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24 Feb 2021 12:40:47
It's been same for 2 years now, so what's the deal with Tammy Abraham and a new deal, have we offered one or is it not enough or does he want assurances of playing time and role or what and if his not going or thinking of signing will we sell while he has few years left and again. any interest?

{Ed002's Note - Chelsea would like him to sign an extension but he wants assurances and Chelsea don't give assurances. They will also want to avoid him running his contract down.}

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24 Feb 2021 14:45:42
Sell him.

24 Feb 2021 18:08:05
It certainly doesn't help a lot when we are constantly pursuing Haaland. A big money signing like Haaland will get more playing time no matter how he is playing.

It won't help if he goes out and have a career like Lukaku.

24 Feb 2021 18:09:23
Yeah get rid. Not strong enough on the ball to be honest.

24 Feb 2021 19:27:55
Cash in. Put it towards haaland, who would buy him, top 6 have better options, wolves Everton villa Leeds Southampton all have better strikers. Maybe West Ham? Ed, can I ask and forgive me if I’ve got it wrong, but haaland apparently has a release Clause which is active next year if rumours are true, the interest we have is it to try get something done before his release clause, I imagine it would cost bit more than his release clause but would stop a more teams being able to afford him next year?

{Ed002's Note - You should try and forget about release clauses. There is a termination clause but the expectation remains that he will be available and be sold this summer with a number of other major player assets Borussia Dortmund have whilst they fight off difficult times - they have a bunch of players available but there is no plan for bargain sales. A number of clubs are interested in EH but each has a different MO or circumstances.}

24 Feb 2021 19:57:13
Would throw him into a possible Halaand deal if he's insisting on assurance for a regular top striker for us like as clueless one gifted him . we need a a world class striker like big teams in europe. to return to our dominant best again . at least TT has shown we are not too far off unlike the the mile off with Frank.

24 Feb 2021 20:44:16
If we are going for the instant success route why not going for Harry Kane? It'll be hard but it won't be far fetched.

24 Feb 2021 20:48:45
Right now I'd sign Haaland (obviously), try and get Giroud to sign on for another year and, as I've said before, look to bring Soonsup-Bell through over the next couple of years.

24 Feb 2021 20:56:21
I think we all hope we had been “gifted” a 30 goal a season striker in Werner. Maybe next season.

I think we will be getting another striker in the next window but I’m not sure who be leaving.

24 Feb 2021 22:11:15
Harry Kane would cost more thanHaaland and Tottenham wouldn’t sell him to us and then there is his injury issues and lastly the cost of an interpreter .

24 Feb 2021 22:11:20
Sell tammy to villa and get grealish.

25 Feb 2021 00:25:34
Brilliant jimbo made laugh.

25 Feb 2021 00:28:39
Why would villa want him. They have Watkins.

25 Feb 2021 04:47:43
It's a good point Matt, I was trying to think of where he'd end up! I certainly don't think European football would be on the cards, if he stayed in England.

25 Feb 2021 06:45:34
Of course it would be costlier but if we get back to back PL/ CLs with him, wouldn't it be worth it?
And I'm sure Levy won't say no to 90m£.
Also his agent is not Raiola. So I guess that's a win in itself. Tammy can learn from him too.

{Ed077's Note - Levy rarely sells Spurs' first team players to another PL team let alone to a London based local rival 2ho also compete for top 4.}

25 Feb 2021 07:44:05
Jimbo, that was a good laugh.
on the point of TA . note that strikers rarely come good at 22 . we see the best of strikers after the age of 26 with a few exceptions.

if TA wants to leave for playing time and to develop further . i don't think we should stand in his way . as for the foreseeable future . he will remain No2 on the strikers list.

Grealish, as much as he is a good player . he likes the floor a bit too much for my liking.
As a person who like the physical side of the game, i completely dislike his style cause he goes down so easily. if he can just stay up and get playing . id say id want him at Chelsea

another player id hate to see in chelsea blue is Salah for the same reason as above . its shameful how he goes down like a theatre artist.

25 Feb 2021 08:14:05
We very rarely stand in players way. If they want to go we generally let them go.

This would apply to both Tammy and Giroud.

25 Feb 2021 09:57:24
Tammy is not good enough to get assurances.

Would cash in this summer before his value drops.

{Ed002's Note - The club don't give assurances.}

25 Feb 2021 11:59:23
Want to point out that Tammy is currently our top scorer at the moment, He's not brilliant at times to watch I'll admit but he's still learning and has his best years ahead of him. He's still very young and has an exciting future why do people want him out? I remember people wanting Lukaku out and now look at him wanted by every team in Europe! Tammy has proven himself a lot better than some of the strikers we have signed in the last 10 years and he's from the youth academy that every wishes we had more first team players from. What more does he need to do? We would be mad I think to sell or let him go.

25 Feb 2021 12:26:25
demmingtonbear, If Tammy insists on having assurances that the club are reluctant to give and with just one year left on his contract, he will probably be sold. There will be plenty of interested clubs

Giroud may not take up any offer of a contract extension of another club make him an offer of more than year. Giroud and his family may well want to satay in the London region. I can see at least one London club offering him more than a one year contract.

So, to a certain extent both decisions could be slightly out of our control.

25 Feb 2021 12:59:16
Very true ed077. Still it would be brilliant addition.
But my point is that if we are going to take the instant success road, we have to buy players that are in their prime.

Very good points dareryk. I completely agree.

I totally agree with you too denningtonbear. We also have at least 3 good striker in our academy. Borja is doing very well in Vitesse. Soonsup-Bell is another good prospect. And we have Ugbo that's doing good in Championship.

Tammy and Werner are more than capable to have 25 goals per season and in my opinion we should only look to add a player in his prime to instantly improve us, like when Diego Costa did.

I don't really like Lukaku but he seems to be the best fit.

{Ed077's Note - but Kane to Chelsea looks like a very very unlikely transfer at this moment in time to me.}

25 Feb 2021 14:31:33
Yeah that's probably right ed077.

25 Feb 2021 21:11:27
I think Spurs would be be looking for a lot more than 90 million for Kane - there is no way he is coming to Chelsea. As for Tammy, I accept his is still young but he just hasn’t got in. I imagine he is angling for a huge increase in his contract- he’s not worth it. Even if we don’t buy another striker I would get rid of him and try other academy players rather than boost his overgrown ego.

25 Feb 2021 23:54:38
wanting assurances= no cojones for the fight. He should be welcoming top competition for places. He sounds like he's got bundles of confidence and self belief so why not fight for your place. Arrogance?

26 Feb 2021 07:08:16
Maybe because they overlook homegrown talent?

26 Feb 2021 07:42:12
Of course Tammy is going to want an improvement in his current contract and that will mean he is paid a lot more money. Good for him.

He won’t be getting playing assurances so he has a decision to make and that’s ok.

I can’t really see what the problem is? We apparently want him to stay and are willing to offer him a new contract. If he doesn’t sign, my guess is he will be sold.

This decision would have nothing to do with him being an ex academy player, just good business.

05 Mar 2021 11:09:46
I agree Tom, his aspirations may have well overtaken his "actual". Tammy has attributes that suit certain games, but not all, and if he thinks he should be 1st choice every time then he is at the wrong club. If he want's to be an automatic 1st choice then he needs to lower his expectations to mid/ lower EPL or Top Championship side, where, if I'm brutally honest, is his actual level.



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