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20 Jan 2022 03:58:04
Guys I smell danger for TT. Signs are not good at all. We look to be drawn to the top 4 fight and which is a huge disappointment. The wheels are coming off as the team is in disarray and no player is improving. Reminiscent of lampard last days. Lukaku return seems 2 have unsettled the team and looks like ancelotti/ torres debacle which got carlo the boots. Like lampard we have become too predictable and players morale low. unmotivated.
Is tt running out of ideas on how to get the best out of the players or just the players being knackered? It's unfortunate because last season it just looked like get a striker and we become unstoppable but unfortunately we got the wrong one in lukaku who thinks he's too good but fail to deliver. Lukaku has attitude issues if you ask me and not a fighter, not going to blame only him but things got worse when he joined. Imo he wasn't the striker we needed and if tt asked for him he may have shot himself in the foot and the axe will soon be dangling around him if results don't pick up immediately. I think I have seen enough of roman to understand when he pulls the trigger and gradually things are headed that way. Anything less than 3 points against spurs or shock results henceforth will put tt under pressure and not many have survived such pressure at Chelsea. In the end conte might just be on his way back just a guess though but when others below us at the moment play their outstanding games the pressure will definitely be on and tt might be the fall guy. If you look closely our most expensive abd promising players are not doing well which is an indice to roman pulling the the trigger plus results.

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20 Jan 2022 09:50:07
Tuchel should be kept at all cost. There aren't any better coaches for us out there, he's genuinely world class.

Year in year out this squad has a massive drop in form around December and January. Different coaches, same major underperformance. Now Tuchel's dealing with C.V. absentees, some key players injured for longer durations, and then his big money attackers still struggling to figure out how they can pass a ball or shoot at goal. Tuchel hasn't been perfect, but he should be the last to go. What's he supposed to do with Alonso and Azpi patrolling the flanks? All respect to them, they've served this club brilliantly, but they're not up for the level any longer. As backups it should be fine, but when you then get not 1, but 2 major injuries to fullbacks, suddenly they are back as starters and things look much less rosy.

The recruitment by the club over the past few years has been below par to put it mildly. We can't get certain players off the books that aren't good enough, so we then sell our promising young talents as they don't feel like being benched for underperforming, overpaid, senior players. We're going into a summer where currently all of Azpi, Rudiger and Christensen are leaving the club. That leaves us with only 2 CBs tied up for next season (Trev and Silva) . Last summer we sold Guehi, Tomori and Zouma. Selling 3 talented CBs in one summer, to then have 3 defenders perhaps leaving the next doesn't look like proper squad planning to me.

Players like Havertz, Werner, Lukaku, Ziyech, Pulisic and Callum have all been underperforming for months now (and in some cases they've been underperforming since they arrived at the club), yet they keep being played. That's where I look at Tuchel then. Why not use a guy like Vale who's very talented and could bring something different? We know what happens when we play the more senior players currently, and the results aren't pretty. So why not use something else?

But most importantly, we have to keep Tuchel. Guy's the best thing about our 1st team currently.

20 Jan 2022 09:50:20
To me, it's a really, really strange situation. Until November, I genuinely think we were the best team in the world, or at least on of the absolute best. Lukaku was doing fine, and the team in general did well.
Then all of a sudden things collapsed. Of course injuries have been a huge setback, together with fatigue, but things are really not clicking right now.
I cannot stress how badly I hope the team sticks with Thomas Tuchel, but knowing Chelsea, you are right - at some point these results cannot go on.
I might be naive, but I do not blame this on Tuchel. I think there has been too many unforeseen situations happening to put the blame on him. However, he is the coach, and he must find a way to overcome this.
As mentioned, I really hope the club sticks with him, and I do think he is the best coach we could ask for right now.
It might be a lot to ask for after writing such a long comment, but I would like to hear Ed01's thoughts on Tuchel, the team right now, and what he thinks should be done. :)

20 Jan 2022 10:11:30
I am fully in support of Thomas Tuchel, I see the wisdom in his decisions, we are still not grasping the concept that the absence of good wingbacks at the moment is our biggest problem; and our midfield needs a bit of reshuffle and addition- Saul Niguez could have solved a lot of the problems arising from the midfield but we all could see that couldn’t click (which isn’t TT’s fault in many ways) .
I think Thomas Tuchel has still got a lot to offer Chelsea up his sleeves as he tends to play his best football in the Cup competitions like UCL, FA Cup, Carabao cup, FIFA Club World Cup; besides it’s not like we’ve lost out completely on the EPL completely. I also think that TT remains one of best managers for Chelsea if we still want to be bringing through players from the academy (cos he’s got the experience too dealing with young players) . Please I beg that we shouldn’t anything rash by making the mistake of sacking him, he’s truly one of the top 3 managers in football at the moment. The club needs to make the players see that Tuchel has the full backing of the club- that would help things esp in these trying times.

Going forward, I think a decision has to be made on the future of certain players like Lukaku, Ziyech, Jorginho, Alonso, Barkley, Loftus Cheek, maybe Azpilicueta.

Personally, I recommend that:
* we start our transfer activities this January, by signing at least a good LWB cos knowing what ACL entails and the toll it takes on players, I don’t see Chilwell at his best even at the middle of next season.
* Not starting Lukaku in every game unless need-be
* Play most of our players in their best positions like Pulisic. I guess the last two recommendations is to Tuchel, which means he shouldn’t loose sight or focus.

20 Jan 2022 11:24:46
As I’ve said before all managers are accountable and when fans think they have made mistakes they should expect criticism.

