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16 Feb 2021 09:31:16
So, we now have some really hard games.

What are posters expectations?

The next next few games will, by some, be described as "season defining" but I doubt that will be the case.

I think we can get a result against AM over the two games and I would take 4pts against Liverpool and Utd all day long.

I remember going to St Mary's on a Boxing Day. It never stopped raining and I would have been happy with a draw but if I remember correctly we stuffed them. I don't care how we play, I just want the three points this time.

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16 Feb 2021 10:01:07
Two draws with Atelti (not sure who goes through) .

3 points against ManU and I think Liverpool is going to attack us badly and I expect 3 points dropped.

16 Feb 2021 10:05:57
I'll be honest, I am a lot more optimistic now. I expect good results against AM, Liverpool and Utd.

We have a very good side and our rivals should be equally scared of us. The harder game will be Liverpool match, they are going through a tough phase but let's face it they can just click and outwit teams.

The confidence in the mighty Blue is back!

16 Feb 2021 10:53:12
Firstly I think that Chelsea are 2 points light from the TT games in charge. I’m also finding this good run slightly bewildering. To me CHO and Kova are much better with Azpi better “positionally”. Werner is playing with more confidence but only scoring slightly better in performance levels. He has been given a couple of MOMs by Sky when both Mount and Kova imo have been bigger contributors. Jorginho playing slightly quicker but in the last 20 last night he resorted to type of being negative and slow. The rest of the players playing roughly the same. And yet, as a team they have been winning easy. Winning at a canter. To me It has been that easy. When Lamp’s team were on their winning run the football was more dynamic than it is just now, but possibly slightly more chaotic? With less organisation? I just don’t know. As everyone on here has said, no Chelsea fan is convinced that Chelsea have now found a formulae that establishes Chelsea as the no 2 team in England. I too am trying not to get carried away, but I cannot help but feel that Chelsea will win v AM and do well over the next half dozen games. I’m hurting for Mendy and Zouma who have done nothing wrong, particularly Mendy being dropped for a guy that humiliated the club At Wembley and if he had been a £30m signing would have been marched off the premises without ceremony. I suppose the whole Lamps thing lies in where Chelsea finish, I actually do see a top 4 finish, but I think much of that is down to the season as opposed to any great improvement. However I would accept that finishing 2nd would qualify as success for the investment l. am I being over confident?

16 Feb 2021 11:24:05
The reason you are puzzled is because you are not acknowledging the significant upturn in form of Alonso Jorghino Kovacic Christensen Azpi Werner CHO Rudiger (8 player)
A, significant part of that is the change in formation and tactical approach.
The new manager is using the players at his disposal in positions they feel comfortable unlike the last regime.
Are we the finished article in a few weeks under a new manager. of course not and we will need to improve to finish higher than 4th.
I don't expect to beat Athletico who are one of the toughest outfits in Europe with one of the best managers.
Given the mess TT inherited I think 3rd would be a remarkable achievement.

16 Feb 2021 12:00:01
Its bewildering because your still not over the sacking of FL unfortunately. We are a different side and I'm loving the fact that TT is getting the best out of players who were out of favour.

16 Feb 2021 12:10:04
Some good points IMO Stephen and while the football so far under TT hasn’t always been easy on the eye we are winning and at the moment, that’s the most important thing.

16 Feb 2021 12:54:56
Yeah your right guys. I’m not recognising the significant upturn in 8 of the players that’s what it is? I’m forgetting that Lamp’s Chelsea only done Barnsley 6-0 at home, as compared to 1-0 away, done Burnley 3-0 away as compared to 2-0 at home, done SU 4-1 home as compared to 2-1 away, done NUFC 2-0 away as compared to 2-0 at home. But to be fair the significant upturn in the 8 did manage improvement with a 0-0 v Wolves at home as compared to a 2-1 loss away, and a 1-0 win away win over a wretched Spurs team playing without Kane as compared to a 0-0 home draw with Kane. Hey, and don’t forget TT has not even had the luxury of getting the whole £220m + summer investment onto the pitch, like lucky old Frank. Really looking forward to the signings that Marina and the board put together with Chillwell, Werner, Harvertz, Ziyech all on the pitch, which three of the 8 do you think will need to drop out? Although I do expect for many reasons that we have seen the last of Chillwell.

16 Feb 2021 13:39:01
Are you incapable of recognising that we were a team devoid of confidence with the majority of the players lacking any semblance of form when TT took over?
We have seen a similar situation under several coaches in the last 20 years and it normally happens when the manager has lost the dressing room or significant parts of it.

16 Feb 2021 14:16:07
The earlier you get over the sacking of the prodigal coach you will not even notice the improvement. Frank didn't even know what qualities at his disposal and couldn't piece them up . it's not a surprise to me because I know any manager with knowledge of coaching basics will make us better after Frank had battered their confidence. by blacklisting some players like Alonso and remaining rigid with his formation and shoe horning players to positions, Even picking players who's out of form
It's unfortunate some of you are still bitter about his sacking and would want TY to slip just so you can blame the board. imo it wasn't done on time otherwise we would be contending with city. we would have been with arsenal with Frank after signing more than half a team in to the envy of other clubs. he played the youth but didn't have options because of the ban. mrunning a business on sentiments is counter productive.

