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12 Jun 2024 17:05:23
Honestly there is some ridiculous posts and negatively about Duran, I don't know a lot about the player, but IF he signs I would be happy, he could be a brilliant player for us, so let's back him. Remember some big name players before have struggled, torres, falcao, pato, sheva, and some players like ba and even Drogba and now Jackson, who weren't big name players when they came have done well.
Looks like Olise could happen as well. The club is going in the right direction xx.

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12 Jun 2024 18:34:49
The right direction a non playing Villa reserve and a player we don't need who is injury prone .?
Strange idea of what a right direction constitutes.

12 Jun 2024 18:49:59
Totally agree SteveCfc, I can understand why ED02 doesn't give us those lists of targets anymore. They would just be trashed.

12 Jun 2024 19:19:16
Kdrog, de bruyne and Salah were Chelsea reserve players, look what they've done since, palmer was a city reserve and look at him. And anyway a villa reserve is very harsh, their manager obviously doesn't rate him for what he needs.

12 Jun 2024 19:30:17
When the rumours of our revived interest in Duran emerged I admitted I had only seen him a couple of times. I have now looked at some clips as well but they only ever show the positives about a player, so I will reserve my judgement on him until after I see him perform in Chelsea blue.

I also mentioned in an earlier post that I have only one mate who is a Villa supporter and he rates him highly. He says he is unfortunate not to have got more game time but that is mainly because of the form of Wilkins.

12 Jun 2024 20:08:17
Nobody is 'thrashing' Duran.

The fact is that he is a Villa reserve bit more importantly is another youngster.

I'm sure we all agree that we need an experienced striker to lead the line and Duran is not what we need right now.

We might just as well keep Broja and give him a chance.

12 Jun 2024 20:20:49
That’s rich g8. You called me clueless cos I said carney could be loaned.

Why is it so offensive if someone doesn’t share opinions about a player? There're loads of debate and questions with every player we linked to and we should be able to share them?

Is Duran a £40m player?
Is he much better than Broja or DD Fofana?
Is he ready to lead attack?
Would £25m acceptable to some fans as a backup?
Is £40m even the figure?
Could this mean Jackson LW?
Why are Villa letting him go without really playing much?
Has he got attitude or discipline problems?

If someone on here rates a player, they take it personally when others aren’t as
excited or want someone different. Don’t question players bought in don’t question value, don’t mention club finances, don’t worry about ffp, don’t question owners. only talk about the matches, only be positive, don’t have a different opinion.

12 Jun 2024 21:37:15
Matt, how a fan “rates” a player is a personal thing!

I think Lavia will be a top player for Chelsea and I also think Caicedo is already an important player for our club. I’m not yet convinced about Enzo. I was very critical of Cucarella but he is proving me wrong.

It’s probably only me but my praise or criticism isn’t based on a players transfer fee. I also except that I am probably alone in thinking this way.

My opinions on so many issues are “different, ” whatever that means but it sure as hell doesn’t bother me and I welcome any debate about any other posters opinions.

12 Jun 2024 21:57:15
Hear hear! Isn’t that what banter is, isn’t that what an opinion is? Some people on here just don’t like that other people have an opinion. If someone thinks the player is rubbish not good enough they have the right to say it whether there are people on here who think it or not.
We all have an opinion and we are all entitled to it.

12 Jun 2024 21:57:39
I repeat what I say, I totally understand why ED02 does not provide us with updates. They would just be trashed. Pathetic really from a limited few who do nothing but trash the players, owners and sporting directors.

12 Jun 2024 22:15:10
Nib, you have just proved your own point.

Opinions are good and create a healthy debate.

12 Jun 2024 22:51:20
Kdrog, is Olise injury prone? Missed 24 games in total in the last 4 seasons. His last 2 injuries being hamstring injuries should perhaps be cautionary but I have no idea if it was the same hamstring or different one. Bit harsh to call him injury prone off the back of it.

12 Jun 2024 23:25:40
G8 you are a troll on here who puts himself on a pedestal above others. Criticism is a part of life and there's nothing wrong with it unless it's abusive, and simply saying a player isn't goof enough in there opinion on an online forum is not 'trashing' there is a huge difference. I think you should start treating others on here a bit better.

13 Jun 2024 01:40:21
Now that really is laughable coming from you standard! you have been trolling this site for a long time.

13 Jun 2024 06:33:40
Girls, settle down please! As of now, Man city let Palmer go as he was second fiddle to Foden, Dujon is second fiddle to Watkins at Villa (and rightly so), but he may be the next big thing, just putting it out there!
Lets just believe in what the club hierarchy see in our future!

13 Jun 2024 07:33:10
I agree kiwi Pete. I have never seen him play or watched him so I have zero opinion on the player and will obviously support it if he's brought in.

13 Jun 2024 08:12:14
Of course a fee has to be included in the rating or opinion of a player.

For £100m you should be buying world
Class players who make the difference, the expectations on a £10m player are different,

Brighton got caceido for £5m, 18months later we spent £115m - I know which deal I’d of preferred to make,

Lukakau £90m for what, 3 / 4 years is bad business compared to logic remy as the fee was so much lower.

If we have to be cautious of money, which every team has to it needs to be spent wisely and as fans we can and should have opinions on players form free transfers to record breaking deals, if we have £100m to spend £40m on a player with 3 goals may not be money well spent but £60m on a player with 21 goals may be better value, would anyone care how underwhelming mudryk has been if he was £30m? We would say for that sort of price there’s potential and it isn’t a risk. At £60m, we would expect to see a more finished article.

13 Jun 2024 08:32:41
Ah, g8 on his high horse where he thinks his opinions are correct and everyone else’s negative and wrong,
This club is the club we support, why can’t we have opinions on owners / directors and players, just clap like sheep for 90 min and not discuss anything?
Ed has said there should be stability this year as there was issues with someone leaving, has said that mistakes had been made and advisors listened to who shouldn’t of, so that being said from someone who knows from within why can’t us fans have concerns or opinions from the outside, some could be wide of the mark but we can only have opinions on what we see and read, we finished 12th and 6th and invested a lot, I’d say the concerns wernt exactly wrong when expectations were top 4 both seasons.

13 Jun 2024 09:26:41
How about we just keep Broja, give him game time and let's, see how he fares after all he is a CFC reserve so could come good for us sanexwayxas some suggest Duran would.

13 Jun 2024 09:44:37
My post was rather simple Matt Martin. I purely said "I can understand why ED02 does not give us the transfer lists anymore because they always get trashed". not about me if you read the words.

13 Jun 2024 10:16:20
supporters will have differing view points on players.

It's not thrashing it's purely a fans view.

If we all agreed, the world would be a boring place to live in.

13 Jun 2024 11:11:19
Matt, I’m sure you are correct that the owners expections would have been top but I certainly didn’t expect us to finish that high in the league.

Clubs will not stand still and wait for yay to catch up.

13 Jun 2024 12:54:21
Matt, of course transfer fees are important. My point is that a fee doesn’t make a player good or bad, although it will affect some people’s expectations.

As I’ve said before and I am aware I’m pretty much alone with this view. “Judge the player’s ability not his fee. ”

Unlike some, I thought Lukaku was a crap signing not because of the fee but because I don’t rate him as a player.

13 Jun 2024 20:11:34
He’s be an upgrade on jackson.

13 Jun 2024 20:28:39
I would have Jackson over Lukaku every day of the week.



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