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22 Dec 2020 08:46:17
I'd like to see Jamie vardy played as a left winger, not a wide forward like mane / salah but left winger tracking back, carrying the ball. up the pitch and delivering crossers, anyone think Jamie vardy would suit this role or does vardy suit playing central and stretching defences and being on the last man,! YES werner has missed some sitters, he should be scoring them, his also got a high amount of assists which is great but not what he was bought for, his said his adapting the the premier league and how physical it is, his work rate is exceptional and he doesn't stop running. We saw how good he is Down middle v Southampton and the penalties his won by being in the box,

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22 Dec 2020 09:23:16
I wonder how Frank Lampard would have managed Jamie Vardy? Would he have played him on the LW? I think not! Werner is a Vardy type of striker and playing him on the LW has meant he has missed some sitters with his left foot which has resulted in the whole league watching him affecting his confidence. He reminds me of the Torres times unfortunately. Now he can't even score with his right foot.

For me Werner needs a little time on the bench now, similiar to Kai Havertz who has also been mis-managed. Unless, Frank can sort this out then it will be a tough old season for him. He won't survive if we play like how we did last season. You can't spend 250m and not get the best out of arguably some of the best players on the planet. Someone like Jurgen Klopp would have made them into superstars by managing them accordingly. I can't help but admire what Jota has done so far.

22 Dec 2020 10:20:24
I have concerns over Werner. His fist touch being so poor is the main one but I hope he can work on that over the seasons.

We have had recurring injuries to our wife players and both Werner and Havertz have been asked to play in positions that for me aren’t there best. To blame Lamps for this along with the performances of Kepa IMO is unfair.

Klop is an experienced manager and Lamps isn’t but the club knew that when they took him on.

I will judge Lamps the manager as I do players at the end of the season and my judgement will not be influenced by him being a playing legend.

22 Dec 2020 11:54:12
First touch for strikers like werner isn’t as important as it is for players like Tammy giroud lukaku who need to kill a ball to hold it up and bring others in, a few times his touch hasn’t been good in front of goal which is confidence, I want werners first touch to be knocking it in front of him running behind. the pen won at Brighton, goal v spurs snd couple v Southampton have shown how good he is,

22 Dec 2020 12:09:14
Perhaps the aim is to have considerable interchange of positions among the front 3, and I think we saw a fair bit of that yesterday with Pulisic and Werner often getting into central positions - and Werner missing some chances from them - though if there was an element of the Mane/ Salah movement with those two Tammy was hardly in the Firmino role. I am still not convinced that Werner is an out and out number 9, or that he has the physical EPL hardness that Vardy possesses, or not yet, and to date at least does seem too often to lack deftness of first touch as Tom points out. Perhaps he could play as one of a front 2 if we moved to that formation (with diamond behind say) and wasn't that how he played much of the time and to left of Paulsen so successfully at Leipzig? Was big debate about his best position in the Bundesliga and for Germany. Seems to me he is just lacking sharpness and previoua confidence at the moment, not sure that would instantly change wherever you put him it is taking the chances that will make the difference, and this is a phase that obviously many forwards/ strikers go through in their careers. As for Harvetz, I thought he had some nice touches in little cameo at end when without any real pressure given match situation. I think the lad is still getting back to full fitness after getting what was symptomatic C.V. (like two players at Nwcastle now I think) not the asymptomatic many other footballers have got eg Salah.

Silva, Dave, Pulisic and Mount stood out for me yesterday.

22 Dec 2020 12:44:37
I thought Havertz did well when he came on for his small cameo JBS.

I’m sure his confidence will grow over time and we will then see his true ability.

22 Dec 2020 13:46:25
We can compare the styles of werner and vardy but it wasn’t too many years ago vardy was in non league football, so he has had that physical rough no nonsense football, werner is new to the league and once he adjusts I think he will shine, I think he will win a lot of penalties any just being to quick for defenders. I thought the first chance last night the pass was into his feet rather than just ahead of him, he should score still and second he just went for power and it’s bobbled, again should of scored, he killed the game v Newcastle v Leeds, scored two snd assisted v Southampton, assist last night, what about v arsenal giroud and werner up top v arsenal? 442, we need width as there game at the moment is spamming crosses non stop into box.

22 Dec 2020 13:56:43
Yes it should grow as you say Tom, and my position much the same as yours on Frank as manager. It's not a matter of blind faith in legendary player - or not ever criticsing him - but giving him time including a few transfer windows to prove himself, or not as the case may be.

The alternative for a few on here it would seem is to sack him now, and go back on the CFC managerial merry-go-round and bring in someone like Potch. but then what trophies did Potch bring the Spuds, and they had a v good squad. OK, Klopp has far more of a track record than Frank has, and FRank may turn out not to be as good of course, but as many have said it took Klopp more than 3 seasons to shape LFC. and even then some of his strikers like Firmino and even Salah have gone for fair number of games without scoring so even he doesn't always weave complete magic with his hugs and big smile or with the baring of those frightening teeth!

22 Dec 2020 14:06:59
Playing them in an alternate positions brings about poor stat which translates to some negative scrutiny/ reviews and then invariably impact their confidence. When your mind is impaired it reflects on your outwards/ actions. Like someone said up here, Klop would have made these players world class just like Jota now looks. I'm sure Klop would be scratching his head as to how badly Werner is being used by Frank as he would have wanted Werner over Jota, it's obvious from his frustration when they missed out Werner. A Klop would have set us apart from the other chasing pack by now. Imo in football, quality on the touchline is as important as that on the pitch. At moment we only have qualities on the pitch but unfortunately they're controlled by a rookie head on the touchline. We must apologize to Carlo, Conte and even Sarri who got the sack even when they didn't see this kind of backing yet won things with us.
This was exactly my concern when getting Frank in because emotions will run high if the job becomes overwhelming for him, he's a legend. Obviously the job is too big for him but unfortunately we are ready to wait until he comes along. Any manager would have been under intense pressure but Frank. My friends are usually marveled when I talk about Frank in this manner because I so much loved him as a player I named my first son after him but I committed so much emotions to Chelsea that I hate to see any hindrance and pretend about it.

22 Dec 2020 14:20:25
Let’s just divorce ourselves from Lamps the player and legend.

The club and the fans knew we were hiring a manager with limited experience. I assume the club realised it would take time for him to find his feet as a manager as I’m sure it did Klop, Wenger, Ferguson, Conte or Carlo.

At the end of last season I highlighted my concerns and criticisms of Lamps first season and this year I have seen improvements.

I hope the club stick with Lamps because if they do it will mean he and the club are successful.

22 Dec 2020 11:12:34
Wide not wife. Although she could be getting some hefty tackles if this lockdown lasts much longer!

22 Dec 2020 20:28:50
I must say ilo has hit the nail on the head with that brilliant post. Lampard is a rookie manager and the worst part is that his learning whilst on the job and his making mistakes. He hasn't figured out an identity yet and is hoping he figures out his blueprint at Chelsea. I love Frank, his a legend at the club as a player but the club means more to me than any legend. To me his just another manager and would be judged the same way.



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