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17 Jan 2022 04:56:49
We have had problems with our attack since last season when TT took over.
Our defending is brilliant and it's evident that even without the likes of James and Chilly, we are still a tough nut to crack.

So what's the problem? I don't think it's simply because Lukaku isn't suited to the system TT plays with, we knew that when we got him in.
I agree with some of the posters saying that TT sometimes gets it wrong with his front three, the latest being his picks against City.
I think we must find a solution fast if our aim is to win a couple of trophies this season.

We haven't won the league in a long time and City's dominance is increasing every season. So we must change our setup if our goal is to win the league.

I think TT should be given time to change some of the players to be able to play with a different style, a more attacking one I hope.

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17 Jan 2022 06:37:34
Hi ashk,

Agree with your thought process. However we can also play a more attacking formation now by playing mount/ ziyech deeper in the same way we played against tot. Tuchel got it wrong versus city on all fronts i. e. tactics, formation and team selection/ substitutions. It's a very rare thing and I hope he will correct it at the earliest. Also without speedy wingbacks who can strech the opposition our attack becomes weaker as we cannot overload the opposition box if our current attackers move wider to cover for azpi/ Alonso. Hope the board resolves the problem in jan or tuchel changes the way we play ( not necessarily back 4 but change in the way we attack) .

17 Jan 2022 06:54:21
Mad blue you’ve hit the nail on the head with wing backs. If you want to reap the rewards of this system you need 4 quality wing backs. Unfortunately after James and Chilwell we have none and that’s the downfall.

17 Jan 2022 09:45:49
I agree with you guys, but with our current defenders and holding midfielders it's very hard to play with a different formation. 3 at the back covers our weaknesses.
I honestly can't think of a solution that covers both offense and defense. It's really hard to find the right balance.

17 Jan 2022 10:07:40
I have enjoyed reading the above thread of posts.

Very rarely has my anger after a performance lasted this long lads.

Small things and simple things can sometimes change matches along with an analog how the opposition team play or might play against you.

City press with never less than three players and press hard against us in an effort to make us move the ball to our wingbacks. When that happens they have closed down about 3/ 4 of the pitch as a playing opportunity. It’s simple and it works, they do it well game after game. It’s up to managers to find a solution. This is just one example of a Pep tactic.

When City played Arsenal, the gooners kept their infield passing option open allowing them to move the ball beyond the press. They had midfield players coming a little deeper to give their keeper and defenders options.

17 Jan 2022 10:23:56
Sorry I sent my last post before I had finished my rant.

The gooners also mixed there play up while in procession, going long when City played with there usual high line but there players always showed for the ball, playing without fear.

I thought given our tepid performance at home against City and having seen the gooners make them work for there victory, we would have nullified them while also being aggressive, mobile and varied in our play. Sadly we did none of those things.

We were passive with and without the ball up until we went behind and then we showed some glimpses of quality.

You buy a player, regardless of cost, knowing his strengths and then don’t play to them. You
have players on the pitch who couldn’t even make the simplest of passes and you keep them on the pitch for an age and you play with two midfield players who’s strengths aren’t receiving the ball from defenders and moving the ball on quickly.

In my opinion TT got the team selection and tactics wrong for that game big time.

We now move on and as I’ve said I want TT to remain our manager for years to come but I now find myself with little confidence going forward without some major changes and those changes are not going to happen until the end of the season at the earliest.

17 Jan 2022 12:32:01
Really enjoyed that summary TomB. Brilliant observation on Chelsea’s reliance to (99% of the time) break the press on the flanks which, as you highlight City were onto. In fact they used the received pass on the chalk line by whoever (but particularly Alonso and Pulisic) to fully commit to the press, it looked like soldier bees defending their queen such was their speed and intent. and to add to that summary it was no coincidence that the best chances came through the centre of the field. The shockingly overhit pass by Ziyech when Rom had lost his marker with all the grass in front of him had me howling at the TV! the failure of Rom to shoot when he had shook off his marker in the centre circle and raced to his left (only to play a weak half hearted pass to the snail that is Xiyech, offside anyway) , or indeed in the second half when Rom run onto a slid pass through the inside right channel which resulted in the shot and save which fell to our friend Ziyech who had a hideous attempt at the goal. Silva tried like a bear to play that disguised pass into feet through the middle channels on numerous occasions, but in the main the first touch of Rom, Pulisic and Ziyech was so poor that the ball was simply lost. So frustrating.

17 Jan 2022 12:59:45
I have respect for Brighton and in particular there manager who I rate very highly.

I can’t believe he won’t do exactly what City did with players at his disposal who can press with pace. After all that’s what he did in our recent game against them.

I should be supremely confident of a win against Brighton and a win against a very poor spuds team but I’m not. Conte isn’t an idiot he will have learned a lot from us beating them and that game against City.

17 Jan 2022 13:44:56
Brilliant post lads.

Tom our views our very close and even though I don't want a change in manager, I have doubts over us winning the league or even FA Cup with the current style and formation.

I think our buying spree a couple of seasons back didn't really pay off and we might need to move lots of them on. Werner and Ziyech are lost causes with this formation and style of play and Havertz been silent for a long long time. Pulisic can't be trusted to be the guy who wins the game for us and in my opinion we need to have new midfielders and defenders for next season.

17 Jan 2022 14:07:11
Ashk we had alternative players to thrones that were selected. When it was obvious the team selection was wrong subs could and should have been made.

Having no midfield player willing to receive to ball from a defender in the centre of the park was a massive tactical mistake in my opinion.

Listen, we all want TT to be a success and as I keep saying I want to be our manager for years to come but that doesn’t mean we can’t be critical.

He picked a team that was anonymous and passive. He has to take he responsibility as all managers have to.

I’m sorry lads but I’m seriously p@ssed off at that performance, the tactics and team selection but as I say it ain’t going to change anytime soon in my opinion.

17 Jan 2022 15:03:29
Tom, I agree about the team selection, I could hardly believe it: no rhyme or reason. Okay, City are a level above every other team in PL but there are no suprises in how they set up and play. We had no tactics in place to nullify them. No doubt there will be a raft of changes tomorrow but I would like to try to stick to a preferred eleven to gain some synergy.

17 Jan 2022 18:38:30
Tom mate I fully agree with you. It's not the first time that we have seen lackluster performances from TT's Chelsea. The absence of James and Chilwell have had a serious impact on our performance level but it should not be so.

Anyway I think we will trust Tuchel to make things right, but if this kind of performances continue, we might see him out the door.

We have dropped a lot of points recently and I think the league is City's yet again.

17 Jan 2022 22:49:06
Ashk, too true. Absolutely no doubt the title is City’s but I just would have liked to have given them a proper challenge. I don’t hold with excuses about injuries, the extent of Chilwell’s injury was known very soon: serious title challengers have to cope with that. If City get Haaland we all might as well give up and apply to join the Dutch league.

18 Jan 2022 05:53:56
Totally agree Jimbo. Perhaps we just have to accept that we can't win the league with this group of players.



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