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02 Apr 2022 16:22:25
TT = boring football.

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02 Apr 2022 16:45:34

02 Apr 2022 17:20:44
If you mean that your post is embarrassing I would have to agree!

02 Apr 2022 17:41:14
Great football today then was it how excited did you get watching it great result as well, my opinion if you think it’s embarrassing you know nothing about football I don’t mean managers or players I mean football being played if you have ever played football you will know that’s not good today but am taking it you haven’t.

02 Apr 2022 18:02:48
agree embarrassing post! we played rubbish end of. its the prem.

{Ed014's Note - why is his post embarrassing? Are you simply not liking the truth?

02 Apr 2022 18:04:25
Okay, so because a team for one game does not win, it's equal to all of Thomas Tuchel's football being boring? Were you bored when we won the CL? Were you bored from august to november 2021? Were you bored when we just won 12 of 13 games before today's game?

02 Apr 2022 18:04:46
I wasn’t at the game today so I can’t comment, it’s stating the bleeding obvious to say it is a disappointing result. Hopefully, it’s a blip.

02 Apr 2022 18:13:54
Well Ed014, if he had made a statement that today's game was boring, I doubt anyone would disagree. But to me, it's just plain wrong to say that Tuchel's football is 'boring' and 'embarrassing' in general. In my opinion being 3rd in the league might not be as good as we hoped, but far from 'embarrassing', and then don't get me started on our results in the Champions League.

{Ed014's Note - I assumed he was talking about today’s performance which was embarrassing.

02 Apr 2022 18:22:43
I was at the game today Jimbo and it was a very poor performance on most levels but the performance doesn’t define our season or TT.

02 Apr 2022 18:35:08
no TT - boring is embarrassing. we played crap far and square.

02 Apr 2022 18:36:44
Brentford deserved can't take it away from them. out played us. our performance was shocking lol

to say TT football is boring well that's embarrassing comment.

02 Apr 2022 18:53:32
Tom, thanks for your review of the game; it looks like everyone had a bad day at the office. I’m not worried about one bad result, the test of a good coach/ team is how they respond.

02 Apr 2022 19:58:02
On todays performance I tell you what people don’t like others opinions on here I’ve said it for a while I don’t like TT and again he’s picked wrong today I said it through all the champions league games we were boring and the football is still boring, that’s what makes me think most of the people haven’t played football at a half decent level to realise what actually goes into football.

The way we play is all on TT nobody else and it inactivated and boring.

Player power won at PSG because the likes of neymer didn’t want to play the way he wanted ok they didn’t win anything but I would still play the likes of Brazil let’s win 5-4 than be cautious.

02 Apr 2022 20:30:25
Nib, you only have to listen to ex-pros as pundits to work out that even playing football at the highest level doesn’t mean you’ve got a clue about football.

I’ve seen great players make crap managers and crap players make great managers.

Playing football at a “half decent level” doesn’t give that persons opinion anything more than just that, an opinion.

By all means convince yourself that your opinion is right but have some respect for other peoples views fgs!

02 Apr 2022 20:53:41
let's be honest honest TT has signed a handful of players . maybe even 1. so let him get the signing he's wants. Kounde being one etc. then judge him.

02 Apr 2022 21:54:34
Nibb, I would like more exciting football but the reality is that the trophies we have won over the years have been won by playing effective football. Obviously, you don’t like TT, fair enough but how would you change the system with the players we have and who would you appoint as coach- not having a go, just interested.

02 Apr 2022 22:02:30
I can't decide if Nib or Matt Martin is King Frank? Maybe both of them. lol. ??.

03 Apr 2022 00:59:23
Tom I bet your a really nice bloke but you sit on the fence for everything when you have played the game you’ve played the game. Good players that don’t make good managers mean there lacking something but they still know the game no matter what pundits say they know we play boring unattractive football weather we win or lose.

03 Apr 2022 05:54:16
I will take the “really nice bloke” but as a compliment.

If your post is correct then every ex-player or pundit would have the same opinion about Chelsea or any other club for that matter! They are mainly all useless but thank god they all have different levels of uselessness otherwise they would be even more boring than they are.

All ex players have different ideas about team shape and selection. They all see the performance of a manager differently. In other words they all have different opinions.

I’m happy to be critical of any manager or player but I try never to make it personal. I also try and be constructive, although I do find that difficult with some players.

I love your passion Nib but trust me, your opinion will not always be right and you should at least try and understand that other people have other opinions.

03 Apr 2022 15:09:34
I do it’s very rare I comment on anyones post I read most posts as well but my opinion seems to be had ago at on most posts. I like the banter it’s when it goes past that.

03 Apr 2022 15:27:12
Nib, I know how much you want success for our club and I, like you have on occasion found myself at odds with my my fellow Chelsea fan and poster but that’s what part of being a supporter with an opinion is all about.

I am pleased we are in agreement that there is never any need for personal abuse.




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