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20 Jun 2022 05:21:59
All this talk of Sterling misses chances ? just checked, last season, he has a better shot to goal ratio than Salah, Ronaldo, Mane, Kane, Lukaku, Pulisic, Mount, De Bruyne and the list goes on. In fact, out of attackers than played 30 games or more, only Son had a better conversion rate. You seen him miss a sitter or two in the last few years and all of a sudden he misses chances.

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20 Jun 2022 07:40:53
Very good point dadubliner, also most fans have been asking that the club let the manager choose what players he wants.
If TT wants Sterling then let's back him.

20 Jun 2022 09:46:45
agree gents im a big fan of sterling and think its a great move im surprised there selling sterling and not grealish.

20 Jun 2022 12:09:59
, his behind in conversation rate minaminho origi vardy son and Callum Wilson, his 7th for big chances missed, ahead of any chelsea player, 5 assists last season, just to add context to the stats, his ahead on successful dribbles than any chelsea player and shots on target, so possibly summary is, far far more attacking team. Misses more big chances but good conversion rate meaning in a team
That creates a lot . ?

20 Jun 2022 15:16:48
so matt would u take him or keep our current crap.

20 Jun 2022 17:35:54
I’d take him, att the right price. I think we can upgrade on Cho and ziyech firstly, although ziyech offers a good delivery and shoots from distance, we haven’t got loads of technical players, post post above was devils advocate,

20 Jun 2022 17:48:12
Yea Matt, Trippier has 100% conversion, that why I specified 30 plus games. Only Liverpool and City have created more and scored more than us so not sure where you're going with this. Our players take way less shots per game. He's take more shots therefore he's missed more but his conversion is what does the talking. In that sense only the likes of Son beats him. He's consistent if you look at his last 5 seasons with very similar conversion, usually 1 in 5 shots will go in, that's pretty good for a wide forward. By your logic Harry Kane is a terrible player.

20 Jun 2022 18:19:00
Ok well the argument has been Sterling misses slot of chances, you used certain stats to say he has higher conversion rate than strikers, and I count salah and mane as strikers as there liverpools goalscorers, strikers have more chances as
There in those positions, a key stat you ignored was big chances missed and Sterling was 7th ahead of any chelsea player, so like I said, good conversion rate and big misses rate = attacking team who creates a lot ie Man City and pep, not tuchel and chelsea were defenders are our threat,

I’m not against it at all, at the right price, just want context and all stats not only ones that suit an argument, in a team that’s struggles to either score or create is big chances missed and 5 assists worth £50m with a year left to be free? Yes or no?

20 Jun 2022 19:11:03
You either don't get basic maths or you're doing exactly what you're accusing me of ? how on earth does it make sense what you're saying. How on earth can you not comprehend that the more shots you take, the more chances you'll miss? You fail to mention that above Sterling on the big chances missed is 1st Kane 2nd Salah 3rd Son 4th Jota 5th Ronaldo 6th Mane. It's how often he converts those shots that matters. If you were looking for his weak points to argue for the sake of arguing, you should have picked out the fact that he loses the ball 50% of the time he attempts a dribble or his crossing success. Goals scored and chances missed are not his weaknesses, to the contrary, they are where he excels compared to forwards in the PL.

20 Jun 2022 20:51:19
I’m clearly pointing out that the hype about Sterling having a great conversion rate is fine in a team that’s creates a lot, Sterling missing a lot of big chances in a team that doesn’t create or play free flowing football isn’t ideal at £50m when he would be free in 12 months, your original post made out that Sterling is more prolific than Kane and salah and mane
Goals and assists Sterling is behind mount, big chances missed, Sterling is ahead of mount, chaNces created he is behind mount. Key passes behind mount, 5 assists in that attacking team? All this for £50m and your making out it’s a bargain? I’m not arguing for the sake as I’ve said again and again I’m not against it at a good price but let’s not make out his clinical in front of goal, stats prove he needs multiple chances to find the net, something he probably won’t get at chelsea.

20 Jun 2022 21:43:39
Matt, you won’t be suprised that I’m with you. Paying 50 million for a player with one year on his contract makes no sense, I thought we were moving to a more stable financial model. If it happens City will be laughing their socks off, a nice chunk of the Haaland fee! Also, you’re buying a player who is sulking because his place as a regular starter is at risk who ni doubt will want big wages. I’m not a great one for stats but to me Sterling loses the ball a lot and we already have players who do that and don’t need any more. A lot of Sterling’s goals are tap-ins following consistent and intense pressure by City. We are not City.

20 Jun 2022 23:43:22
Nobody said he was clinical, but your initial arguments is that he misses a lot of chances, that's not true. You can try spin it whichever way you want it. You're now comparing Mount who's played more minutes in PL than him. I personally think someone who has 100 PL goals and 80 odd assists in 300 odd appearances in the PL is worth a punt.

21 Jun 2022 03:17:40
He is 7th for big chances missed in the prem, we agree he may be worth a punt but what we talking.
His free in 12 months and is currently on £300k a week and rumours £50m!? What we paying to get him. What’s acceptable / tolerable.

{Ed001's Note - doesn't that just mean he got a lot of chances, which means he is at least getting in the right positions? Unless you have all the stats and watch the footage to see it, that stat is utterly meaningless. It is just a random number on its own with no true value whatsoever.}

21 Jun 2022 06:20:21
Who's 1-6 in top chances missed Matt?

21 Jun 2022 11:49:07
I think your missing my point, Sterling is in the right positions, he missed a lot big chances and has a good conversion rate, ie in this Man City team
They create a lot and he misses a lot but he keeps getting chances, the concern is we do not play like Man City, how many chances will he get. If he doesn’t take the first 1 or second there may not be anymore, we’re comparing city’s football to Chelsea’s. How many games have we missed that chance and dropped points,

21 Jun 2022 17:46:07
Well considering he's had 57 compared to Masons 76 or Kai's 56 with a better conversion rate than both, I can't see how he misses as many chances as you state. His stats in chances missed and shots is nearly identical to Kai and he's a better conversion. My point is whichever way you look at it, he doesn't miss as much as you state he does. You're overstating it completely. As a team, Chelsea created 81 big chances compared to City's 101 and Liverpool's 78. We were second, what we lacked was someone popping them in, I personally think he'll score more for us than city as we won't be stuck as wide for us.

21 Jun 2022 18:08:12
So at 50 million and £300k + a week when his free in 12 months you’d be happy with that, ? That could get raphina from Leeds maybe or go along way for nkunku or Jesus or 1/ 3 of the Declan rice fee lol

I stated he was 7th in premier league for big chances missed for forwards, which isn’t me manipulating anything just posting a statistic,

23 Jun 2022 10:15:23
its not your money so why on earth do u get bogged down in the fees and salarys you no nothing about the fees or salarys and it makes zero difference or sense for a fan to be highlighting fees and salarys once the guy signs and he's good we couldn't care less what he's on but if bang average guys like barkley and drinkwater were getting 100k a week then yes sterling is definetly worth 3 times what them bluffers were on.

23 Jun 2022 15:51:02
Sterling is a superstar but he won't be good enough for TT.



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