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12 Sep 2020 23:10:47
Rice isn't good enough for cfc end of been saying it for weeks
Keep kante and kova.

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13 Sep 2020 03:44:43
Just don't see Kova and Kante working as a pivot. Need a more defensive minded CDM, and Rice is exactly that. Isn't world class but he will improve us imo. Interesting to see who we may go after if Rice can't be done though. Soumare and Zakaria have been mentioned before and both are very good players.

13 Sep 2020 09:01:54
Quite happy you have noticed that Rice isn’t good enough; I have said same thing some weeks ago. Denis Zakaria and Soumare are better DMs and are cheaper options by the way. If Rice isn’t the top DM out there or is he the best CB out there, makes me wonder.

13 Sep 2020 09:20:40
Agreed. Kova in a 3, all day long, sat in next to Kate to allow others to go forward and I don't see it. Same with Jorginho.

13 Sep 2020 09:35:44
I really don't understand the hate for Rice! He is one of the most consistent midfielders in PL and he adds the physicality, the strength and the length we lack in defence and in midfield. He adds versitality to our defence and our midfield and he has the potential to be world class. He gives us a fluidity with the system and formation we play and I think he could be a big factor for us if we are going to charge for the title.
Consider this as well: he is going to play alongside some of the best young talents in the world at Chelsea and he is going to be under the supervision of Lamps and Jodie. This means that he is only going to improve. Also being alongside Silva will help him a lot in terms of defensive attributes.
He could be the leader we lack in our young squad at the moment.

Something else that you guys are forgetting is this: Lampard wants him and JT has approved him. So that's good enough for me.

13 Sep 2020 09:50:48
Rice isn't good enough for Chelsea LOL. Based on what, his performance y'day? Oh dear me.

13 Sep 2020 10:29:27
If we sign Rice then I'll get behind him. However, at this stage I would rather prefer we stay away from him.

I'm not worried at this stage because I doubt we would be signing Rice when we are overloaded in midfield with Gilmour set to return in the near future.

13 Sep 2020 10:47:57
@CFCShak: we'll get him mate. That's for sure.

13 Sep 2020 11:06:02
I suppose we will find out soon enough Ash.

Its all about opinions and I'm on the other side of the fence right now. I can understand the fluidity he may possibly bring but id rather have a DM who could both defend and attack equally as good.

13 Sep 2020 11:34:12
Ashk121; I don't think anyone hates Declan Rice, I presume we all know the importance of another CDM playing alongside Kante. I think you should take another look at Denis Zakaria and Boubacary Soumare (who are 'cheaper' options that could be available to us) .
I am sure we will still drum our support for Declan Rice if the club decides sign to him which could be because of his vocal ability or perceived leadership qualities on the pitch or any other reason. But I feel if we are talking about the footballing qualities of Denis Zakaria, Soumare and Declan Rice for the CDM role, I think they (Soumare and Zakaria) will make better CDM players for Chelsea and bring that desired physicality too (that is my own take though) .

13 Sep 2020 12:07:03
Obinna and CFCShack:
You guys have valid points and I understand your point of view. I think a player like Rice with 3 years of consistent playing time in the PL will have more short term and long term impact in the first team and him being an English player with a history with our young lads, is a factor we can't get with the guys you just mentioned. Also don't forget that we want Rice for CB and DM, something Zakaria or Soumare probably won't provide for us.
Let's see what happens in the weeks ahead.

13 Sep 2020 14:01:20
3 years of consistent playing time? Do you think Chelsea will afford that? My answer is no because at Chelsea the best players have and will always play regardless of age which is what Lampard recently said to the press. Chelsea have always been like this and will remain like this.

It will be interesting to see how much CONSISTENT mins Mount gets this year because competition for places is intense in midfield and the inclusion of Rice will make that more difficult .

13 Sep 2020 17:17:22
Ashk121 I can't help but feel you are obsessed with Rice. At first, you wanted Kante to be replaced with Rice. Firstly imo he's not good enough and then we are certainly going to over pay for the player. Such price will also invite pressure from the media and rival fans on not only the player but the team.
Most DM players (with good height) can also play at the the back. So don't discard other options on such basis. Leadership qualities are on only an added advantage and can't substitute quality. Messi is not the best leader after all.
For the amount for Rice we can get an already established young player around Europe.

13 Sep 2020 17:35:19
I'm starting to think Ash is 'Declan Rice' in disguise 😄.

13 Sep 2020 18:41:46
First of all I never said let's replace Kante with Rice! I just said it wouldn't be a bad idea if we sell Kanté for a good price and with that money getting Rice will probably be easier.
Secondly, on what basis you say he is not good enough? I wouldn't certainly believe the rumoured price tags that gets mentioned on twitter. Lots of those reports are false.
Thirdly, playing a tall and physical DM at CB is one thing and playing both positions good is another thing. I didn't dismissed those other guys, I said probably they wouldn't have the same versitality.

Let's just wait and see what happens. I certainly want Rice in our team.



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