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22 Mar 2022 16:33:17
Amid all the people that are said to be interested in buying Chelsea, I think Nick Candy is the best person available.
He is interested in Chelsea and wants to invest in Stamford Bridge and push us forward.
What do you think guys?

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22 Mar 2022 17:36:17
Saudi group for me if there in the running if not ricketts.

22 Mar 2022 17:50:56
Provided Nick Candy’s consortium has the funds I would choose him or the other British bid with the same proviso. I would be worried about the American bidders as it’s all about profit which may starve the team of resources . I am sceltical about all the bidders promises to redevelop Stamford Bridge on the last plans submitted. TBH I have always thought that plan was unrealistic: at least 3 years to complete and probably now costing 1.5 billion for a 60, O00 seater stadium, just doesn’t make sense on any level.

22 Mar 2022 18:50:47
I completely agree Jimbo.

Nov that's worrying mate.

22 Mar 2022 19:19:52
My guess is we are going to be surprised who our new owner is.

I can’t see it being Candy or Rickets for different reasons and I’m not sure about the supposed Saudi bid.

I also can’t see there being a “golden share” for supporters groups either.

Just a few more days and all will be revealed and then over a period time we will find out if the owner is good for our club or himself.

22 Mar 2022 21:00:15
The ricketts family would a terrible move and all but end my support of the club.

22 Mar 2022 22:31:02
Why would ricketts be bad for the club? From what I’ve seen/ read about them the cubs have been the most successful under their ownership and they spent over a billion renovating the stadium there?

23 Mar 2022 08:08:22
I wouldn't want the Saudi group because all Saudi money linked one way or another to very dodgy government. Of course they may have loads of money, and that's why Newcastle fans were so pleased with their new owners despite Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Crown Prince and head of the PIF that owns 80% of Newcastle, being linked to a particularly brutal murder, the war in Yemen, mass executions etc. Look the Saudi media group aren't as close to the nastiness perhaps. But surely it would be crazy to want to be linked to any potentially controversial owner after what we've been through recently (so am not sure about the Rickett family either) and expect the Raine group would feel the same. OK the UK govt loves the Saudis now, because UK needs their oil, but this may not always be the case.

The new owners for me must be as much above criticism as possible, but must also though have a credible financial plan, clearly supportive of all the aspirations of the club on and off the field, and be able to compolete the purchase as soon as possible to end this ghastly period of uncertainty. From what I've gathered about the Boehly/ Wyss bid it looks promising in this respect nad was raised substantially from first reported bid. But I know little about them - perhaps others can fill me in - and would be a big bonus to have an owner who is a CFC fan like Candy or Sebnastian Coe. Or John terry as junior partner in a joint bid as some newspapers have creported as a possibility. But their bids must be also be as financially sound and susuatainable as any other.

But quite a lot for Raine to consider. But would expect that they would steer clear of controversy. And I would hope so too because I want to focus on the football, not on possible dodginess of owners. I don't wnat to be having to think about politics or dodginess of owner when watching our team. And our wonderful manager and team desrve to look forward to peaceful, beautiful game only times ahead!

23 Mar 2022 08:17:41
Fuser, you are right re their suiccess, but the problem is the personalities of some Ricketts family members themselves. have had fairly recently to apologies publically for anti-black and anti-muslim statements, conspiracy theories, off jokes etc. Certainly they are rich (like the Saudis), they have pumped money into the club and their club has been successful . but surely we don't want to owned by peopel like them if it is possible to have owners who are not apparent racists?! If at all possible, let's have relatively uncomtroversial but likely to love-the club and back it financially to the hilt new owners.

23 Mar 2022 09:16:53
I have zero idea who the owner of our club will be.

I will judge them at a later date.

If the final arbiters of our new owner are going to be the government and the football authorities it will probably be a very rich Snow White.

23 Mar 2022 10:05:21
Yeh as JBS said …and with the sad reputation our great club has at times of not being the most welcoming to all ( completely contrary to my own experiences as a muslim chelsea fan) …

Id rather the club not be sold to a family with a chequered history of deeply unsavoury comments and views.



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