like Kova would not be a bad idea.
We have sold Mata (another POTY) before, so it wouldn't be that shocking.

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06 Sep 2020 16:29:33
I agree with above. We have too many midfielders and I think it's a sensible call. But I am not sure if there is any interest and chelsea is looking to sell. Ed any inputs?

{Ed002's Note - Players are certainly available.}

06 Sep 2020 16:36:24
Did you previously say that you were open to the idea of selling Kante?

I've not considered the sale of Kovacic nor has any other fans suggested this to me. Sounds just as stupid as selling Kante personally.

Can I ask why you think the minutes should be given to Mount or RLC? On what basis?

06 Sep 2020 17:43:52
For reasons we have been over many times about how he has had some very good games but also often looked defensively vulnerable/ slow and not offering great deal in terms of penetrating play I would let Jorginho much more readily than Kova who has better pace and ability to get past opponents that helps speedy transition from defence to attack. Barkley did look to be improving before lockdown too and has a goal or two in him and RLC great when wad completely fit but think that reckoning at club is that his back may be long term problem. So for me this coming season we must surely keep Kante and Kova as first choices to play behind Havertz and Mount in midfield. We will need considerable rotation given number of gsmes and possible injuries so Barkley and RLC would get a lot of game time too and chance to be first choices. Ampadu too if not loaned again but perhaps he might be tried at CH? All this assumes we don't get Rice - presumably to be a DM not CH? - and also that degree of continuity helpful while multiple new signings bedded in up front and at the back.

06 Sep 2020 18:16:18
Yes I'm also open to selling Kante, given that Lamps usually plays a 3 man midfield and he is not really good at that advanced role and not that physical to sit behind two 8s.
But selling Kova is another matter. He provides so much at midfield and is really a utility midfielder, so I don't care if he doesn't have many goals/ assists. But the thing is, he is not that good defensively, not as bad as Jorgi, but Mount presses more and he is really better in attacking and RLC is much more physical and with a run of games he can be much better than Kova all around. But the thing for him is to stay healthy.
We know there are too many mids and a few must go. Barkley and Jorgi must leave but between Kova and Kante I would rather sell Kova and bring in Rice.
Rice and Ampadu can cover both CB and DM positions and if Rice stays he could actually partner up with Kante in a 4231 system.

I know realistically we are not going to sell (or maybe we are open to it) but this is something to consider in my opinion.

P. S: you are really quick to call everyone stupid. 😏.

06 Sep 2020 19:47:08
I just don't agree with selling our best player in Kante. His not a player you can replace. Did you watch the France vs Sweden game yday? If you haven't then maybe give it a go.

PS: Apologies if you feel I've called you stupid. I just thought it would be a stupid decision and didn't aim it at you.

06 Sep 2020 20:38:49
Yeah I get it. I like Kante a lot, he is a fantastic player and a fantastic person. I watched the game and he was great. But with all things considered, I think if a lucrative offer comes along, it won't be bad to consider selling him and reinvest the funds. It's just a thought, nothing more.

No worries mate. It's all good.

06 Sep 2020 21:06:21
This is not the time to sell Kante would be madness.

06 Sep 2020 21:23:29
I respect your view and I've heard others say it too. I understand we can reinvest the funds and buy a younger player that can play in his position which will give us longevity for the future. I've heard people like Jamie O'Hara throw names such as Declan Rice as a replacement for Kante.

However, in my opinion there isn't another player in the world that can come to Chelsea to replace Kante that make us a better team. Chelsea without Kante is a weaker team 100%.

So my point is for certain situations we should avoid the re-sale for reinvestment scenario for future gain. We should always keep the pedal down on the gas and focus on the immediate too and there is no better than Kante who wins you titles now and probably for the next 3 years. So I'm happy to lose him for a lot less should it mean that we win a few important titles.

I'm a bit disappointed that some of our fan base have written off Kante due to his injuries last year. Yes he had a difficult year due to injuries but he should not be written off. Kante won the premier league twice and a world cup consecutively. The end is nowhere near.

07 Sep 2020 06:48:37
I agree with you CFCshak. Kante is world class. My only concern is that we can't really utilize him properly in a 3 man midfield.
And since I know N'golo is such an important player, I thought perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea to sell Kova to raise funds.
Just a thought. I am sure Frank knows best and the management team along with Marina do really have a master plan.

KTBFFH and let's challenge for everything this season.

07 Sep 2020 10:50:13
fair enough Ash. Always appreciate the discussions 👍.



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