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26 Apr 2022 17:37:47
Kept from posting due to what I'd imagine as " snowflakes " who get upset when people criticise and call people negative and not a real supporter. Seen my name mention few times accusing me of being another poster, and didn't want to post after a poor result and come across reactionary, few points on club

* transfers have been appalling really, lukaku werner ziyech even pulisic Bakyoko zappacosta Michy, players who have not worked and could be moved on if interest. Probably at a loss

* outgoings seemed okay at the time but hindsight a wonderful thing, Christensen rudiger azpi leaving for £0, makes the sales of guehi tomori and livramento more frustrating,
Allowing players to run down contracts is damagaing, jorgingo will need to be moved on or be another one for noting,

* the summer is a mystery because new Owners, they won't invest like Roman so recruitment now is monumental, we've been after tchoumeni for few years, now looks like he has better options with Madrid and LFC, rice who' was a Lampard target has interest from city, a kante replacement will be hard to get, I laughed out loud at someone mentionin Gallagher being ready to replace kante, not even the same position, Broja to replace lukaku but only after Broja scores, his stats and performances as a whole this season show his not near ready to lead the line for a title pushing team, but is a backup option to get involved, and to top it off the first recruitment needed will be replacing players leaving for free, for all the praise marina gets selling players, buying and keeping players need to be highlighted, I think the first target should be the outgoing Monaco guy,

* tuchel, been a class above in recent months, has had to fade a lot, games coming thick and fast and handled himself perfectly, football wise we're not good to watch, slow predictable and too pragmatic, our system is reliant on wingbacks ( no world class wingers ) and we didn't really have adequate cover, especially for the amount of games we had, we're a cup team who are far behind competing and being consistent enough, United / Everton / leeds coming up we need to secure 3rd because we're always only ever few bad games from Crisis. Missing out or being right into a battle for 4th would be very poor considering we were mentioned in title fight before Xmas

New owners seem to be up against it from start, pitch owners and supporters being involved, think they find it hard to get stuff done, fans being involved is a great theory but will cause problems, we saw how many didn't want to sack Lampard because of his status, we went on to win a European cup while his about to be relegated with Everton. As fans were reactionary and biased and uniformed to how things work in football.
Todd Boehly is the likely outcome, read brilliant things about his data use, development and what he cannot develop likes to add a star a saying used at LA dodgers was buy the best and develop the rest, he likes to recruit the best available to be involved in the club so hopefully the Monaco guy comes in,

With situation as it is, Colwill and Gallagher should be in squad, ampadu has done ok in Italy, played about 5 positions so who even knows what and where his best position is, gilmour is far behind Gallagher so maybe another loan but don't think his good enough unfortunately. Saul, with all the games we've had hasn't had many minutes so doubt he will be signed permanently. And to add, this is a rumour page that doesn't get information because it's led to abusing someone who is doing something for free to be helpful, , that itself is a cringe,

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26 Apr 2022 17:57:39
Matt, good post, you’ve made some fair points.

26 Apr 2022 18:03:38
As I’ve said many times Matt I enjoy your posts, they always show real passion and while I don’t agree with everything you have said you certainly do make some very relevant and probably accurate observations.

One thing I would like to say about one of our young lads (Colwill) who does look a talent.

He is only just 19 and if I remember correctly played less that 30 games in the EFL. I assume he was injured for some games? TT may well want him in our squad for next season to train and occasionally play with the European and World Champions but I think it might be better for him to go out on another loan preferably to a Premiership team but for 6 months only.

26 Apr 2022 18:27:22
I’d prefer people to say, I disagree or your wrong … because, rather than, negative, support someone else etc etc, it’s opinions,

Read that tuchel wants Dujon Sterling for pre season which is good, colwill passing is too class, but comparing a player from a lower league to premier league is difficult, Marc guehi has settled in at palace so why can’t colwill, we need a leader thou, a shouted someone aggressive and will scream at the others. That’s hard to buy.

26 Apr 2022 18:41:13
You make a good comparison about Marc Guéhi and I know it’s only a small difference but if remember correctly I think he played over 50 games for Swansea.

Anyway that’s a decision for TT and the other coaches to make. I’m sure they will do what’s best for the player and our club .

26 Apr 2022 21:39:01
Here we go again. yawns. I like banter but not perpetual moans, too many comments on here just moan and winge about all things Chelsea. Very rarely post anything positive. I posted a potential starting 11 made up of current and loanee players a few days back for a bit of fun, light hearted and banter. asked for fellow posters to offer up their starting 11's. what did I get? told my team would be mid table, no alternative starting 11.just a put down. I give up, this site used to be a fun place 10 years ago but nowadays full of negativity. That's me done trying to bring positivity and humour. enjoy.

26 Apr 2022 22:03:54
Strange comment G8 but whatever works for you mate.

27 Apr 2022 10:15:22
Positivity and Humor? From what I’ve read it’s you who brings negativity and arguing slaying others. Can give but can’t take springs to mind.

Everyone’s entitled to an opinion. Doesn’t make them any ‘less’ of a fan.



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