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22 Dec 2021 16:21:05
Reading an interview of TT in the Times. He talks about C.V. and lack of players and the risk to players etc. He then goes onto to say" I don't want to get involved in pointing fingers and starting the hunt for non-vaccinated people. This is a choice to make. " These positions are irreconcilable. I regret to say that TT has shown poor judgment in this matter. Of course we don't know how many of the squad are unvaccinated, then again neither does TT apparently. So we can hardly complain about depleted squads because of C.V..

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22 Dec 2021 16:59:51
Not to get too political but it’s a free choice to individuals, let’s not create a witch hunt to those vaccinated and not, the C.V. spreads through both vax and in vaxed and statistically there jobs / lifestyle etc they have very very low chance of being serious risk, I’m doubled jabbed so not a anti Vaxer but a freedom of choicer,

22 Dec 2021 17:25:56
I have very good personal reason for wanting every adult in our country vaccinated but I respect that people have choices in a democracy and on many occasions valid reason for mot taking up the offer of vax.

Let me make it clear I hate the anti-vax brigade who pedal lies about the vaxs but it’s up to serious minded people to put forward a coherent and scientific based counter argument.

An individuals private medical records are just that, private. They should not be disclosed anytime by a third party/.

22 Dec 2021 18:06:50
Tom/ Matt of course you are both right about freedom of choice but with freedom comes responsibilities. The evidence is clear that those who chose not to be vaccinated are affecting society’s efforts to control the C.V. in London around a third of the population are unvaccinated hence the high number of cases of the new strain in the capital. No doubt there will be further restrictions in the New Year which effects everyone : damage to the economy and lost jobs. In times of emergency there should be consequences for those who are not doing there but such as restricting access to social venues etc. As for football, I think clubs should not sign unvaccinated players and new contract extensions should include clauses imposing financial penalties and or termination clauses. Sorry to go on but after the Herculean effort by scientists, heath service and drug companies to produce vaxs in under a year, I am fed up with the excuses of anti-vaxers.

22 Dec 2021 19:07:31
Then we have to win the argument against the ant-vax brigade.

22 Dec 2021 19:29:05
That’s a difficult one Tom, all my family and friends are vaccinated. As for football, it would help if more players “came out” and encouraged people to be vaccinated. The stuff on social media is unbelievable. Everyone has a right to be stupid but some people abuse.

22 Dec 2021 19:29:57
Cont. but some people abuse the privilege.

22 Dec 2021 21:39:05
Nobody should encourage anybody to do anything, they should encourage people to do there own research and form there own opinions and do what is best for themselves / family, if that’s get the jab then so be it. It can’t be one rule when u agree ans another if u disagreed, if u we’re against something u wouldn’t be happy to be forced or a divide created.

22 Dec 2021 22:18:21
Matt, I totally disagree with you on this: people should be encouraged: the issue is the so called research people have conducted on the internet. The facts are incontrovertible: 147,000 dead, 10 million on waiting list at NHS and a trillion pounds of national debt that our chidren’s grandchildren will be paying off. We have to agree to disagree on this.
Didn’t see the game but happy to get back to winning ways. Let’s hope we can start a good run now.

22 Dec 2021 22:39:49
Oh dear.

23 Dec 2021 01:10:46
Is it a free choice though Matt? I work for the nhs, those in the nhs and care homes have now been told they MUST get the jab to continue working in the sector. Taking away people choice is unbelievable. I’m double vaccinated and took the booster before the news.

But to force people to have the vax or effectively lose their job is absolute insanity.

23 Dec 2021 02:56:43
It isn’t really a free choice because it’s forced and blackmail and coerced, giving homeless people a bed if they get a jab then forced back on street after, telling people the don’t have to have jab but will be sacked if not after we clapped on the street for these hero’s, , it isn’t a free choice mate but it should be, people at there own risk should choose either way, and there’s lots of points that can be made, number of deaths higher than another years? . A C.V. so so bad u probably won’t have any symptoms and will of had it and not known, 98% survival rate or higher, deaths with C.V. or from C.V., I had a family member death down as C.V. because she’d been tested within so many days, they told family members it’s only on death certificate to stop a post mortom when they know cause of death, like I’ve said guys I’m not against a vax I’ve had mine, just each to there own and vax passports which have not worked in other countries, I’m on here for the chelsea talk so I don’t bore the wife to tears with my negativity lol be safe and enjoy Christmas,



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