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17 Feb 2021 15:50:46
A point worth emphasising and I was not a fan of the last management team, is that the job I believe they were tasked with they achieved.
That being the integration of younger players into the first team squad.
It's arguably the first occasion a manager has left the club in a significantly better financial position than when he arrived.
Promising young players have become established first team regulars adding literally tens of millions to there value.
This will be Frank's managerial legacy when it's reflected upon in a few years time.
However there was no doubt we needed to move on to a more experienced management team to take the next steps towards competing at the highest level.

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17 Feb 2021 17:14:46
Strasbourg, your post in my opinion is reasonably balanced.

I like a lot of fans didn’t want a change of manager but the club decided otherwise and like the vast majority of fans i now give my 100% support to TT.

However, every time we get a positive result under TT we get the “I told you so” or the “should have done it earlier” posters coming out in strength.

I have no doubt the reverse will be true. When we eventually get beat the “should never have sacked him” or “acted to quickly” posters will be out in full force.

That small part of our history is now over so FGS can we all now move on and as I keep saying support the club, the manager and the players.

Also, i think our previous manager deserves some credit for getting us qualified for the Champions League this season while introducing several academy players. Something a lot of fans and posters thought was unlikely at the start of last season.

17 Feb 2021 17:23:46
Generally agree, Strasbourg, although he did refuse to give CHO much game-time and he did allow Tomori to go on loan.

17 Feb 2021 17:28:09
Two good posts. We will have to see how well our academy players progress in say the next two years.

17 Feb 2021 17:34:09
MDW, CHO was coming back from a very bad injury and IMO a managed return to first team was warranted and probably good in the long term, for the player.

Tomori, for the time being remains a bit of a mystery. I personally would have played him above Rudiger all day long.

17 Feb 2021 17:50:00
I could go a mile on the Lampard sacking, but I promised TomB I’d stop banging on so I’ll leave it till season end. Re Tomori, I heard two stories on this. The club needed to shift out a CB off the wage bill. Rudiger was identified but they couldn’t unload the dud. No surprise there. However with AC wanting Tomori it was an easy one and off he went. Second story. Tomori had poor stats for defensive headers at Cobham, particularly from set plays and was therefore identified as the weakest in the group. Not sure I’m having that, but then again I have no time for Rudiger or the other weaklings who are the past, and are taking up squad berths and keeping out new signings or our younger players who can play that position.

17 Feb 2021 17:53:13
Tom I agree about Tomori. It is a mystery: probably never get to the bottom of it.

17 Feb 2021 18:06:43
Stephen. I have probably got the wrong player but I seem to remember something about attitude and training.

As I say, I’ve probably got this wrong and if so, I apologise.

17 Feb 2021 18:10:58
Don’t believe reasons given for Tomori going. If it was the wage bill then Rudiger, Christensen or Zouma would have gone and as far as I am concerned all three can go. Tomori would I assume be on the lowest wages and is only a loan with an option to buy: even if Milan could afford the fee there is no guarantee they would take up the option.

17 Feb 2021 18:40:52
😂 you are as bad as me Jimbo.56. A bit harsh I think but it’s all about opinions. Yes TomB, like a lot of things in football, if the management do happen to want you out, then a little bit of “wrong or poor attitude”, or “not fit enough” leaking out from the training pitch always comes in handy.

17 Feb 2021 19:26:41
True Stephen but surely your not suggesting an agenda! God forbid. haha.

17 Feb 2021 19:51:28
Good discussion guys. I have seen a while back that Mason Mount is priced around 110M€!

About CHO, I think FL wanted him to be a player that does good on both ends of the floor and he had worked on this and now we are seeing how good he is playing in defence and offence.

I don't know what happened with Tomori but FL coached him at Derby as well and he rated him very highly, so there must have been something. I remember Ed002 said something about him not doing well in the training or something similar.

I think Tammy, Reece and BG will also have a big place in the first team and I would like to see Conor Gallagher, RLC, Ampadu and Guehi be given a good chance to show themselves.

We have a great academy, if only we could have used them a bit more.

17 Feb 2021 20:07:10
👍 now you’re talking Ashk1. All the way. That is a proper and sustainable future. Win a big title built on the back of these guys and the roof will come off the stadium at SB!

17 Feb 2021 21:16:34
Take off you rose-coloured spectacles guys. If we regularly played Abraham and RLC we would win f**k all. I reserve judgement on the others as they haven’t played enough. If Mount is worth 110 million Euros then I suppose Tammy is worth at least 80 mill - really!

17 Feb 2021 21:59:44
My guess is some of our loaned and fringe players will be sold at the end of the season.

I would suggest whatever we think a player is worth may well be an overvaluation this year.

IMO we will find find the market very suppressed in the next window.

I suppose we might be able to find some value if selling clubs are suffering a financial pinch.

18 Feb 2021 07:54:52
Guys/ Gals (allgood Tom I know you're not the later lol) but we have to look from a financial perspective (this is how our club is operated now) I loved the fact that FL was made head coach when appointed, he did the job required, top 4, just!
I -like most on here, and obviously the club- was disappointed with the progress this year after the spend of season, good start then KABOOMB everything fell apart. New manager (not my choice tbh) and CHO, different player, on the button, Timo, awesome and finally looking like what we purchased. Jorghino starting to look what Man City wanted to buy, and Kovacich, a revelation under TT.
We are Chelsea, look out BM, we are coming for that title, I think we can do it!

18 Feb 2021 10:14:17
The last financial results that I looked at for our club looked very good.

We should be in a stronger than most position at the next window.



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