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29 Dec 2020 23:05:29
In a very interesting posts with Ed01 (see on banter page) we discussed the difficulty in introducing our young players to our first team squad.

Next season who could well have the following players back from loans.

Marc Guehi
Conor Gallagher
Ian Maatsen
Ethan Ampadu

and maybe one or two others.

If we add Rice and maybe Alaba the manager will have to make some difficult but potentially good decisions about who stays and who goes.

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29 Dec 2020 23:14:25
Very good thread Tom. I love these sort of debates. All the posters have really kept this forum so alive. Brilliant 👏.

29 Dec 2020 23:24:04
Back tracking like a mofo lol
Klopp would of got relagated with that lot but lamps would win cl.

30 Dec 2020 07:12:29
You ok Gola? Lockdown hitting you hard mate?

30 Dec 2020 07:26:53
Tom wasn't even the two managers qualities. He was comparing the two clubs, even when results weren't great Liverpool stuck with the coach and gave him time. Some of you, including a couple of the eds have no clue on what it takes to coach a group of players and go on like it's FIFA career mode. I see no red flags with Lampard, he's handled himself up to now. I agree he's made a few mistakes but all coaches do. It's inevitable we go on a run again once our attack picks it up again. Defensively we've been adequate with the only reason we've suffered lately being apparent fatigue and missing Hakim. With Werner for example, you all want him down the middle? Then will moan if Tammy or Oli get no games. Can't win with some of you. I mean everyone is allowed an opinion but asking for the sack after 1 season which he did great and a half which saw us qualify top of CL group and up until last couple of weeks we were unbeaten in I dunno how many games is ridiculous.

30 Dec 2020 08:11:43
I enjoyed it Shak and found the points that Ed01 made about Lamps very I interesting.

30 Dec 2020 08:18:52
Gola, i never mentioned in any post that either Klopp or Lamps would be relegated with any “lot”

Also, you asked me who is the better manager.

The answer is obviously Klopp by virtue of what he has won.

Ask me again in 5 or 10 years time and the answer might, I hope, be different.

30 Dec 2020 09:36:30
If Timo isn't played down the middle then what is the purpose of buying him for near 50m? How does Frank defend himself? More than the results his sheer stubborness has hurt me as a fan. He has repeatedly made the mistakes of playing players out of position and unless that changes then he will kill the confidence of all of these players.

30 Dec 2020 09:53:25
Shak you know I am not a fan of playing out of position but a lot of the decisions made have been because of injuries.

That is not to say, on occasions mistakes haven’t been made.

30 Dec 2020 09:58:03
Of course Tom, its all about good debates. Debates that can be discussed properly without being called plastic or anything else abusive. End of the day this whole Lampard debate is trending more than our matches these days.

30 Dec 2020 10:01:20
Spot on dadubliner. 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

We have to back Lamps, not just because he is a legend, because he is transforming our team from the ground up. He has had big impact, and he'll continue to do so. He has made bad decisions in some areas and he deserves some CC, but I still believe in him and want him here at least for 3 years.

30 Dec 2020 10:06:01

It has an impact when a player plays out of position, but I'm definitely sure there are other reasons that a person might feel low on confidence, especially when the so called fans and media batter a young guy when he miss chance or make a mistake.

The negativity around our players and coaching staff is so disproportionately high, that it affects anyone, no matter how tough and mentally strong.

30 Dec 2020 10:11:31
And it can be distraction Shak and on occasions very heated but I love it.

I did mention before that one poster actually blamed Werners poor first touch on Lamps.

I have been critical of Lamps when it is justified but I hope in a constructive way.

30 Dec 2020 10:29:46
dadubliner, I’m sorry I didn’t respond to your post.
I AGREE completely with what your views on this subject.

30 Dec 2020 10:31:30
Dadubliner good to see your posts of a morning. As with much of Tom's they are a dose of reasoned optimism amid so much gloom and they cheer me up. I do think and hope though that it time Harvetz will prove to be a wonderful creative player for us to add to what Ziyech iffers when fit. And even v Villa there were glimpses of tgis in his time on the pitch as there had been in cameo he had in earlier game as sub. I can only hope rather than know that Frank will succeed in the long run. I would have preferred that he had had a more experienced assistant like a Steve Hollan beside him from the outset of his CFC managerial time. But have always thought the rebuild would be a 3 yr project whoever the manager and whoever it was should be given that time not just as LFC gave it to Klopp but as United did to Fergie appointef I think in 1986 or 7 and on verge of sack after seasons that included to 11th place finishes I think. The doubters on here may be proved right and i read their posts with interest too, and nod at some of the very valid criticisms they make. But after a bit of a wobbly myself recently given the results am srill prepared to wait until end of this season to see judge the projects progress and Frank with it.

30 Dec 2020 10:51:30
JBS, I agree with your point about judging Lamps at the end of the season. That is something I have banged on about consistently.

Ed01 mentioned the desire of the club to introduce our academy players into the first team squad.

This makes for difficult choices and patience.

30 Dec 2020 12:43:37
Quite right Tom.

30 Dec 2020 15:42:05
JBS ASH and TOMB exactly, I just don't understand the panic from posters and fans in general. Even Liverpool are drawing to WBA 😂 Man Utd out of CL and yet are 2nd somehow, about 9 points are separating 12 teams in top half, it's fact it's going to be a strange season. It's good too see you folks share my optimism and dare I say common sense.

30 Dec 2020 17:51:21
dadubliner, fans and posters are generally just showing their passion. It’s all about opinions but the banter is always good fun as far as I’m concerned.

The whole management team at Chelsea have a very difficult job that covers lots of levels. I like you and others think it will take time but some think it’s taking to long.

Let’s just try and stay calm be patient and in these difficult times stay safe.



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