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28 Jan 2021 07:32:56
Managers who take over at Chelsea have not always found it easy to improve the performances but some have still managed to win trophies.

This season TT has his worked cut as the games come around so quickly.

When AG took over football was ok and he did take us to a Champions League final and IMO we were unlucky to lose.

RDM took over mid season and generally our football under his leadership was poor but all was forgiven because he gave us our dream trophy.

In GH's first spell the football was very good and he took us onto another FA cup success.

Under Rafa the football was predictable and a durge but he did take us onto to win another European pot.

GH's second spell as interim manager wasn't very good and was all a bit pointless (no pun intended) for me.

I think TT is going to find the remainder of this season very hard for the reasons I've already stated. If he gets us into the top four it would be a good show IMO and a pot would be a bonus.

If I am correct and I truly hope I'm not, it would be unfair for any fan or the club to make judgments on his management ability until next season.

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28 Jan 2021 08:31:52
Good post Tom agree with what you have said there.

We are going to need to be patient with TT as it will time for him to get his ideas across and get the players in that he wants, top 4 would be a miracle.

28 Jan 2021 09:12:21
Good post Tom. I suppose that all managers will be mainly judged on results, what titles they win or whether - in EPL days - they get us into the top 4. Getting Top 4 and perghaps winning FA Cup are still realistic possibilities (if he could get us to ECL final like AG that would be an unexpected bonus! ) . But I think on a game to game basis we fans (as well as professional pundits) certainly also judge them - as well as the players, as managers cannot control everything on the pitch of course - by each team performance and overall style of play.

Yesterday may well have been a sensivby cautious 'go for experience and don't lose at any cost' game from TT's perspective, having only just got off theb plane. Although against a Wolves side that hadn't won since beating us in 95th minute at their place. But I think you nailed it when mentioning our play looked like 'Sarri ball' ie generally masses of possession and lateral passes at the back and/ or in front of the opposition. This will surely change to a more adventurous and attacking style - we certainly hope - once he gets to know the squad better. Yet in his interviews he revealed that he has already watched a lot of EPL matches, will have seen a lot of footage of CFC players in that respect already, and knew eg Pulisic from Dortmund days. So after our early fizz fizzled out, would have thought he (anyone managing, anyone of us on this site if managing. ) would have gone for considerable earlier substitution/ s, not least bringing Pulisic and Mount on far earlier.

But it is early days for TT, and he does come across well in interviews as well as in body language on touchline.

28 Jan 2021 09:25:03
Why do we have to be patient? He wins the PL or the CL or gets top 4 as a minimum, or he will have failed and he will have be sacked. You see the mission has been set. All that claptrap about youth development, club and fan connection etc is gone. The majority of fans were prepared to accept that the club might dip in league position to build a better more realistic and sustainable future with Chelsea’s own youth players under the guidance of their most popular and arguably their greatest player. Tuchel will not win the CL or the PL, or will he get top 4. He is also not interested in the slightest in young player development, he will have no knowledge or interest in RLC, Ampadu, or Tomori. In essence The board have been underhand sacking Lamps when the fans are out of the stadium. This is a personality thing nothing to do with results. In summary RA is bigger than Chelsea FC, and this board needs removed as their recruitment is pish and their disconnect with the fans is evident. The appointment of Tuchel is bang average.

28 Jan 2021 10:04:35
Stephen, as I’ve said before I love your passion and if you or any poster thinks he is failing then he should receive constructive criticism. That’s how it should be.

This will IMO be a hard season for all or any interim manager and I did mention something like this pre Lamps sacking.

We now move on with yet another manager and I hope he becomes a successful manager and I’m sure you do to.

28 Jan 2021 10:54:14
If you are going to rant at least get your facts right.
Tuchel has historically given young players a chance at all the club's he has managed.

28 Jan 2021 11:13:22
Stephen, are you related to our previous manager?!

28 Jan 2021 11:20:30
Strasbourg is what you say true of TT's more recent career? TT certainly did promote youth from within clubs in his early career at Augsburg and at Mainz (but only had a win rate at Mainz under 40%), perhaps because of their fimnances he had little choice. At Dortmund there was the outstanding example of Pulisic, but were there many more? Success at Dortmund took the form of a cup trophy, but this was surely largely achieved through his business in the transfer market? Cannot think of anyone he brought through himself at PSG, though you may know otherwise, and he did purchase Mbappe (for c 140 m Euros) and did use Kimpembe who was still only 22 but had had his debut for the club 4 yrs before TT arrived. None of this means that TT won't use the youthful talent that Jody and Frank have brought through from the youth system/ CFC academy though, or I certainly hope not. We will have to see if he brings through more himself.

28 Jan 2021 11:30:05
Maybe the TT teams have been made for pragmatic reasons, I haven’t got a clue but let’s give him a chance.

