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19 Feb 2021 00:37:16
From european pages on haaland-

"A cash offer from Chelsea interests his representative and Dortmund would push for a player from Chelsea as well - although they would need to wait a year before he can join"

Sounds promising, im guessing the player is charlie webster and we need champions league to get haaland.

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19 Feb 2021 10:09:09
I thought so too but never say never in football, if Chelsea waits till 2022, the competition for Haaland’s signature will increase (although there could be a release clause that could be lower than the transfer fee if Chelsea were to go for him next season) . I guess a lot will depend on how our strikers improve this season and potential outgoings.

19 Feb 2021 12:31:42
The negotiating team need to dig out the shut up and take my money gif.

19 Feb 2021 13:00:42
Before Chelsea part with another penny, I’m as interested if not more interested in getting Nathan Ampadu who has been terrific at Sheffield United (reports pushing him for their POY! ) and Connor Gallagher who is also showing well at WBA back to SB to check on their development . As things stand I would be amazed if these players were below the overall contribution being made by the current deadwood who play in their area of the pitch, players such as Emerson, Jorginho, Alonso, and Rudiger. Just another note on transfers. I see rumours that United and Liverpool will be lining up a bid for Declan Rice from WHU in the summer. I wonder which one Declan will go for as his second choice? Because his first choice, the club he started his football journey with and the club he supports are too embarrassed to sign him.

19 Feb 2021 13:25:56
I can’t think why we would be embarrassed to resign Rice?

We have resigned players like Luiz and Drogba before plays managers. I don’t think we do embarrassment.

We will obviously sell some players and probably release some as well. We usually do.

Depending on the usual scouting reports of our loan players this will dictate IMO the players we sign.

19 Feb 2021 13:30:49
Since the arrival of TT Alonso/ Jorghino/ Rudiger have played well and deserved to start.
Alonso in particular has been key to getting more from Werner and is by a distance the best LWB at the club.
I am not sure where Gallagher will fit in but Ampadu would be a useful addition to the, squad as he can play in several positions.

19 Feb 2021 14:47:57
There is no pleasing some fans unfortunately. Alonso, Jorginho, Rudiger, Christensen, Werner etc etc and many others were poor under FL. Of course, their form and confidence was shot to pieces and they underperformed regularly.

However, if TT can get these players to perform consistently then I'll back them like I back all the other players. I have no agendas on who and what is a deadwood.

19 Feb 2021 15:19:20
It's disappointing that some fans have agendas which don't relate to how the players and team are performing.
Jorghino has looked poor at times without doubt as has Alonso when he's been played at LB.
That isn't the case currently partly due to the formation and tactics TT is employing currently plus the developing confidence of the players in his managment of the team.

19 Feb 2021 15:59:01
Straight up facts Strasbourg 💯. I think the bias/ agenda towards certain players is very dissapointing. I agree with your comments on Alonso and Jorginho, we could put others into the same category. I remember Moses was supposed to be the biggest deadwood but under Conte he was very good.

TT is playing players to the strengths and his setting up the team based on what he feels is his best team. I'm glad everyone is on a clean slate.

19 Feb 2021 16:39:53
Strasbourg and Shak, if we are all honest we are all biased towards certain players.

It’s hard to believe but some posters/ fans don’t rate and are biased towards Mount and make all sorts of remarks about him.

I freely admit I’m biased against Rudiger and Alonso but I will support them while they are Chelsea players and only try to be constructive in any criticisms of them.

19 Feb 2021 17:10:12
Well I am biased towards the team winning and playing the best players for any particular system a coach chooses.
Which is exactly what TT is doing currently.
I for example like Kurt but have to admit Rudiger offers more in a three man defence.
Overall I care more about the club than any individual players who are often transitory anyway.

19 Feb 2021 17:14:41
“I don’t think we do embarrassment” 😂 brilliant! . great reply TomB. But that was the reason given by the board for not approving the purchase of Rice, spending £75m on an ex YA player would be embarrassing. Re “agenda, clean slate, tactics, formations” Strasbourg and Shak you make great points and are correct, and at this point I concede you win the debate. However for me I cannot help but think that’s as soon as the opposition are of the highest level and able to quicken the tempo in a heartbeat both in and out of possession, or simply press in unison I fully expect these three Alonso, Jorginho and Rudiger to be unable to respond, implode, or completely disappear from the party. Hopefully I’m wrong btw. And so to the bitter pill that you think I have to swallow “the proof of the pudding” and how the tactical tweaks and different selections TT has made as compared to earlier in the season, results show that TT has managed 3 points more than Chelsea did in the reverse PL fixtures but scored fewer goals, plus the new machine also managed a 1-0 away FA cup win to championship side Barnsley as opposed to the 6-0 League Cup thrashing of Barnsley at home earlier in the season. But that was during the previous management’s flukey 16 game unbeaten run in all competitions including the CL games. I also think that Chelsea will win at Southampton tomorrow which would better the 3-3 score in the reverse fixture, albeit Kepa was in goal that day. So all good progress by the new coach. It Should also be mentioned that TT has not had the luxury of having all of the £220m of talent purchased at the summer on the pitch at the same time, Chillwell, Ziyech, Havertz, and Werner. That was something the previous manager struggled with. I along with the board am looking forward to that team selection. Re agenda. Yes I do. I personally want that change of direction from Chelsea that Lamps initiated to continue. I want Chelsea youth given a decent chance and I only want signings that are for the very top notch of players. I want the the days of signing the hum drum bang average Joes from all over Europe to stop.

19 Feb 2021 17:34:27
I agree Strasbourg, the club should always come first.

I have absolutely no issue with criticism of the club any manager or player as long as it’s constructive. We all see things differently but it’s when it becomes personal is when I’m not happy.

19 Feb 2021 18:27:13
I hate to point it out but most of our academy players are hum drum bang average.

19 Feb 2021 19:04:46
Tom didn’t we re-sign Peter Osgood - now that’s an academy player!

19 Feb 2021 19:16:22
Most academy players at most clubs never make Premiership players Jimbo that’s for sure.

I think in James and Mount we have every reason to be pleased. I also think at least one or maybe two loan players will be playing at The Bridge sooner rather than later.

19 Feb 2021 19:44:57
Tom yes I believe Mount will last the course. James has the potential to do so he has pace but needs to work on his defensive duties. He has gone off the boil a bit recently and can be a bit predictable but he is young and can develop. Of the loanees I think Sarr is the best bet.

19 Feb 2021 20:00:10
Could be Jimbo. I keep reading good things about the lad at Swansea but I haven’t seen much of him to make any uninformed judgments.

19 Feb 2021 21:23:26
Stephen60, if Kevin De Bruyne or Kylian Mbeppe became available at £75m do you think the Chelsea hierarchy would be 'too embarrassed' to sign / resign them?!

It has nothing to do with embarrassment, it is all to do with the Board thinking that Declan Rice is not worth £75m - and I agree with them - I'm sure Rice would have been purchased last summer if West Ham had set a reasonable price (£40m) .

19 Feb 2021 21:43:20
MDW spot on . Rice is a good player but as with all English players overpriced, definitely not worth 75 to 80 million. There are better and cheaper alternatives around. There was no issue of embarrassment; if the board thought he was worth the money I am sure they would have made a bid.



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