16 Feb 2021 14:24:51
I don’t believe stories about losing dressing rooms.

I do believe in new managers generally get a good reaction when they join a club but I do also remember GH’s second spell after taking over from Jose.

It’s was dreadful under Jose but a lot worse under GH.

Can’t we just leave judgements until the end of the season and now support the club manager and players and forget all this Lamps/ TT comparison sh•t.

The king is dead long live the king.

16 Feb 2021 14:50:15
Ilo, Lamps has now left and we all should move on. Support the club, manager and players but let’s not forget when we play AM who got us qualified for the competition with a young squad and with the vast majority of fans saying top six would be an amazing result. Thanks Lamps.

This season for lot or reasons didn’t work out the way we all wanted for Lamps and for that he got the tin tac. It happens at our club quite frequently.

We now have TT as our manager and I like most supporters want him to be successful.

16 Feb 2021 15:19:06
As a matter of interest why do you think groups of players suddenly lose confidence and form then?

16 Feb 2021 15:39:00
For lots of reasons Strasbourg.

Could be personal, could be carrying an injury, could be playing out of position, could be being dropped, could be the system, could be the shape, could be the managers arrogance, but to be honest I haven’t got a clue.

The difference is, I admit to having no inside knowledge about the events leading up to any managers sacking but the amount of times a manager gets sacked and the media says “he lost the dressing room” is, for me, most times just lazy journalism.

When clubs go on a losing run players and IMO lose confidence. This was highlighted last season when we couldn’t defend set pieces, you could almost see the players visibly getting stressed. Confidence is a very fragile thing and in football the margins are very small.

16 Feb 2021 16:21:55
I agree Tom and fans putting everything that went wrong on FL and low confidence is just as lazy and thoughtless.

Everyone should be a bit more chilled and level headed. In the beginning of the season we were unbeaten for 17 games and as Chilly said everyone felt that we are not going to lose anytime soon, but if you really watched the games you cou6 have seen that this team is not the finished product. Then as things started to be bad and we hit a hard patch, everyone disproportionately made it like it was the end of the world. But it wasn't. More than a few of those losses could have been different by the slightest of margins.

Now we are on a good run and I'm not blown away because we are still not a very good side. We have lots of potential, I agree but we are still far away from being a top side in Europe.

16 Feb 2021 17:44:59
Great post Ashk. I’m going n total agreement.

16 Feb 2021 19:16:10
Eds, can you please ban the words Lamps, Lampard and Frank on this site until the end of the season please - it's getting soooooo boring!

{Ed047's Note - I’m pretty sure there isn’t a filter that could stop the barrage of those particular names getting through and that’s not even including the FL either! 🤷‍♂️🤣

16 Feb 2021 19:39:46
Come on Ed make it happen. Along with Mason Mount and double pivot.

If only!

{Ed047's Note - it’d be like trying to stop United fans dreaming of a decent defender, getting Newcastle fans to love Mike Ashley or people to believe Gareth Bale still has it!

Never going to happen!

16 Feb 2021 20:48:01
One can only try Ed.

{Ed047's Note - 🤣🤣

16 Feb 2021 21:27:43
FL is history now, the quicker some of you move on then the quicker you enjoy Chelsea FC. There are far too many posters who are cut up about the sacking of the novice manager.

I'll be honest, his my favourite player probably of all time but I couldn't care less on what he achieved in the past. For me it's about the present and FL for me was one of the worst managers we've had and had to go.

The quicker some of you get over FL then the better. FL is enjoying his life, I think some need to take a leaf out of his books.

16 Feb 2021 21:39:04
Shak, you seem to be bringing his name up more than most mate by making comparisons. TT is now our manager and that is a fact.

I agree with MDW it should in some way be auto edited out. Unless of course it’s in reference to the player.

The King is dead long live the king.

17 Feb 2021 09:39:32
I seem to be bringing up his name because some pple need to accept that TT is doing a fine job and stop making gripes indirectly.

17 Feb 2021 10:40:03
When a club is winning it’s generally excepted the manager is doing well.

Posters will eventually move on if the winning continues.

As I keep saying, be constructive with criticism during the season and leave any judgements to the end of the season. That would seem particularly reasonable as TT has come in at the middle of a season.

17 Feb 2021 11:00:54
No gripes about TT at all. None the things that happend is his fault and he seems to be a decent enough bloke, at least for the time being.

But you don't get it Shak why it hurted so very much when we sacked FL. People actually care about these things. You call them sentimental or whatever, but there are a huge number of fans that care about the club, the culture, the legends and everything as a whole and lots of them feel disconnected and discouraged by the recent decisions.
Honestly, I find myself caring less about the results and I enjoy the games a lot less and I'm sure lots of people feel the same. And this is coming from a person that's been a fan since 16 17 years ago, since I was a kid really and mostly just watches Chelsea.

I have moved on, but I understand if people care and are hurt by it.



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