I don’t thin TT should be sacked. My guess is about nine players will be leaving this squad in the summer. Let’s reserve judgement until next season. PLEASE.

20 Jan 2022 12:41:19
If Lukaku, Ziyech, Pulisic or whoever are throwing a UCL winning manager under the bus - jettison them and quickly.

20 Jan 2022 13:38:04
We must not repeat the same mistake we did with Frank. Let TT stay and do his thing.
Even though I do not like his style of play a lot, I think he can get us another PL title and maybe another CL. But that depends on backing him in the right way and letting him make the squad the way he wants.

I agree Tom, lots of players will be leaving in the summer and I think if we make the team stronger in defence and in midfield, especially in holding midfield, we will be looking at a very good team, capable of winning multiple titles.

20 Jan 2022 13:48:04
Lots of love on here for Tomas. How touching. The PL performances particularly at SB since Tomas arrived have been hopeless. His opening match was a drab 0-0 home game V Wolves where he benched Mount who was THE player at the club at that point. I remember thinking has this guy watched Chelsea, or even reviewed a few match recordings of Chelsea? That display set the tone for his tenure in the PL so far. (Europe clearly is his playground) Subsequently just about every club in the league have taken points at the bridge. He threw the FA cup final with a shocking team selection followed by a shocking performance. He binned Tammy completely for Rom who he got and now we are to believe he has a problem on how to set up? He has had the fans watch a possession based slow build up game. The lack of energy as compared to the other teams is both frightening and exasperating. The main reason for this is to protect his playmaker of choice. His “system” as I keep reading on here is what exactly? What is the identity? Dull boring oppressive, yes. Expansive, fast, aggressive? Absolutely not. He has played with a 9, without a 9, a false 9, a twin 6, a twin 8, a 6,8,10, he simply doesn’t know how to attack. Mainly because in the key positions for the English Premiership he has players who are weak in body and slow in thought. The wrong players are in the key positions. With regards to back up players because being a “mile off it” It was only a month ago that he made that clown Alonso his captain! (a player that should have been shunted years ago) . Instead Chelsea sell Livramento! He goes away to City with snail paced Ziyech and Pulisic (who btw now looks as if he has never played football) to protect the flanks from City overlaps and double up to play off, support and get beyond the target man striker when possible. It was never going to work. They do not have the energy or the physicality. Tomas has a mountain to climb, I am not sure he can do it. If Tottenham (who have been wretched) or Arsenal get in front of Chelsea he will deserve the sack. If he can pick up in the league or win the CL then he will get another shot at it. The same treatment as previous managers.

20 Jan 2022 15:56:27
Stephen mate I don't disagree with you, but who do you want to get in?

I'm sure we can have a better assessment of the situation at the end of the season.
We need to reshape our squad, especially in midfield. Then we can have a proper chance of winning the league.

20 Jan 2022 16:05:32
Stephen, Mountains are there to be climbed.

As far as I can remember TT only has a contract until the end of the 2022/ 23 season.

FGS let’s at least see it through to the end of that period.

This morning will sound counter to my argument but if we play with a back three next season in the majority of games I will not be happy.

20 Jan 2022 16:56:00
I am not campaigning for Tomas to be sacked. I am sticking with the facts. No loyalty no nostalgia. plain and simple success and style. Very similar to the line that the club board and many fans took when Frank Lampard couldn’t buy a win.

20 Jan 2022 18:53:25
Stephen, I respect your passion for the club. What is your solution? Sack TT fine, who do we bring in. As far as letting Abraham and Liverameto go, that is a club decision not just TT. Abraham was a pain in the butt, attitude issues big “ I am” merchant, I was glad to see the back of him. Liveramento ‘s development was blocked by James, Chelsea did the right thing by the player and have a buy back clause. Seriously, out of interest, who would you want as Chelsea coach.

20 Jan 2022 19:13:29
Jimbo I don't think Stephen trying to say that we should sack TT. He is just saying that the situation isn't looking good for him and if we follow the same rational when we sacked Lampard, the future doesn't look so bright for TT as well.

I don't want TT to be sacked because it's shortsighted and it's never good to sack someone midseason. Let's give at least until this year and then decide what to do.

But if we drop out of top 4, I can see him walking out the door.

Stephen I totally get what you are saying. I hope things get better and we start winning regularly.

20 Jan 2022 19:56:41
Jimbo, thank you, I am right behind Chelsea doing well. I have no desire to see Tuchel sacked, and I have no new manager that I am thinking should be brought in. What I am saying is simple. Win or out. That is the Chelsea way.

20 Jan 2022 20:12:23
Stephen, sorry mate, I wasn’t suggesting you wanted TT sacked, I was just making a point about players the club let go. That said, a loss against Spurs on Sunday will put pressure on him not necessarily from the the fans but from above. Personally, I would stick with him but it’s not to say that I am concerned.

20 Jan 2022 20:54:35
Correct Jimbo. Big game coming up. I just want the team to play with a positive vibe, with power and pace. turn them around as often as poss. Not a continual manipulation of the ball in safe areas to smother the game trying to dominate control of the tempo and boss pointless possession stats by playing square in the midfield and allowing Spurs to get into shape. Chelsea should mix it up and trade with this mob, long diagonals, short and sharp through the thirds, big switches from left to right, right to left. and of course everyone get steamed in. keep a pairing up front in possession, Werner or whoever closer to Rom, Kante should hold, kova should ball carry and Mount should play between the lines on the 1/ 2 turn. There are a number of requirements on PL duty that are not tactical, physical commitment, enthusiasm and energy.

20 Jan 2022 21:03:29
Stephen, hopefully that will happen but recently I have trepidation before every game; that’s football for you.



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