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12 Mar 2021 09:55:41
Kessie last night - what a monster and a leader.

It's reported that TT is a confirmed admirer - not surprised - might just be the power and strength we've been missing in midfield.

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12 Mar 2021 10:12:17
Or he could end up being another Bakayako.

12 Mar 2021 11:03:55
So Ashk, as the general rule, you are assuming that all non-EPL players are bound for failure? Of course you are aware that if this mindset was to be adopted by the clubs management we would never have seen an Eden Hazard, Didier Drogba or Diego Costa in a blue shirt.

12 Mar 2021 11:46:41
Nope, never said that.

But we get excited about lots of players that are playing in the leagues that are generally slower and less physical and then we get surprised when they don't perform.

You want a DM? There is Rice and Ndidi.

Not saying Kessie is a bad player or he is surely going to fail but there is every chance he will be another Bakayako.

12 Mar 2021 12:41:58
Ashk you don't need to say that for any regular reader on this site. i know you would jump at Rice instead of kassie. drinkwater was also an EPL tested before he signed and can't even make Burnley team at the moment. players have come from outside and setthe EPL alight.

12 Mar 2021 13:14:25
Keep in mind also the inflated prices of EPL players.

12 Mar 2021 13:24:03
Do you honestly compare Rice with Drinkwater?

I have never said players outside PL are not good cause that would be quite idiotic. But in this particular role, you need a tested player. We haven't had a dominant DM since Essien and maybe Mikel and Matic. We should not get it wrong again.

12 Mar 2021 14:17:55
I’m no longer sure what an “inflated price” is for a player.

The price is surely, just what the two parties agree on.

I also don’t care if a player has been playing on the planet Zog as long as he is going to improve us as team who cares!

12 Mar 2021 15:09:38
Exactly Tom. The player has to improve us. So preferably we should look to add a player in his prime with instant impact.

12 Mar 2021 15:18:23
Ash your dream about signing Rice must end. That conversation ended when Lampard was sacked.

12 Mar 2021 15:32:54
I hope not because the kid can play. I would love him to be at Chelsea next year and I’m pretty sure most managers would want him in there squad.

12 Mar 2021 16:21:45
Well you would note from what Ed has said previously that it is unlikely.

12 Mar 2021 16:36:12
Unlikely on lots of fronts, not least because the happy hammers would probably not want to sell.

My point is, most managers would love him in there squad because he is a very good player.

12 Mar 2021 17:35:09
My problem with Declan Rice is that- he doesn’t have the flair of typical Chelsea central midfielder or top midfielder, I see him as mechanical; players like him are hard workers in midfield but can rarely control a game.

12 Mar 2021 17:49:40
All about opinions Obinna.

I think he is top class and would be ideal for us but I can only see it happening if we sell a couple of our current squad or maybe some loan players.

12 Mar 2021 19:51:27
People might have agendas against Jorginho. But when he starts a league match, we rarely lose. The last time we lost a league game with Jorginho in the starting XI was the 5-3 defeat to Liverpool back in July 2020.

I'm more than happy with J5 right now.

12 Mar 2021 20:23:49
Please give it up about Rice; he won’t be coming to Chelsea. I don’t think TT wants him nor do the board and probably the next manager.

12 Mar 2021 20:30:45
obinna, everyone refers to Essien as the type of player we need - but Essien was not a flair player - he was a hardworking tank - that's why I'm still throwing Kessie into the hat (I'm with TomB - I'd accept Rice who is going to leave West Ham for a bigger club some time soon and I think he will be a great success wherever he ends up) .

12 Mar 2021 20:51:00
Blimey Shak, I remember the days when I felt like the only poster who rated him. To be honest I haven’t seen to much criticism of him lately.

Jimbo, I think they should but the club and managers don’t take much notice of fans/ posters opinions but that’s all they are is opinions. I can’t see Rice coming back to the Bridge but I would love to be wrong!

12 Mar 2021 21:25:21
Tom. I just don’t see Rice coming to Chelsea he is a good player but not as good as the price West Ham will be asking for- l believe there is always an English premium. Many posters have urged the club to utilise academy players and speak highly of Ampandu TBH I haven’t seen enough of him to make an objective view of his potential. But if he is as good as some people think, why would we waste money on Rice? There are other areas that need attention such as a goal scorer and top class keeper. We may also need another CB depending on who leaves.

13 Mar 2021 05:55:09
I don’t think we will sign Rice Jimbo but I would like us to.

The club will only sign him if he meets all of there criteria and maybe it could also depend on who, if anyone, leaves.

The club seem to do reasonably well on managing the cash so if we splash the cash I’m that the club are happy with there investment.

The same criteria will apply to Haaland but in my opinion signing him doesn’t mean we can’t sign other players. Sadly I also think we may he might go to City. I hope not.

13 Mar 2021 07:03:58
Who said Essien doesn’t have flair, he was indeed a hardworking tank and a flair player. How many central midfielders during Essien’s time at Chelsea was as skilfull as he was. Essien can dribble out of tight spaces easily. I can only see Declan Rice at Manchester United, definitely not Manchester City (under Guardiola) or Liverpool (under Klopp) .
I completely understand the reason why there’s divided opinions about Declan Rice at Stanford Bridge. If Chelsea goes for him, I would like him to be used as a central defender not central midfielder.

{Ed077's Note - I think Rice would be a good fit at Man City as well. But with the likelihood of West Ham finishing around the top 8 and possibly even in European places as well as him essentially becoming club captain after Noble I don't think he would be itching to move this summer and not many clubs will see sense in what will likely be a very steep transfer fee.}

13 Mar 2021 08:51:13
Rice is not good enough for Chelsea if we're moving on to greater things we should look for a more mobile players who can assist and dominate games and and not buy English quota just for the sake of having English player's. we can't sell j5 and bring in Rice who's also not fast. You pay unreasonable price for English players and they don't usually offer much on the pitch butin media. a friend once said the prodigal coach was sacked be he went to ask for huge amount to sign rice as he was more interested in building English side than a team for Chelsea future. That's how English see football. i only promote their own even when there are better ones out there. so I urge you not to waste your energy trying to convince tomb and co how better other options are to rice. becuase as always h they're wearing their English tinted glasses. Between rice and kassie I know who's a better player and how much each would cost.
I don't agree that Rice woul do well at city because he can't dribble past his man and don't have the flair riggle out tight corners when pressed as he doesn't have such flair.

{Ed077's Note - are you saying me saying Rice is a good player is because of English bias too?}

13 Mar 2021 10:14:47
Ilio, I’m not surprised by your post.

I have said so many times, I DO NOT CARE if player comes from the planet Zog. I just happen to rate Rice highly.

If you don’t rate Rice that’s fine.

You could bringing up the nationality of players. You are the only poster who cares about the nationality.

You keep saying that Lamps had no love or loyalty for our club. That for me and I’m sure it’s the same for many posters is frankly ridiculous. The man was a legend as a player and always will be.

He failed as a manager at our club and got the sack. That is sad because it means he failed and that sadness would be the same for any manager who got the sack.

People who take some sort of strange joy in people loosing their job are just sad and I don’t care if a person is still being well paid. If you lose a job you love it HURTS.



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