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30 Dec 2020 16:38:52
City game going ahead, who are the city players who'll be missing?

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30 Dec 2020 18:06:44
Even if we beat City with players missing through C.V. we still wouldn’t have beat a top 4 team this season. Don’t think the pressure will ease on frank.

30 Dec 2020 18:15:50
Top 4 team full strength I meant to put *.

30 Dec 2020 18:17:42
I see City have resumed training but I’ve not seen it confirmed the game would go ahead.

I think I read that City have five players down with CV but I haven’t heard who they are Matt.

30 Dec 2020 19:01:24
Stop your agenda Graham. 🙄.

30 Dec 2020 19:20:27
A win is all that matter v city, they’ve not been good this season and struggle to score, we will just be hard to beat and counter attack, pulisic werner pace is defiantly needed, hit them hard and fast on the break, havertz and kante who can both break and carry the ball important,

30 Dec 2020 19:32:51
What agenda? I’ll comment what I think. Even the Ed’s know Franks out of his depth. You’ll be on the Frank out train soon.

30 Dec 2020 19:49:01
I always think it’s best to read posts carefully before posters quote them.

I’m pretty sure the Eds and in particular Ed01 said no such thing.

Maybe Ed01 could re post his fantastic insight from yesterday’s thread?

30 Dec 2020 20:02:14
Oh here we go Ashk has got his dad involved to prove a point.

30 Dec 2020 20:06:34
Lmao that made me laugh Graham.

30 Dec 2020 20:08:14
Over to you son! hahaha!

30 Dec 2020 20:12:12
I’m a fist time poster AGAIN but I have followed the site for a long time.

Can I ask the following:-

a) can I use as many handles as I like?

b) can I answer my own posts using a different name?

30 Dec 2020 20:31:41
It’s the truth Gola. Just waiting for Grandad G8 to come along now but he normally gives it then can’t back it up.

30 Dec 2020 20:32:41
The fact Ed hasn’t answered you’re question TomB shows he doesn’t rate Frank.

30 Dec 2020 20:43:31
I’m sure Ed01 will respond if he feels the need. I hope he does.

I’m far to old to have a grandad.

{Ed001's Note - sorry I am watching the Liverpool game, Graham stop putting words in my mouth. I have already said I think he deserves more time as he is trying to integrate youngsters.}

30 Dec 2020 20:47:56
Gola, I have the utmost respect for your views and banter.

I hope you will not drop to the level of calling anyone who has a different opinion “deluded”. as some posters tend to do.

As you know I love the banter but not a massive fan of abuse.

30 Dec 2020 20:55:53
I’m sorry gola my post makes it sound as if Im saying you dish out abuse.

I know you don’t and I apologise if my post offended you in anyway.

30 Dec 2020 20:58:54
Graham? We’ve got it honestly!

Also as I said earlier. I find it best to read posts carefully and preferably sober!

30 Dec 2020 21:02:48
Graham I don't know who you are or what you are going through, but stop embarrassing yourself mate.

You are entitled to have your opinion, but when you repeat something childish over and over again, it becomes tiring and turns into abuse.

So say whatever you want. 😀👍🏼.

30 Dec 2020 21:07:16
Abuse? TomB you reverted to name calling gola the other day and myself as the brothers Grimm. Stop contradicting yourself! Unbelievable.

30 Dec 2020 21:34:35
If only you read read every post accurately Graham.

You are correct I did refer to you both as the brothers Grimm and I think you should also read my response to MDW on that very subject.

Sometimes my strange banter and humour misses the Mark.

30 Dec 2020 20:56:25
Thanks for the clarification Ed.

{Ed001's Note - very welcome Tom.}

30 Dec 2020 21:56:46
Very strange season Ed.

{Ed001's Note - always was going to be strange. No one has any time to prepare between games, so performances are up and down. It is another reason why I would not judge any manager on this season, they simply are not able to do any real coaching. It is mostly just a game, then recovery work, then another game, more recovery work and so on. I was saying before the season even began on the Liverpool site that everyone should be prepared for a crazy season and not to stress about it, but just be glad that it is actually taking place.}

30 Dec 2020 22:09:23
I completely agree Ed and yes we should be very grateful it’s still on. Let’s hope it stays on because I’m sure I’m not the only person who would struggle without it.

Stay safe and Happy New Year.

{Ed001's Note - if it goes off again, then I think I would have to call it a day on the sites, because there is no way I could afford the loss of more income. So I am desperately hoping they don't call it off!}

30 Dec 2020 23:03:29
Hope not Ed.

I’m obviously now retired so the the financial effects of this
dreadful virus has thankfully passed me by.

I am struggling massively in other ways. I am struggling big time to see the point of it all. My family try there best and I have a solid circle of friends but the feeling of loneliness is sometimes overwhelming.

I find this site to be of great help!

Anyway, let’s keep our fingers crossed and as I always say, it helps to talk.

{Ed001's Note - I am glad the site helps you and that you are safe financially. The hardest thing for me is seeing so many I care about struggle and not be able to help them. At least these sites has enabled me to actually help someone!}

30 Dec 2020 23:43:13
More than you know Ed and if more people were open about there issues they would say the same.

Chins up for 2021.

{Ed001's Note - quite a few across the sites have said the same recently Tom. It does make it that much easier to get up in the morning knowing that. I just hope things get better for you soon mate.}

31 Dec 2020 08:30:50
Yes let’s hope we can beat this horrible thing quickly in the New Year and get back to some sort of normality including fans back in stadiums. Stay safe everyone.



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