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22 Feb 2021 12:25:16
lads, i have a bone to pick . recently i've seen a lot of sly digs and comments made especially towards ash and stephen, think we should all remember that whilst we may have different ideas about what we want the club to do or what we think the club should do. at the end of the day we are all just fans that love the CLUB and want success and there's no need for digs and comments that could push people away from posting

been on the site for 8 years now and i've seen it all before times are tough enough atm don't need any grief on here added to that, so let's continue to criticise/ praise the club when needed but always respect others opinions no matter how bad we may think they are.

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22 Feb 2021 13:09:37
I think both Stephen and Ashk are top posters and both contribute considerably to the discussions on this site.

I haven’t noticed any sly digs aimed at either of them but I’m sure both will defend themselves if necessary.

I think respect for fellow posters, the club, manager and players is very important but sometimes we all say things we regret. I know I have.

22 Feb 2021 13:11:03
Thank you for your support bluekaz. You can only vent perceived “wrong moves” by the club amongst fellow Chelsea fans. If you do it elsewhere is only to “launder your dirty washing etc etc”. Be clear, I want Chelsea to win the PL and or the CL as much as is physically possible. Oh. while I’m riding my high horse, please get the white stripe down the side of the shorts on the home playing kit. 😉 Right. That’s me all done. Keep healthy.

22 Feb 2021 13:38:16
Stephen your crusade can be the removal of a white stripe, for years mine has been away fans in The Shed End.

22 Feb 2021 13:57:17
Stephen I hope because I often don’t agree with that you think I’m having a dig- it’s all heathy debate. I certainly do not post comments about Chelsea on any other site or platform. I 100% agree with you about our kit. It has been bugging me four years. I should be royal blue shirt with white stripe and number on shorts and white socks and the away kit should yellow shirts and blue shirts.

22 Feb 2021 14:02:49
I am glad someone finds them interesting because by and large they are tedious and consistently repetitious of the same points.
We aren't changing owner anytime soon and who says it would be an improvement?
He has his way of running the club which may have its downsides but the up sides have been incredible.
Lampard has gone and fulfilled one goal at least in part in getting youth players time in the first team.
Still a lot to do for most of them to become regular starters in the side though.
The new manager is weeks into his tenure with a group of players massively under performing before he arrived and already performances/ formations are being questioned repeatedly.
Debate is one thing but at least look at games without a pre determined narrative.

22 Feb 2021 15:01:24
The cliche of “one game at time” is ok but TT can only be judged fairly at the end of the season.

22 Feb 2021 15:56:33

22 Feb 2021 16:22:24
I'm sorry, bluekaz98, but some of us are just getting really fed up with Stephen60 and AshK's constant criticism of TT and their repetitive harking back to the days of our former manager.

I repeat what I have posted before: how can anyone in their right mind criticise any new manager after just 7 games especially when said manager remains unbeaten?! But Stephen60 and AshK consistently do so.

22 Feb 2021 16:57:29
Thanks Bluekaz.

MDW I have said countless times that I don't blame nor judge TT based on a few games, even though I don't agree with a lot of his choices.

But I criticized our board and our decision makers many times and I'm sorry if it sounds negative or whatever, but this just how it is.

No hard feelings towards anyone as people have different options and all that matters is mutual respect.

Stay safe guys and hopefully we will win PL/ CL/ FA cup soon.


22 Feb 2021 19:01:43
That is incorrect. I haven’t directly criticised TT. Certainly he picks players that I don’t like. But that happens up and down the country, it’s only one fans opinion. I feel TT is 2 points short for the games the team have played. But he is working in difficult times. I didn’t like the CHO thing, that alarmed me on so many levels. My ire has been with the board, I feel that the club might throw out the YA progress, something that excited me, I am concerned that the road to the first team is being blocked by players who should have been moved on. and please no need to reply any further on any of my previous posts. I am finished with the forum. All the best.

22 Feb 2021 19:05:55
Ashk121, no hard feelings and no disrespect - we all have opinions which is why we post on this site.

But as Chelsea supporters, we should be used to managers being sacked and we should move on and support the new manager. Inevitably, we have continued to pick up trophies so it's hard to be critical of the powers that be.

Personally. I'm still trying to get my head around the sacking of Carlo Ancellotti!

22 Feb 2021 19:39:17
I hope you just mean your leaving this discussion Stephen and not the site?

As I’ve said before, I enjoy your posts and I think you contribute a lot to the debates.

22 Feb 2021 20:42:02
It'd be bloody boring on here if we all had the same opinion.

Personally I like the debates and the vast majority of the time they're well natured. We all want Chelsea to be successful, we all have different views on how the club should achieve that success. So long as everyone feels comfortable sharing those views, and isn't personally attacked for them, I don't see the issue.

22 Feb 2021 21:29:20
Stephen, I think you shouldn’t take things to heart. You have strong opinions which I mostly disagree with but that is the point of this forum. I think all of our posters have strong opinions about the club because they love it. At least we can air our frustrations on a site which is is not Twitter and is a safe place for like -minded Chelsea supporters.

22 Feb 2021 22:45:43
Stephen60, it would be a boring old world if we all agreed all the time.

As I posted earlier, certainly no disrespect to you or Ash meant but just disagreement.

We would all like to see YA players progress to the 1st team but they have to be good enough and I can't think of even one who has moved on and been that successful elsewhere (de Bruyne / Salah / Lukaku don't really count as we paid money for them and they didn't come through our youth system from an early age) .

And re. the board - it is difficult to criticise them when they keep sacking managers but the club keeps winning trophies.

I hope you keep on posting, Stephen - in love and peace. KTBFFH.



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