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06 Feb 2021 22:11:13
I'm a big fan of Mason Mount's work rate and technical ability but he should not be anywhere near the final third area for us. I know he's young but his decision making once he gets on the counter is atrocious. He should not be compared to Foden or Grealish because he isn't nowhere near them or even Maddison for that matter.

If were sticking to 3-4-3 he needs to play as one of the two midfielders or not at all.

Sorry with all due respect but he is nowhere near as good as Chelsea fans make out. I think their love might be a a lot more because he's from the academy but Mount reminds me a lot of Willian in his first season under Mourinho but at RW. Absolute workhorse and played him there to give Hazard more freedom on the right as he worked tirelessly infront of Brana but his end product goals/ assist was awful.

Mount could be a decent deeper midfielder but he should not be apart of the attacking trio. I remember when he got into loads of space near the 6 yard box in the first half last night and blasted it over.

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06 Feb 2021 22:28:59
Only time will tell if Mount becomes the player a lot of us believe he can be.

I remember doubts about Lamps, Drogba and many others over the years.

The thing is, he is playing well now and that’s what matters.

06 Feb 2021 22:32:48
Think he works well in that false no.9 due to his work rate. That being said, I fully agree that his decision-making is lacking. I think that goes for the whole of our team right now tho. I believe we need to improve that, and will see TT work to solving it.

06 Feb 2021 22:33:31
hes a young player still learning and his decision making will improve in the final 3rd, one thing in his favour is that his spatial awareness is very good and he manages to peel off into space regularly

id maybe look at CHO and pulisic in the 'inside' positions in this current formation as they're very direct in their dribbling and maybe ziyech against 'smaller' teams that need to be broken down

one thing i don't understand is the calls for havertz- rn he's not shown anything that proves he's worthy of even starting for the u23's and without the price tag that's probably where he would be, i think he's going to need a lot of time, patience and maybe some cup ties before he's ready for a starting spot as he has some catching up to do before he adjusts to the physical requiremnts of the league.

06 Feb 2021 23:33:17
I think Harvertz will come good for us. Think about it, he is a young lad, he has come to a new country during a C.V., he has had C.V., he can’t socialise with his teammates or go home to see his family or friends;it must be difficult for him.

{Ed0666's Note - good points you make Jimbo. It makes me want to give him a cuddle and a cup of tea.

07 Feb 2021 07:11:11
I think some people forget that Mount statically is a top 5 PL midfielder.

Foden better than Mount and he is nowhere near Madison or Grealish? Are you guys watching the same thing?

The guy is literally our most creative player and he constantly make things happen for everyone around him. He is an all around player.
It's just ridiculous how much negativity comes his way at the moment.

I fail to understand the logic and reason behind some of these claims.
Kai and Werner are decent players that need time and lots of effort to be up to the task at PL. They'll probably be good at some point but right now, there is really no point for starting them regularly, of course other than the price tag.

07 Feb 2021 08:00:36
The personal comments about Mount from a section of fans is sickening.

I’ve said he is my choice as POTY so far this season followed by Silva.

07 Feb 2021 08:46:40
Completely agree with you Ash and Tom. Certainly Mount needs to take more of the chances - most of which he creates himself - but then so more so do all of our forwards not least the poor lad Werner who so desperately needs a goal.

07 Feb 2021 08:57:41
Absolutely correct Tom and JBS.

We need better finishing all around, so does Mount. I'm not saying he is already at the top of his game, but for me he has shown how talented he is.

It would be nice to try CHO, Tammy and Mount up top at some point. I think their understanding for eachother's game would probably result in something good for us.

07 Feb 2021 10:42:17
Excellent post by the poster. I agree with the points.

07 Feb 2021 11:24:45
Mount cho and tammy up front I never want to see that EVER.

07 Feb 2021 12:36:26
It’s a big squad so my guess is the chances of them EVER playing together are pretty remote.

I think he might pick Tammy as he is better at defending corners but I have to admit that is a pretty negative thought.

07 Feb 2021 13:40:32
I agree Gola. never.

07 Feb 2021 13:57:31
I wouldn’t pick the player of the year so far this season either.

I would save him for the important games!

07 Feb 2021 15:01:04
Silvas injured Tom.

07 Feb 2021 15:12:58
I’m with Shak and Gola. He has created a lot of chances but remember he’s a set piece taker as well. Watch Grealish and Foden and how good they are in open play they’re fantastic players. Does Mount have an open play assist this season? He’s only scored two goals and one of them was against ten man Fulham. He’a a decent player but very overrated.

07 Feb 2021 15:44:38
And people calling for havertz over mount.
Who exactly has havertz scored against?

The arguement about havertz being young also works for mount!

07 Feb 2021 15:50:52
Mount is certainly rated by the majority of fans and only underrated by a minority.

Glad your keeping up with the plot gola!

07 Feb 2021 16:03:48
His decent, that's it. Mason himself is bewildered by some of the praise he gets. It does more bad than good.

07 Feb 2021 16:15:44
Time will tell Shak.

07 Feb 2021 16:16:39
Which is Tom.

07 Feb 2021 16:36:50
More bizzare posts!

07 Feb 2021 16:50:55
Sorry jsfinchy for not replying to your post. Your point is well made and spot on.

07 Feb 2021 17:12:51
TomB is fine.

I just find it hard to believe how people under rate mount. I have no doubt that havertz will come good also. But all the football pundits praising mount but some fans don't see it.

Some of my good friends are man u, man city, leeds fans and all would want him.

07 Feb 2021 17:23:33
I think the majority of football fans would agree with those observations jsfinchy.



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