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09 Mar 2021 15:36:45
Obviously my player of the season is Mason Mount. Still can't understand why some supporters made such sad comments about him.

My second choice was Silva but over the last few weeks because of recent performances, some players are coming up on the rails for my second choice. Christensen, Kovacic, 'Jorginho, and Rudiger all playing so well at the moment.

Gonna be a close run thing for second place.

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09 Mar 2021 16:57:43
Mason Mount all day long.

He played 20mins last night and still showed he is a consistent performer.

A proper player.

09 Mar 2021 17:12:37
Without doubt Ashk and I think virtually every supporter will agree with you but who would now be in 2nd position and 3rd position?

09 Mar 2021 18:35:12
Can I say Tom that mounts effort has never been questioned and the times he has been criticised, at least the times by myself were when he wasn’t used correctly, him being used as a left winger when we had wingers on the bench and when he used to press like he does now but nobody else were pressing, he used to leave his position to get ball but if nobody else pressed it’s silly, these were more franks use of him than mounts own issues.

09 Mar 2021 18:52:03
Good post matt mate.

09 Mar 2021 18:53:32
Sadly Matt some of the criticism was of a personal nature.

This site wasn’t as bad as others but I think sometimes people let the there passion get the better of them.

If it had been only criticism of MM the player then for me that’s fine.

I think constructive criticism is good, helps a debate and makes this site so enjoyable.

09 Mar 2021 18:54:27
Anyway Matt who are your choices in 1st, 2nd and 3rd spot?

09 Mar 2021 19:32:05
It's hard to choose Tom, but I think Silva is a good shout and I really can't think of anyone else.

09 Mar 2021 21:21:43
Mount, Christensen and Kovacic.

09 Mar 2021 21:42:17
Looking at fixtures, I can see city united chelsea spurs, I just think spurs are hitting form and been written off a bit and jose likes to rally his team With the under dog motivation, Leicester have injuries and not thr squad to see it through, but I say all this Tom but it’s been a strange season so anything could happen, arsenal need to hit some form Because they play all teams around us so some draws would be nice, spurs West Ham weekend so could get some daylight.

09 Mar 2021 21:54:20
Matt, thanks for reply Matt and I tend to agree with your analysis of finishing positions but I was really looking for your players of the season so far.

10 Mar 2021 02:32:00
Oh sorry haha player of the year and, mendy, not sold completely but the difference form keeps to him is huge. 2nd I’d of said silva actually, calm leader who just settles everyone down, this may change if christensen keeps him out team, no1, mount, needs more goals / assists but in a lot of games his work rate, pressing snd winning ball back has been brilliant,

10 Mar 2021 04:48:56
That is such a hard questions to answer this season which is testament to how well we are playing under TT as a group.

My top 3 would be mount jorg and Silva.
Kante will be the one to watch for as he will be used more n more as he regains his match fitness. His work rate makes him more than one player on the pitch and his tackling ability and read of the game is second to none.


10 Mar 2021 06:48:15
Good post Matt. TInb in his hypocritical manner accusing other poster of baises even when he champions it. mount has been been wdedicated but it was how clueless Frank was with his team selection s. Playing boys in some ridiculous positions and making them lose motivation. iccassionally dropping others but never mount which out of frustration with the results then forced people into thinking lampard was favouring mount over the club ambitions. he's far better now than then because we play with more coordination and purpose than under the prodigal coach . tomb I'm still waiting for your opinion on how much Lampard sacking has brought Chang of fortune to our season. Where we by now by now. hiw disappointed that TT get us playing better you're waiting for for his slightest slip up for you to say how wrong the board was in sacking The prodigal coach who was comfortable with squandering all Chelsea Fortune's instead of making way for a better coach but found it convenient to clung into the legendary status but his compatriots still claim loyalty.

10 Mar 2021 08:03:40
Ilo, I have consistently admitted my bias. As much as we try to always be objective, I think it’s difficult to dampen out pre conceived ideas.

I’m not a fan of Rudiger and Alonso but I think I have sung there praises with there recent form.

As far as our latest manager is concerned he is doing a very good job and the results speak for themselves.

I can’t see any value in looking backwards otherwise I would be continually lamenting the demise of Carlo, Conte, or Sarri. I also take no joy from anyone getting sacked, regardless of their contractual cushion.

“The King is dead long live the King”.

10 Mar 2021 08:46:21
Ilo, I’m sorry I didn’t respond to the last part of your post.

I find it surprising you continue to question Lamps loyalty and love of our club. Obviously your entitled to your opinion but I think you are wrong and I’ve given you my reasons countless times.

You also assert that Lamps wasted the “Chelsea Fortune” on players.

I’m not sure how influential he was in the signings of Havertz, Werner, Chilwell, Ziyech and Mendy but I think most fans are happy with those signings and don’t consider them as “squandering” money.

Lamps the player will always be considered by most fans to be a playing legend. Sadly Lamps the manager didn’t work out. I wish it had because it would have meant we were being successful and would have have nothing to do with him being some sort of “prodigal son”.

We now have another manager and he has my 100% support.

After every Chelsea manager change, I just move on. I find it works best for me.

10 Mar 2021 12:57:10
Mount Player of the Year - should be made team captain next season (with Azpi as Club captain) .

Second: I'm hoping that in the last 19 games (it's 19 games to go if we make both FA and CL finals - positive thinking) that Havertz will prove his worth and come storming through to snatch 2nd place.

10 Mar 2021 16:22:34
I hope that happens as well MDW.



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