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06 Jan 2021 23:35:53
His stats aren't great in terms of a win ratio yes. You're all forgetting this is probably the youngest and inexperienced side we've had since Roman took over.

Young players in key positions. We've all moaned that youths not given a chance and when it's done were not willing to give them more than 18 months to develop with their new coach that's placed faith in them? People need to stop this now, it's embarrassing.

Doubt anyone other than Frank would of even taken the job after Sarri with a ban and losing Eden so we all should show some respect for him having the balls to do it. Last 16 of CL and withing striking distance of top 4, I'm chuffed.

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07 Jan 2021 06:38:35
Exactly my thoughts.

07 Jan 2021 13:15:43
Good post dadubliner.

07 Jan 2021 14:02:34
I beg to differ, the problem is more of Frank being inexperienced and not up for the job at the moment than blaming it on the youth or academy players. We don't have the youngest squad and have enough age-balanced team to compete. A more experienced manager will do better in integrating the youth than a rookie manager who never had upto 1 year managerial experience in the top flight division. Lampard could eventually become a very good manager but he needs time. Unfortunately he may not have such luxury of time at Chelsea except if he had Pep, Zidane headstart.
Again it's not correct that no one would have taken the job except Frank owing to your aforementioned situation. Chelsea is still a big club with ambition and so many managers would have jumped at the opportunity of coaching Chelsea. After all we only had till the immediate next transfer window to serve up the ban when Frank took over and expectedly we were always going to spend just we did with him.
We never wanted the youth at the expense of success but gradual integrations.

07 Jan 2021 15:05:20
Why not let him build some experience with us though? Did you expect us to win the league this year? CL maybe? Do a treble? I just don't see this crisis you're all implying we find ourselves in. I for one enjoyed our football until we started losing. You can't win every game, play well every game and win everything all the time. It just doesn't happen. Could Frank change some tactics around a little? Yes! I agree. What I don't agree with is how spoilt some fans have become. The only players still in the team from Sarris season are Kante, occasionally Kovacic and Azpi. We've literally changed the whole starting team over the course of the past 18 months with 3-4 regular new starters this season. To expect the team to just click and challenge for everything is just play bonkers. I said it before and I'll say it again y'all need to stick to FIFA Career mode because not even in Football Manager you'd be able to do that. Frank's done a great job up to now and I for one will reserve judgement until the season is over or even when his contract runs out.

07 Jan 2021 15:07:51
I would also point out that both pep and zizou had fantastic teams when they took over. Klopp had a woeful squad and was backed cleverly by Liverpool and it's only in his 3 season that they became a force to be reckoned with.

07 Jan 2021 15:19:26
Good post ilo. I agree entirely. Frank was not ready to get the job in the first place. Also, he must have great confidence in himself to have taken the job or should I say over-confidence.

07 Jan 2021 15:34:05
Whether you are right ilo - and I am not sure you are - surely depends in large part on what CFC management wanted this time round (ie beginning of last season) in a managerial appointment. In the past it has been pretty instant success or the manager's out of the door. This time round it seems likely that the brief was different, was seen mutually by FL and board as a three-season project of integrating youngsters from the academy with young talent from abroad plus some experienced ones, over time. and it began at a time when the team was in great need of a rebuild, when Hazard was off to Real Madrid, and when the club faced a transfer ban. The C.V. crisis meant that some real talent was available for below usual market prices this last window, so perhaps more was brought in during this one wondow than might otherwise have been the case. This certainly upped expectations among us fans including me after our good run (albeit it not v top teams), after I'd initially been a bit more cautious. But Klopp did take 4 seasons to get LFC to the top. And it may well be that a few established top managers may not have relished taking on a top team, that you rightly say CFC is, at a time when that team has just lost its top player and has a transfer ban for fear of loss to own reputation (eh cannot imagine Mourinho would have, and suspect Coonte may have left cos of transfer frustrations) .

The situation has changed now of course, but my guess is that the Board will give Frank at least until the end of this season to assess progress, and that this is the sensible thing to do, even if none of us knows at this stage what the outcome will be though fans on this site divide into those who want to continue to give Frank a decent reasonably lengthy chance, those that want him out now or yesterday, and those somewhere in between. I would myself, as you will have guessed, give him to the end of this season at least as I still do not think he's lost the dressing room and I recall what he achieved towards end of last season. December/ Jan has often been rocky for CFC teams in recent seasons.

Believe me, I am really hurting cos of string of current bad results right, and do understand the wish for instant remedy with anew manager (though remedy not always guaranteed after usual initial boost) . But I think we do need to find the patience to see whether or not Frank can make sufficient progress in working with the players - many of whom are v young - this seasom to make us genuine title contenders by next season. To build the proper foundations of a club that wants to play in a certain fluid/ attacking way and successfully so, while continually integrating players from the academy, can take a while and mean sticking with one manager for longer than we have done since RA ownership, with all its wonderful success. Of course I'm not sure how patient RA and the Bopard will be.

07 Jan 2021 15:56:45
Dubliner this is CHELSEA FC. Managers don’t come here to learn we are not Burton Albion. We aspire to be champions league winners again after spending 220 million. Simple.

07 Jan 2021 16:03:24
Good post JBS. You might be right that the board will hold fire until the end of this season. But I cannot believe that RA had sanctioned a period of 3 years for Chelsea to remain dormant while FL works things out.

07 Jan 2021 16:23:47
Couldn’t agree with you more dubliner, you read my mind entirely. He deserves time to get the team right. Think people need to have more respect for Lampard for what he has done for us and if everyone loved him so much you would think they would give him more of a chance than 18 months and half of this is during a a tough time for all the teams as results show for all teams.

