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21 May 2024 08:52:14
Fabrizio Ramano - "If Chelsea and Pochettino decide to part ways at the end of the season, the idea is to go for a young coach and not an experienced one.

The priority is to continue with Pochettino, but if they can't agree on terms, keep an eye on a young coach for Chelsea".

If this is true, it's ridiculous, inexperienced squad and managers I refuse to believe this is the thinking, if so it's actually idiotic and damn right stupid.

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21 May 2024 09:33:10
I admit I was poch out but the way we ended the season I think he needs to stay. Unless a world class coach becomes available like Zidane, Inzaghi, Alonso which looks unlikely.

21 May 2024 09:42:45
Agree with you Matt. it is also v odd given Poch had signed a two year contract withn a two-way option of a third so am not sure what the difficulties would be unless it were about terms of approval of outgoings or ingoings or some such. But obviously I'm completely ignorant here.

Ed002 you be able to shed light on whether this FR attributed quote is rubbish or not?

{Ed002's Note - If he were to leave, Chelsea has some options available - "young" is a subjective term but a couple are younger.}

21 May 2024 10:16:47
Thanks v much as ever Ed002 for your insight here much appreciated amid all the swirling rumours.

21 May 2024 10:29:00
Kieran Mckenna would be my choice if Poch goes.

{Ed002's Note - It would be very risky. He needs a couple of years to prove himself in the Premier League.}

21 May 2024 10:35:41
I’d suggest Amorim comes under that younger bracket.

21 May 2024 13:44:46
I fervently hope it is still Poch g8ven he commands the confidence of the players has improved many and the team in general by end of the season. Seems to be an unnecessary risk to turn to anyone else seemingly madness. But if this happens it must surely be someone who can quickly gain the players confidence and has experience of European competitions or but prefetably AND the EPL. De Zerbi a possibility then perhaps?

21 May 2024 13:46:13
De Zerbi will also have already managed Caicedo and Mudrykk at Shaktar?

21 May 2024 14:06:06
The longer it goes on, the less confident I am that Poch will remain in post. The various briefings and rumours that seem to come out every hour are damaging to the process itself, as it will come to colour whatever decision is made.

I would personally steer clear of RDZ.

21 May 2024 14:22:13
De zerbi would be a ridiculous appointment. What exactly has he done to constitute managing this team? Poch has really turned it around recently I'll hand it to him, another year is the right call.

Keep Poch, chalobah and Gallagher. I've seen some idiotic things at chelsea recently though so we will get rid of all 3.

21 May 2024 14:26:05
RBD I probably don't know enough about RDZ but not a good sign that Brighton parted company with him plus way his team's form fell off in second half of season just as ours was improving.

As said it seems to be madness not to keep Poch who surely ticks all the boxes as right person to be manager next season. Can't understand why there should be any fourth except perhaps that he has been offended by the uncertainty or not getting sufficient influence on transfers or. ?

21 May 2024 14:58:02
Agree with keeping all 3 Standard.

My (completely devoid of any inside info) impression of RDZ is that as long as he has buy-in from the whole squad he can get a team to play some nice stuff. But it seems to depend on players sticking pretty rigidly to some pre-defined movements and circuits. As soon as players want to operate with a bit of freedom or make decisions for themselves it doesn't work as well. I tend to think that elite talents (who we seem to be targeting in the transfer window) prefer to have autonomy on the pitch to play the game as they see it, within reason. I just don't think RDZ matches with the squad we have.

There are plenty of valid criticisms to be levelled at Poch, but he clearly empowers players to maximise their talents on the pitch and you can tell this is appreciated by the players given nearly all have come out and backed him. Getting a load of young, selfish (not a criticism - I think all elite athletes need to have a selfish streak) footballers to sing off the same hymn sheet is a pretty remarkable job from him. I won't pretend like it has been instantaneous - it was only a few weeks ago that we had our third penalty row - but he has managed to bring them along without anyone throwing their toys out of the pram.

To your point about Poch being rankled at 'not getting sufficient input on transfers', I think this could be read as 'don't sell my stand-in captain and best midfielder and my best defender'. I can't imagine he will have too many qualms at the reported interest in Osimhen, Balde and the like.

21 May 2024 16:32:40
Agree re incomings little problem for Poch but yes it would surely be some suggrsted outgoings that could alarm him.

21 May 2024 16:35:28
I really don't mind if poch goes but concerned about who will be replacing him. so far I have no much confidence in this current Chelsea hierarchy in making best choices in recruitment.
Poch is likely not going to win titles. His record is not suggestive that he can win. We have been blinded by just 4 games out of 38.i don't mind if poch goes or not. I'm scared to see we will look to younger manager for me is typical naive and wrong choice of the new hierarchy of Chelsea.

21 May 2024 18:23:05
Totally agree Matt utter madness, appears the board is split Bohley keep Poch others replace him . Has to be kept.

21 May 2024 19:22:31
Sadly not but we now move onto our 5th manager in two seasons.



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