28 Jan 2021 12:40:34
@stephen is just a Lampard FC fan. Its Only a matter of time before Frank lands his next job and many fans of the former manager (i. e. Stephen) will move on with him. Its pathetic to see fans like this spread BS constantly on here.

28 Jan 2021 13:36:49
Let’s get this straight. I am confident that my position on the Lampard sacking is wrong is representative of the vast majority of Chelsea fans. The nonsense I am reading on this platform re the “future” and last nights game in terms of tactic, effort, or enjoyment beggar belief. The team selection was garbage and so was the display. The board at Chelsea are getting away with complete incompetence. They have spent an absolute fortune on poor players since 2016, Kepa, , Bajayoko, Palmieri, Zappacosta, Jorginho, Batshyui, Rudiger. The board appear to deliberately not sign the players the coaches ask for, don’t you want to know why? Conte asked for Van Dijk and Lukaku, he got the rat that is Rudiger and Morata. Frank needed and demanded Declan Rice, and he had an inkling for Aubameyang and Tarskowsi, he got none of them. Chelsea have made ONE CL semI-final since winning that tournament, hundreds of millions has been wasted in that time, the board have had 8 months to unload Kepa, Alonso, Jorginho, and all the other loanees. They have also kicked out Tomori to favour Rudiger. If the ground was open I would be right up the front demanding change at the top while most of u lot would be in the house kidding yourself that the club is cares about being an elite football club that actually stands for something.

28 Jan 2021 14:13:07
That’s unfair Shak. Stephen is expressing his view and that’s fine by me.

I’m upset about the Lamps sacking and I’m also not happy with the board but it makes me and others no less a fan.

I have now moved onto to supporting our new manager and I hope In time other fans like Stephen will do the same.

28 Jan 2021 14:43:34
If you had looked at other forums the biggest being the club's you would have seen roughly a 50/ 50 split on Lampards abilities to turn the ship around.
For once and fittingly the club have profited from the appointment of a manager with a number of academy players breaking through which doesn't mean he had the experience to manage the group effectively long term.
You can criticise the club ownership all you like but I will be eternally grateful for Romans flawed approach that won us multiple major trophies.
It's isn't the club I started supporting in the late 60's or the industry for that matter with the vast amounts of money at stake.
Many clubs are run on the basis of finance which is a shame but the reality of football today.

28 Jan 2021 15:05:24
Lampard simply had to go . statistically the worst manager in our history.

28 Jan 2021 15:11:51
Tom i understand its his views but his constantly spreading negativity. There's many ppp like him out there and the only antidote for this is that Tuchel's Chelsea start winning. The more we win the less negativety. Give the new man a chance and don't berate the board that put this flipping club on the map. Ungrateful ppl.

28 Jan 2021 15:19:07
Thank you TomB, no issue whatsoever with Shak comments. Perfectly entitled to make an opinion on my post. I am trying to highlight some of the operating incompetence and blatant failures that has went on at Chelsea unchecked. For me it’s been brought to a head by this sacking. United, Arsenal, Liverpool, WHU, NUFC, Spurs, all have had their fans have a go at their board. Not Chelsea. why? Because it’s always the coach’s fault? I am not averse to dismissals, in RA’s time apart from Jose first time, Carlo and possibly Antonio, the rest were correct. But I am having a problem with this one. For me this is not tactical, it is personal. Someone has been told that they don’t know what they are doing and someone didn’t like that. Cue a call to RA. Do you know that £328m has been spent on the following at Chelsea. Morata, Baka, Drinkwater, Rudiger, Zappa, Emerson, Kepa, Jorginho, Batshyui, not one of the above improved themselves or the team, all were bit or squad players and just not up to it at Chelsea FC. And now this same board sack Frank Lampard the greatest player in the RA era, in fact in Chelsea’s history to bring in a bang average Joe. Incredible. Tuchel who let me assure you will not win the PL or the CL and will be sacked before his 18 months, if they can hire the no1 kid in the block in the next 18 months., It is my opinion that RA should be shaking up the boardroom and not the coaches, or make a call on his ownership. I think he has taken the club on a magical journey but I have got to say that sacking Lamps says more to me about his attitude to how he views Chelsea FC in his business portfolio.

28 Jan 2021 15:21:48
It would have been nice if Joe Mears had run our club as a business Strasbourg. We wouldn’t have had to sell Jimmy Greaves and many Chelsea fans would have seen one of our greatest ever English footballers week in week out.

It will take time for the Lamps anger to fade away but if TT starts winning a few games it will happen sooner rather than later. Generally football fans are a fickle lot.

28 Jan 2021 16:17:05
There are lots of different views on the Lamps sacking out there Shak and it’s not helped by some journalists who pedal mischievous crap.

Most fans have a biased views, I certainly do we all have to see the other persons view.

It may well be reasonable for Stephen the question some decision makers under Roman. I haven’t got a clue if any such criticism is justified but he is entitled to his view.



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