07 Jan 2021 17:00:54
IMO these excuses are just because it has to do with one of our favorite legend, Frank Lampard. Would you have been this PATIENT if it were to be another manager? I remember Ancelotti, Conte, getting the sack after winning the league and the FA cup and many of us could still find justification for their sack. Truth is that Chelsea operate a cut throat approach (ruthless) and that has seen us as one of the most successful English club since RA era. It has its issues but it has ensured we are always in contention for all trophies we compete for.
It would be an extra joy for all CFC fans if it worked with our legend but I wouldn't continue to insist if doesn't.
Based on this kind of sentiments, imo Frank might remain till the season end but that of course depends on results. I don't see RA being that patient if results don't change and improve ASAP. Frank will would walk if this kind of unusual compromise is expected of him against his career just like he did when he feared for his place during Mourinho 2nd spell. That's the game, no had feeling.

07 Jan 2021 17:58:45
Yes I've had this attitude towards all our coaches. Coaches need time to build their own teams. Build a team culture and playing style. 18 months is not enough time, especially when the personnel is in transition. The club know what they're doing and unless we don't recover from the form slump and Frank loses the changing room then he will still be in charge next season.

07 Jan 2021 18:03:28
Give it up the lot of you and show some class! Frank Lampard should see out his full deal and then discuss failure or renewal. End of. In a Chelsea shirt he was absolutely impeccable, the boy oozed class, he scored hundreds of goals, won games, cups and leagues, and not forgetting he lifted the European Champions League Trophy as the club captain. As a boy that grew up in Glasgow I remember loads of us all taking Chelsea as our English team, that 1970 FA Cup Final and 1971 ECWC was brilliant we loved them. They were a classy club and a brilliant football team. When I moved to London as an adult it was a no brainer my club would be Chelsea. I tell you do NOT play into the narrative of the media, rivals and opponents of Chelsea desperate to see the club sack the club’s greatest player. Show some maturity, the football club will come out of it all the better if they let FL work his contract. I am absolutely sick to the back teeth of the reporting on this subject. It’s a hellish season, let’s grit our teeth and go forward.

07 Jan 2021 18:14:48
Brilliant posts by JBS, Stephen60 and dadubliner.
You guys are absolutely spot on. 👌🏼.

07 Jan 2021 18:47:04
Stephen we are all entitled to our opinions about Frank but his achievements as a player are irrelevant IMO.

07 Jan 2021 19:08:43
Jimbo no problem. That is what the forum is about. I can take a debate amongst Chelsea fans.

07 Jan 2021 19:55:00
Stephen absolutely right, we are all passionate about the club and want to be the best, that’s what I miss about match days. Brought memories back of one of my early matches at the Bridge as a kid in 1968 v Man U. They had Best, Charlton, Stiles, Law etc. Around 55,000 in the ground, no health and safety then. I was so small the crash barriers nearly choked me as the crowd heaved- happy days.

07 Jan 2021 20:04:28
Sorry misremembered it was 1969 and 60, 000 attendance.

07 Jan 2021 20:26:08
Yea spot on lads, I share Stephens sentiment that debate is healthy and sure what else are we doing in our spare time anyway 😉 had the day off work today so it's movies, pizza and this site 😂 we just all need to chill and be patient, as a club in England I see us only second to Liverpool ATM. Utd, City, Spurs and Arsenal have nothing on us. We're the most successful English club in the last 15 years at this stage, growing fan base and are fully established on the European stage now. We can take time to build from within now and bring some of these boys through now. James, Mount, CHO, Tammy are all top players and will get better and better, add in Kai, Timo, Chilly and were set for the next 5-7 years.

07 Jan 2021 23:03:00
I have to agree with ilo, fantastic post. I agree that these excuses are just because it has to do with one of our favorite legend, Frank Lampard. I mean Sarri finished 3rd, won the Europa league and yet I never heard fans scream for more time? Yes maybe he didn't connect with the fans but just because you connect doesn't make you a top class coach. Frank is a novice in terms of management experience and his pretty much learning and doing experiments at Chelsea. I wonder what the reaction would have been if it was anybody but Frank Lampard?

One thing for certain, the next 3 games are massive for him. Positive results needed against Fulham and Leicester.

07 Jan 2021 23:10:01
Like like your post but disagree about Mount, CHO and particularly Abraham don’t think they will ever be top class players they are part of a cohort of overrated young English players. James is IMO the exception. Managers and players come and go but I agree with you that we will come good and re-establish ourselves as a top club in the near future.

08 Jan 2021 06:38:55
CFC Shak Sarri wanted to leave though? I certainly wanted to give him more time. Conte wanted to leave I certainly wanted him to have more time. The only coach I wanted out was Jose in his second spell, he was too negative and combative with the media, refs, players etc and toxic in general. Lampard being a former player has nothing to do with fans wanting patience. That patience I believe comes from an understanding that time is needed if you want a certain style of football and to allow players to settle into a cohesive group. Jimbo, you may be right but we won't know unless we give them continued opportunities, players aren't often born finished articles, they usually have to follow a progression path. Drogba at 21 and Drogba at 26 are two very different players. Lampard for example signed at 21 played most league fixtures for us got 5 league goals. Next season 6 I believe, it wasn't until his 3rd season he gets double figures. This is my point about time. Yes if you buy ready made players in their prime and hire established coaches like a Conte or Jose, you're probably going to win leagues straight away and challenge for trophies immediately. If you sign 20 year olds and hire progressive modern coaches, you need to give them time.



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