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19 Jan 2022 17:28:36
Never thought I'd say this as I've always been a big supporter of him and defended him, but we should cash in on havertz, we don't know how to use him, is he a striker and midfielder or CF, I think his a class act but I don't think we will get the best out of him which pains me, I'd of liked him to be the no8 we needed but not suite that's him, wonder if chelsea have thought about it,

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19 Jan 2022 18:14:09
The problem is Matt apart from Mount (who’s in awful form) none of our attackers have been good enough and we won’t sell them all in one summer. The club have a big job on their hands.

19 Jan 2022 18:32:44
Matt, Harvertz is one of the last players I would get rid of, there are plenty more in the queue ahead of him. Not sure why he isn’t being picked and his absence certainly isn’t improving the team. It’s up to TT to find his best position but he is versatile. On a side note, I am dreading Sunday’s game, Spurs have a had a break because of Arsenal’s shenanigans. Let’s hope it’s the start of a long run of good results.

19 Jan 2022 18:58:38
I love havertz, just worry we don’t know what to do with him, there’s definitely a list of players to go before him, Inalso love werner and think the difference with him in team is huge than when his not, I’d play him and lukaku close together personally.

19 Jan 2022 19:03:19
Bruce you’re right Mount is poor this season. I just hope he hasn’t gone the way of many young English players and has started believing his own publicity. Top class players continue to develop throughout their careers, the obvious example is Ronaldo but nearer to home Frank Lampard . Look what has happened to Deli Ali and Marcus Rashford. There are so many distractions for young players nowadays and it’s easy to lose your hunger when you’re earning 100K a week at 21.

19 Jan 2022 19:39:56
It’s not we don’t know what to do with him it’s TT that’s not got a clue.

19 Jan 2022 20:21:26
Tuchel’s football is awful. Dull boring and slow. All the attacking minded players have got worse under his tutelage. Mount, Pulisic, RLC, CHO, Werner, Havertz. He flogged Tammy and got Rom and now he can’t get the best out of the boy. Why? £97m btw. Jeez, even N’Golo and Kova look confused.

19 Jan 2022 21:57:01
Matt; I mean no disrespect but such a suggestion (to cash in on Havertz) should said in your soliloquies.

19 Jan 2022 22:16:03
Obinna, if you love someone you have to set them free lol.

19 Jan 2022 22:27:32
Sell havertz? TT not got a clue? Can’t believe what I reading here guys. Our squad has been massively affected by the loss of Chilwell and James as our system relies on attacks in the wide areas. We have suffered massively by the impact of C.V. and injuries where others have not and continued to compete in four competitions, the super up and worried club cup whilst other teams as rested with games cancelled with C.V.. I strongly believe man could Ty would not be where they are now if they had have suffered the injuries and setbacks like we have had. Careful what you wish for because I believe Thomas the gel is the best manager we have had and gets the best out of the players he has inherited, except lukaku and Saul (both more opportunistic acquisitions rather than bringing in the players he wants. TT is good tactically, good at managing the players and rotating to keep morale high, good with interviews and seems to have a good rapport with the hierarchy at the club. What previous manager have we had with all of those facets. Who honestly do you think could do a better job with the players we have?

20 Jan 2022 00:31:43
The C.V. cases affected two games, and again I’ll repeat what I’ve said a number of times, we shouldn’t struggle so much attacking when defenders are out. I know the system etc but TT is a top top coach, has he ran out of ideas attacking wise or how to use lukaku, I’m not attacking him there question I don’t know, and he said about how tired but didn’t start Saul or Werner or havertz, so maybe his saying squad depth isn’t as good and forced to over play players, and I mean sell havertz just because I think he could bring in a big fee as we don’t use him to his full potential, I love the player and have defended him plenty,

20 Jan 2022 01:17:58
I would suggest our performance vs Brighton had nothing to do with TT’s team selection or ability to play attacking football and more to do with energy and concentration levels of players that had 2 days preparation after a tough Man City game on Sunday vs Brighton players who had 2 more days rest after playing Friday. Players are not robots and need recovery time ti play at 100% level needing in the prem. I would also suggest that our depleted squad issues from C.V. and injuries have been a problem since we lost Kante and chilly vs Juve, the last game I saw us playing well (except for the Liverpool bounce back) . I would also suggest that our depth of squad has never been as good as some made out at the beginning of the season. Whilst we many decent players some do not have the strength and stamina to fight in games when the chips are down (ie Zyech and pulisic) .

20 Jan 2022 09:17:51
I don’t buy the excuses about injuries and fatigue. Yes we’ve been unlucky with injuries but C.V. has affected every club. As far as Chilwell is concerned we knew a long time ago he would be out for the rest of the season, if that was deemed to be an issue we should have brought someone in. The fixture list is no surprise, as a top club we should expect to be still in all competitions . We have an expensive squad backed up by a high class academy. Whatever is happening cannot be excused by injuries and fatigue: that old chestnut carries no weight with me.

20 Jan 2022 09:46:11
I still think that Havertz is a suoperstar in the making, his movement and reading of the game already v impressive and has scored some key goals. Think that he has been considerably hampered this season by getting C.V. (and think he got it worse than most others in team) . Expect to see much more of him in remainibng part of the season, starting with Sunday v Spurs i hope.



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